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Thinking about whether to go for Pitchbox vs Buzzstream? Choosing the right email outreach software is critical these days. You need tools to efficiently manage your outreach efforts, track link-building goals, and foster reciprocal link-building partnerships to succeed in a competitive market.

This article will dive into the Pitchbox vs. Buzzstream debate and try to answer a key question – which is the better tool for email outreach and other use cases? Which one offers the best value for money and will be most appropriate for a company of your size with your resources?

Let’s find out! In the post below, we have covered all the common use cases and done an in-depth analysis of the major key features of Pitchbox and Buzzstream. To provide a well-perspective, we will reference some advanced features and use cases covered by alternative solutions like BacklinkManager.io to better understand how these tools may align with your specific requirements.


  • Pitchbox and Buzzstream are top contenders in the realm of email outreach, each offering distinct functionalities tailored to streamline digital marketing campaigns.
  • While Pitchbox is known for its sophisticated automation and integrations with leading SEO platforms, it has a complex interface that may be challenging for novices.
  • Buzzstream offers a user-friendly design and efficient workflow, excelling in discovering contacts and managing outreach, but its email tracking functionality might not be as robust as Pitchbox’s.
  • In terms of guest posting, both Pitchbox and Buzzstream offer solid features for discovering opportunities, automating outreach, and tracking campaign success.
  • In terms of link building, both tools present robust functionalities, with Pitchbox supporting various types of link-building strategies and Buzzstream offering great contact discovery and Ahrefs Integration.
  • BacklinkManager emerges as a comprehensive tool that combines the best features of both Pitchbox and Buzzstream, catering to all users from beginners to advanced SEO professionals.
  • BacklinkManager’s robust offering for email outreach includes an advanced CRM for link partnership management, automation and task management, and interactive link partnership scorecard among others.
  • BacklinkManager is not just an email outreach tool, it offers comprehensive solutions for guest posting and link building operations, including automated link exchanges, 24/7 link monitoring, and link audits.
  • With its powerful features and tools, BacklinkManager can help streamline SEO efforts, monitor links, create reports, set goals, and share interactive dashboards. Overall, it provides better value for money and is a more suitable choice for mid-market SEO agencies looking for comprehensive solutions for email outreach, guest posting, and link building.

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Pitchbox vs Buzzstream – Similarities and Differences

Pitchbox and Buzzstream emerge as two of the most notable applications in this space when considering the tools for email outreach, guest posting, and link building.

At a cursory glance, Pitchbox and Buzzstream might appear quite similar. They share the fundamental goal of helping businesses automate and manage their outreach efforts, from identifying potential link opportunities to tracking communication with partners.

However, as with all the products, it’s not enough to just examine their commonalities – the devil, as they say, is in the details. While they may share several features on paper, their implementation can vary significantly. These nuances could affect your decision to choose one product over the other.

Furthermore, the pricing plans for Pitchbox and Buzzstream are distinctly different. Some companies may find one model more appealing or economical based on their specific needs and budget. It’s important to dissect these pricing structures to determine which solution offers the best value for your money. Let’s look at the details.

Pitchbox vs Buzzstream for Email Outreach – Differences

In this section of the article, we’re really going to dig into the nitty-gritty of each area of product functionality. That way, we’ll be able to figure out which tool – Pitchbox or Buzzstream – is the best option depending on your use case.

Pitchbox for Email Outreach

pitchbox-dashboard - Pichbox vs Buzzstream

Pitchbox emerges as a cutting-edge solution, seamlessly crafted to organize and boost email outreach campaigns. It is a crucial catalyst in creating strategic interactions with influencers, bloggers, and potential partners across various sectors.

Here are the critical features of Pitchbox that make it stand out in the realm of email outreach:

  • Unlimited Prospecting Searches & Email Discovery: Pitchbox offers unlimited prospecting searches and email discovery, ensuring you can find as many potential outreach targets as you need without any restrictions.
  • Smart Templates and AI Template Assistant: Crafting personalized, impactful outreach emails becomes a breeze with these features. The AI assistant aids in crafting optimized templates for enhanced responses.
  • Autoresponder Detection: Pitchbox offers the ability to detect autoresponders, preventing wastage of efforts and improving the effectiveness of your outreach.
  • GTD Workflow: With its AI Personalization and Role-based Workflow, Pitchbox delivers an efficient prospect curation process, helping tailor your approach to each recipient.
  • Email & CRM: With SEOInbox and Chasebox, Pitchbox provides an integrated solution for email management, boosting the efficiency of your outreach efforts.
  • Email Connectivity: Multi-Persona Management and various integration options allow for versatile and wide-reaching outreach campaigns.
  • Email Sequencing and Advanced Scheduling: These features ensure your outreach is timely and regular. They enable you to sequence and schedule your emails in advance, ensuring you never miss an outreach opportunity.

