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Top Link Outreach Tactics for ECommerce -

The ecommerce industry continues its dominance in the digital world, exceeding $16.6 trillion in sales in 2022, more than thrice as much as projected.

To maintain a competitive edge, it’s essential for ecommerce businesses to embrace strategic SEO practices such as link outreach tactics.

This blog focuses on SEO’s crucial aspect – link-building outreach – elucidating its importance in e-commerce, discussing associated challenges, highlighting effective tactics, and how plays its part in assuring your outreach campaign’s success.

Our comprehensive exploration aims to help your e-commerce business secure high-quality backlinks, elevate SERP rankings, and ultimately drive growth and success.


  • Link outreach is a vital aspect of link-building, contributing to enhanced SEO, increased organic traffic, improved brand authority, and fostering valuable partnerships for eCommerce businesses.
  • Despite obstacles, with the correct strategies and tools, eCommerce businesses can establish a strong link profile, effectively boosting their SERP rankings and thriving in a competitive eCommerce landscape.
  • High-quality and shareable content that resonates with your target audience, guest blogging on high-authority domains, utilizing link-building through press releases and HARO, capitalizing on influencer partnerships, and investigating advanced link-building outreach tactics are effective strategies for boosting eCommerce businesses.
  • Advanced link-building tactics include broken link building, unlinked brand mentions, and reverse product image search link building. These innovative strategies can provide compelling results, enhancing the SEO value of your eCommerce website.
  • For maximum benefit, utilize tools like to manage and track link-building outreach efforts, including monitoring partnership outcomes and dealing with unlinked brand mentions or image misuse.
  • The strategies for effective link-building for eCommerce businesses include reaching out to websites for unlinked brand mention link building, decoding niche edit link building, understanding link roundup and resource page link building, and disseminating content on social media. These tactics utilize both traditional outreach methods and innovative approaches, like niche edits and reverse image searches.
  • Advanced tactics, like curated link building, involve adding backlinks to existing content on other websites. Link roundups and resource pages are also valuable, serving as a one-stop-shop for users and high equity to featured content.
  • Social media platforms also play a crucial role, providing a significant channel for distributing and amplifying content reach.
  • Tools like are integral for tracking and managing link-building efforts. They offer real-time monitoring and in-depth backlink analysis. The platform also helps manage link exchange partnerships, optimize outreach efforts, and mitigate the effects of link rot.<

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Link Outreach – What it Means and How It Helps ECommerce Businesses

Link outreach is an essential part of the link-building process, where link builders establish relationships with other websites in order to build links for SEO purposes.

This can involve internal linking, blogger outreach, influencer outreach, link exchange, link request, cold outreach, and broken link building.

The Profound Impact of Successful Link Outreach Campaign on ECommerce Business Performance

Link outreach, when done right, can lead to high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites.

Here are some profound impacts a successful link-building outreach campaign can have on eCommerce business performance –

Boosting SERP Stardom

Quality backlinks enhance your eCommerce website’s domain authority and relevance, boosting its website’s rankings.

Link Outreach helps boost SERPs and enhance keywords being ranked and the traffic landing on the website

Boost Organic Traffic

Backlinks from high-traffic websites increase referral traffic, leading to better search analytics KPIs and higher conversion rates.

Changes in organic traffic from consistent link outreach for ecommerce business

Brand Building Blocks

Backlinks from credible sources are bricks in the wall of your brand’s authority and gain customer trust.

IDEA - Image reflecting how SEO partnerships help brand outreach

Fostering Partnerships

Link-building outreach often leads to valuable networking opportunities, boosting the visibility and customer reach of your brand.

Challenges in Link Building Outreach for ECommerce Businesses

Quality is key in link building, but not all backlinks offer equal SEO value – high authority sites contribute more.

Link building outreach for ecommerce comes with plenty of challenges

You need to ensure that you are not just getting backlinks, but from valuable, authoritative sources and from complementary content.

Pinpointing these websites for link prospecting is challenging, taking into account the various SERP and web factors cumulatively to filter out the relevant ones.

Not responding to outreach emails is a major faux pas in the link-building world.

Link Outreach Email Response Rate by Tactic - Source - Backlinko

Outreach campaigns can elicit a variety of reactions, ranging from excitement to indifference.

If a contact tells you they’re not interested in your link-building outreach campaign effort, don’t worry – just make sure they don’t get any more messages from this campaign.

Personalizing email outreach communication, pursuing potential link prospects, and monitoring responses can be overwhelming and challenging to manage.

Mitigating Risks of Negative SEO

Negative SEO is a malicious practice that focuses on damaging a site’s ranking, authority, and reputation through spammy unnatural links.

eCommerce websites are a prime target for such exploits.

According to a report by Imperva, nearly 48% of all online attacks are aimed at eCommerce, with many being orchestrated to benefit industries like pharmacy and adult content through negative SEO.

How Negative SEO impacted traffic of a website. Source:

Despite these roadblocks, link building’s significance in SEO remains undiminished.

Equipped with the right link-building outreach tools and tactics, eCommerce businesses can construct a strong link profile, boost the SERP standings and drive success in the ever-evolving and competitive eCommerce industry.

Let’s take a look at the top link outreach tactics that work the best for eCommerce businesses in detail.

Tactic #1: Orchestrating High Quality & Shareable Content – Catering to the Target Audience

A fundamental tenet of content creation is understanding your audience.

Knowledge of your target demographic’s preferences, habits, and needs can empower you to create content that truly resonates with them.

Content that strikes a chord with your potential customers is more likely to be shared, liked, and linked to, thereby extending your digital reach.

Forms of Content That Magnetize High-Quality Links

When it comes to eCommerce, certain types of content tend to attract more high-quality links.

Informative Guides and How-Tos

type of content that buyers consume during their decision making. Source -

Content that educates readers about product usage, maintenance, or industry-specific knowledge can become a go-to resource.

Engaging Infographics

Example of High Quality and highly shareable infographic. Source -

These can break down complex topics into digestible, visually appealing pieces.

Data-Driven Case Studies

Offering unique insights and value that others will want to link to.

Video Content

Videos about products or related topics can improve engagement and increase the likelihood of