Here’s how you can use Pitchbox for effective email outreach:

  • Start with a Subscription: To tap into Pitchbox’s plethora of email outreach tools and features, begin by signing up for a subscription. This gives you an unlimited workspace to manage your work and maintain unlimited campaigns, contacts, prospecting searches, and email discovery.
  • Opportunity Prospecting: Leverage Pitchbox’s advanced operator search and targeted list builder to pinpoint influencers, bloggers, and websites within your niche that present potential collaboration or link-building opportunities.
  • Automated Information Collection: Employ Pitchbox’s automated email discover feature, which saves time and guarantees accuracy by finding your target email addresses and social media profiles.
  • Personalize Your Outreach: Make your emails stand out by creating Smart Templates. The AI Template Assistant can guide you to ensure your audience feels valued.
  • Campaign Performance Tracking: Analyze the health of your outreach campaigns using Pitchbox’s Reporting Feature. It delivers insights on open rates, response rates, conversions, and other key metrics, paving the way for data-driven strategic optimization.
  • Team Collaboration & Coordination: Engage Pitchbox’s Team Collaboration features for seamless delegation of tasks, note sharing, and workflow management, ensuring an efficient and smooth outreach process.
  • Continuous Learning: Leverage Pitchbox’s Resources section to expand your knowledge base with industry insights, case studies, webinars, and more.

Buzzstream for Email Outreach

buzzstream dashboard

Buzzstream is an exemplary tool, intricately designed to streamline and amplify email outreach campaigns. It functions as a pivotal tool in facilitating the creation of strategic connections with influencers, bloggers, and other potential industry partners.

Noteworthy features of Buzzstream in the context of email outreach include:

  • Contact Info Discovery: This smart feature ensures users can quickly uncover the relevant contact details of their outreach targets, saving significant time and boosting efficiency.
  • Email Templates and Team Sharing: This feature fosters consistency and personalization across emails, enabling the creation of custom email templates that can be shared within the team.
  • Email Scheduling and Reminders: A feature ensuring no opportunities are overlooked, it enables users to schedule emails and set reminders for timely follow-ups.
  • Open, Click, and Reply Tracking: Providing insightful metrics, this feature allows users to understand audience interaction with their content, essential for gauging the success of email outreach campaigns.
  • Automated Follow-ups: This feature nurtures relationships over time, sending automated follow-ups to prospects.
  • Bulk Email Send: Enabling mass outreach, this feature is a timesaver for marketers, allowing large-scale outreach without compromising on efficiency.
  • Report Customization: Buzzstream offers the flexibility of customizing reports, allowing users the present data in ways that suit their analysis the best.

Here’s how you can use Buzzstream effectively for email outreach:

  • Account Creation: The first step is creating a Buzzstream account, thus gaining access to its extensive email outreach and link-building tools.
  • Prospect Delivery: Utilize the power of Buzzstream’s Discovery Feature to locate relevant websites, bloggers, and influencers in your niche. This serves as a starting point for potential outreach opportunities.
  • Information Collection: Buzzstream’s Research features take over the time-consuming task of data collection, automatically finding email addresses, social media profiles, and other contact details of your target prospects. 
  • Crafting Personalized Emails: Stand out using Buzzstream’s template customization feature. Craft emails with personalized fields to resonate with your recipients and increase the chances of garnering a positive response.
  • Streamlining Email Workflow: Buzzstream’s email features allow you to send and schedule outreach emails and track opens and clicks. Set reminders for follow-up messages to stay organized and increase your success rate.
  • Outreach Management: Keep track of all email communication, notes, and follow-ups with each contact directly within Buzzstream. This ensures a comprehensive view of your relationship history with each prospect, which is crucial for long-term success.
  • Performance Analysis: Use Buzzstream’s Reporting Features to keep track of key metrics such as response rates, links acquired, and the effectiveness of your email outreach efforts. This data-driven approach will help optimize your strategy over time.
  • Team Collaboration: Buzzstream’s Team Collaboration features ensure that the entire team is on the same page. Assign tasks, share notes, and manage workflows with your team members, ensuring smooth and efficient email outreach responses.
  • Knowledge Expansion: Buzzstream’s Blog and Resources section is a repository of email outreach best practices and strategies, case studies, webinars, and articles that provide valuable insights and tips to refine your outreach efforts.

Pitchbox vs Buzzstream – is There a Better Alternative for Email Outreach?

Pitchbox and Buzzstream are among the top contenders in email outreach. Both bring rich features and tools to enhance and streamline your digital marketing campaigns.

Pitchbox impresses with its sophisticated automation, enabling you to schedule follow-up emails and personalize outreach at scale. Its integration with leading SEO platforms like Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMRush provides powerful insights for your campaigns.

The platform is also known for its prospecting capabilities, allowing you to easily find valuable link-building opportunities. However, its complex interface can be challenging for novices to navigate.

On the other hand, Buzzstream stands out with its user-friendly design and efficient workflow. Its features for discovering contacts, managing outreach, and tracking communication make it an excellent tool for link-building efforts. However, its email tracking functionality might not be as robust as Pitchbox’s, and it lacks some of the advanced SEO integrations that Pitchbox offers.

Each platform has strengths and shortcomings, and choosing between them often concerns your specific needs and preferences. But what if there was a tool that combined the strengths of both Pitchbox and Buzzstream while minimizing their weaknesses?

Better Alternative for Email Outreach – BacklinkManager

BacklinkManager Custom-Reports

Stepping up to the challenge, BacklinkManager emerges as a comprehensive and user-friendly tool that combines the best features of Pitchbox and Buzzstream and even adds a few of its own.

Its robust offering caters to all users, from beginners to advanced SEO professionals, providing a unique blend of comprehensive link-building and email outreach capabilities.

BacklinkManager’s key features for email outreach include the following:

  • Advanced CRM for Link Partnership Management: A unified platform to handle all your interactions with partners, vendors and clients, BacklinkManager simplifies the complexities of managing relationships in your outreach efforts.
  • Interactive Link Partnership Scorecard: Monitor the status of your link exchange at a glance. Know who owes links to whom, and send requests for owed links directly through the platform.
  • Chat and Comments: Foster stronger collaborations with built-in chat and comments features. Resolve issues, negotiate, and resolve ideas in real time.
  • Granular Reporting and Customizable Dashboards: Access detailed reports and build custom dashboards that showcase the metrics most matter to you. Gain actionable insights into your campaigns to continually optimize your outreach strategy.
  • Automation and Task Management: With playbooks, advanced triggers, and task automation, you can streamline your email outreach, ensuring no opportunity slips.
  • Link Monitoring: Stay updated on the health of your backlinks with 24/7 monitoring, receiving instant notifications whenever a link status changes.
  • Robust Support: BacklinkManager doesn’t leave you hanging. With a dedicated and responsive support team available via chat or phone, you can always get the help you need.

BacklinkManager.io is more than just a CRM or an email outreach tool. It’s a comprehensive solution for your link-building operations. Try BacklinkManager today and elevate your email outreach strategy to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Pitchbox vs Buzzstream for Guest Posting – Similarities and Differences

In this section of the article, we’re really going to dig into the nitty-gritty of each area of product functionality for guest posting. That way, we’ll be able to figure out which tool – Pitchbox or Buzzstream – is the best option depending on your use case.

Pitchbox for Guest Posting

Pitchbox for guest posting - Pitchbox vs Buzzstream

Pitchbox is a comprehensive tool for managing your guest posting efforts. The platform’s diverse features allow you to reach out to potential collaborators and track your progress seamlessly.

Here are the key features that make Pitchbox an asset for guest posting:

  • Prospecting with Unlimited Searches: The Targeted List Builder, Advanced Operator Search, and SEO Metrics Filter ensure you connect with the most relevant publishers for your guest posts.
  • Prospect Curation and AI Personalization: Pitchbox allows the curation of prospects and uses AI to personalize the outreach, increasing the chances of positive responses.
  • GTD Workflow: This feature ensures smooth and efficient management of the guest posting process, from prospecting to posting.
  • SEO and Advanced Integration: The integrations with Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, and Majestic provide comprehensive SEO data to aid your guest posting efforts. With Zapier, Slack, Looker, and Webhooks, Pitchbox allows seamless integrations, enhancing your guest posting workflow.
  • Data and Security: Granular Permission Management and Project Level Access ensure secure and efficient management of your guest posting campaigns.
  • Link Monitoring: This feature provides insights into your backlinks’ status and effectiveness, helping refine your link-building strategy.
  • Tasks and Reminders: This feature helps you stay organized by setting tasks and reminders for your guest posting campaigns.

Here’s how you can use Pitchbox for successful guest posting campaigns:

  • Start Your Campaign: Sign up for a Pitchbox subscription to unlock their tools specifically designed for guest posting and outreach.
  • Spot Guest Posting Opportunities: Leverage Pitchbox’s Prospecting Searches feature to unearth relevant websites and blogs that accept guest posts within your niche. This is achieved by searching for specific keywords or scrutinizing your competitors’ backlink profiles.
  • Compile Contact Information: Use Pitchbox’s Unlimited Email Discovery feature to automatically collate email addresses and social media profiles of target websites’ editors and content managers.
  • Design Personalized Email Templates: With the help of Pitchbox’s Smart Templates and AI Template Assistant, design customized email templates for your guest posting outreach that efficiently convey your pitch and highlight the value of your content.
  • Monitor Campaign Performance: Keep a tab on your guest posting outreach using Pitchbox’s comprehensive reporting feature, providing key insights into response rates, conversions, and other vital metrics.
  • Promote Team Collaboration: Use Pitchbox’s Role-Based Workflow feature to allocate tasks, share notes, and control workflows with your team members, ensuring your guest posting campaigns run smoothly.
  • Widen Your Knowledge: Dive into Pitchbox’s treasure trove of resources to learn more about guest posting best practices, strategies and gain valuable insights and tips.

Buzzstream for Guest Posting

link prospecting Buzzstream

Buzzstream is an ideal tool for managing guest posting efforts, connecting you with potential collaborators and publishers and track your progress.
Here are the key features that make Buzzstream an asset for guest posting:

  • Prospecting Searches: Buzzstream’s search algorithms simplify the process of finding potential guest posting opportunities, making it easier and more efficient.
  • Publisher and Influencer Metrics: Insightful metrics help identify valuable guest posting opportunities by providing data about publishers and influencers.
  • Email and Template Sharing: Designing unique, brand-consistent email templates for guest posting pitches becomes effortless with this feature. Team sharing promotes collaboration and ensures a consistent message.
  • Project Performance Reporting and Team Performance Reporting: These features allow you to assess the effectiveness of your guest posting efforts by analyzing the performance of individual projects and team members.
  • Link Reporting: A crucial feature for guest posting, it offers valuable insights into the status and effectiveness of your backlinks.
  • Chrome Extension: Buzzstream’s Chrome extension facilitates the quick addition of new contacts and allows access to details about existing contacts directly from your browser, enhancing your guest posting efficiency.

Here’s how you can utilize Buzzstream for effective guest posting:

  • Subscription Activation: Get started with Buzzstream by activating a suitable subscription, providing access to various guest posting and outreach resources.
  • Uncover Guest Posting Opportunities: Make the most of Buzzstream’s Discovery feature to find niche-specific influencers, bloggers, and websites open to guest posts.
  • Collect Contact Details: Use the Research tool in Buzzstream to automatically gather your target prospects’ essential contact information.
  • Design Unique Emails: Develop exclusive email templates with personalized fields to present your guest post ideas and make memorable introductions.
  • Send, Schedule, and Track Emails: Leverage Buzzstream email capabilities for dispatching, scheduling and tracking outreach emails. Stay organized and enhance success odds by setting reminders for follow-ups.
  • Managing Guest Posting Efforts: Keep a comprehensive track of your interactions, notes, and follow-ups with each contact within Buzzstream.
  • Analyze Guest Post Performance: Utilize the Reporting feature in Buzzstream to monitor crucial metrics, such as published guest posts and response rates, aiding you to improve your guest posting strategies.
  • Collaboration Effectively: Assign tasks, share insights, and manage workflows with your team members using Buzzstream’s Team Collaboration features.
  • Broaden Your Knowledge: Expand your guest posting skills by browsing Buzzstream’s vast collection of resourceful content, including informative articles, webinars, and case studies.

Better Alternative for Guest Posting: BacklinkManager.

lost links in backlinkmanager - Pitchbox vs Buzzstream

BacklinkManager may not be used directly for guest posting outreach as it doesn’t offer outbound email outreach or prospecting tools, but it’s definitely helpful in tracking and reporting on the outcomes of guest posting for your SEO agency clients. By offering a suite of features tailored to track and organize the links built in the guest posting process, it empowers SEO professionals to manage their link-building efforts more effectively – without flushing thousands of $ down the drain with broken, lost, or rotten links.

  • CRM for Link Partnership Management: As the first link-building CRM on the market, BacklinkManager provides a unified platform to manage relationships with clients, freelance link builders, and vendors, replacing the need for disparate Google Sheets.
  • Link-building Client Relationship Management: BacklinkManager enables you to monitor the links built for a specific client and assign client management to different team members, ensuring efficient delegation and tracking.
  • Link Vendor & Freelance Link Builder Relationship Management: The platform consolidates all your link exchange and guest posting partnerships in one place, allowing you to set goals for each party and monitor the status of your link exchanges with a partnership scorecard.
  • Chat and Comments: The tool includes live chat and comment features, facilitating direct communication with your link-building partners and vendors on specific partnership and link-building target pages.
  • Link Partnership Scorecard: BacklinkManager’s partnership scorecard automatically tracks the status of your link exchanges, providing a clear view of who owes links to whom, and allows you to request owed links directly through the partnership live chat.

More than a CRM, BacklinkManager is a comprehensive solution for link-building operations, equipping users with the ability to monitor links, generate reports, set goals, and share interactive dashboards. It is a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their guest posting strategies and achieve their link-building goals more efficiently.

Pitchbox vs Buzzstream for Link Building – Similarities and Differences

Finally, most SEO agencies considering Pitchbox vs Buzzstream want to look at their functionality for link building. Let’s dive into it in more detail.

Pitchbox for Link Building

pitchbox for link building

Pitchbox is a robust tool purposely built for link-building campaigns, driving effective connections with industry influencers, bloggers, and potential partners across diverse fields. Some vital features that make Pitchbox an ideal choice for link building are: 

  • Link Building Type: Pitchbox supports many link-building types, including broken backlinks, resource pages, skyscrapers etc. This feature allows you to target and find your brand’s best link-building opportunities.
  • Unlimited Prospecting Searches: With Pitchbox, finding potential link-building opportunities becomes seamless and efficient.
  • Advanced Scheduling and Autoresponder Detection: Pitchbox allows for effective link-building outreach management by enabling advanced scheduling of emails and follow-ups. Besides, the autoresponder feature prevents wasted efforts by detecting autoresponders, thereby improving the effectiveness of your outreach.
  • Smart Templates and AI Template Assistant: These features ensure the creation of personalized, impactful link-building outreach emails for better response. The AI Assistant aids in creating optimized templates.
  • SEO-Centric CRM with Extensive Integration: With custom and personalized data, task automation, and pipeline management, Pitchbox ensures you stay on top of your link-building outreach. Integration with platforms like Ahrefs, Moz, Semrush, and Majestic enables you to leverage comprehensive data, offering a holistic view of your link profile.
  • Support: With chat and phone support, Onboarding Team Training, and Dedicated Account Managers, Pitchbox ensures seamless tool use for your link-building campaigns.

Here’s how you can use Pitchbox for link building:

  • Get Started With An Account: Acquire access to an array of link-building tools by signing up for a Pitchbox subscription.
  • Link Building Prospects Discovery: Utilize Pitchbox’s Prospecting feature, equipped with Advanced Operator Search and SEO Metrics Filter, to discover potential link-building opportunities.
  • Competitor Backlink Analysis: Leverage Pitchbox’s integration with SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz, or Semrush to conduct a competitor backlink analysis, gaining valuable insights into their link-building strategies and unveiling new opportunities.
  • Template Customization: Craft personalized email templates using Pitchbox’s smart templates and AI Template Assistant, creating messages that stand out and resonate with your target audience.
  • Optimize Follow-ups: Set up automated email sequences for follow-ups to increase response rates and improve link acquisition.
  • Monitor Your Campaign: Use the Campaign Performance Reports and Email Account Analytics to track your link-building campaign’s efficiency and refine your strategy over time. 
  • Team Collaboration: Utilize Pitchbox’s granular permission management and role-based workflow to assign tasks, share notes, and manage workflows, ensuring smooth and efficient link-building campaigns.
  • Integrate With Other Tools: Link your Pitchbox account with preferred SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz, or Semrush for a holistic understanding of your link-building strategy and to access additional data.
  • Keep Learning: Improve your link-building skills by diving into Pitchbox’s Resource section, which offers case studies, webinars, and blog posts with valuable insights and best practices.

Buzzstream for Link Building

manage followups using buzzstream

Buzzstream manifests as an impressive tool for managing link-building campaigns and driving fruitful connections with industry influencers, bloggers, and potential partners across diverse fields.
Delving into some vital features that make Buzzstream suitable for link building:

  • Contact Info Discovery and Chrome Extension: This feature allows you to automatically gather the contact information of potential partners for link building. The Chrome extension further facilitates the fetching of contact details directly from your browser, further enhancing prospecting efficiency.
  • Link Reporting: Buzzstream’s Link Reporting feature provides valuable insights into your backlinks’ status and effectiveness, helping you refine your link-building strategy.
  • Email Scheduling and Reminders: Buzzstream ensures that you stay on top of your link-building outreach by enabling you to schedule emails and set reminders for follow-ups.
  • Ahrefs Integration: This integration enables you to leverage Ahrefs’s data within Buzzstream, offering a more comprehensive understanding of your link profile.
  • Bulk Email Send: This feature is vital for mass outreach and crucial for extensive link-building campaigns. It helps you connect with numerous partners at once, saving significant time and effort.

How to use Buzzstream effectively for link building:

  • Account Creation: Begin by signing up for a Buzzstream subscription to access link-building and outreach tools.
  • Find Link-Building Opportunities: Use Buzzstream’s Discovery feature to find relevant websites, bloggers, and influencers in your niche for potential link-building opportunities.
  • Collect Contact Information: Use Buzzstream’s Research feature to automatically find your target prospects’ email addresses, social media profiles, and other relevant contact details. This helps speed up the outreach process and ensures you have accurate contact information.
  • Craft Personalized Templates: Design customized email templates that highlight the value of your content or linkable asset, improve response rates, and foster stronger connections.
  • Manage Followups: Configure automated follow-up emails using Buzzstream, improve response rates, and save time on manual outreach tasks. Regular follow-ups nurture relationships and enhance the success of your link-building efforts.
  • Track Campaign Performance: Monitor your link-building outreach using Buzzstream’s Reporting feature that provides insights into open rates, response rates, and other key metrics that help you optimize your strategy.
  • Team Collaboration: Use Buzzstream’s features to ensure smooth and efficient link-building campaigns. Assign tasks, share notes, and manage workflows efficiently with your team members.
  • Expand Your Knowledge: Buzzstream offers resources like case studies, webinars, and articles that provide valuable insights into link-building best practices and strategies. Use these resources to continuously learn and improve your link-building skills.

Better Alternative for Link Building – BacklinkManager


backlinkmanager reporting

BacklinkManager is a versatile tool designed to cater to all your link-building needs.

  • Link Exchanges: Users can set their niches and Domain Rating (DR) expectations to find and connect with like-minded link exchange partners automatically.
  • Broken Link Building: With 24/7 link monitoring, BacklinkManager notifies users instantly when a link’s status changes, aiding in efficient broken link building.
  • Guest Posting: BacklinkManager enables users to keep track of guest post opportunities and monitor the links obtained from these efforts.
  • Link Partnerships: This tool facilitates the management of link partnerships, tracking who has built more links, and maintaining clear communication with partners through live chat and comments.
  • Link Audits: With BacklinkManager’s custom reports, users can conduct thorough link audits to ensure the quality of their backlinks.
  • Link Building CRM: BacklinkManager serves as a dedicated CRM for link-building operations, managing relationships with clients, freelance link builders, and vendors.
  • Link Monitoring: BacklinkManager offers comprehensive link monitoring services, including a reliable link crawler, link status notifications, and management of link-building targets, goals, and target groups.

BacklinkManager is more than a CRM—it’s a complete solution for your link-building operation. With its powerful features and tools, you can monitor links, create reports, set goals, and share interactive dashboards to streamline your SEO efforts.

Try BacklinkManager today and elevate your link-building strategy to new heights!

Conclusion – Which Tool is Better for your SEO Agency, Pitchbox or Buzzstream?

Hopefully, this post helped you decide whether Buzzstream or Pitchbox is more appropriate for your company. As you can see – both have many upsides and downsides.

Undeniably, BacklinkManager provides a better value for money and is a better choice for a mid-market SEO agency, especially when it comes to email outreach and link building.

If you’re interested in finding more book a demo with our team here!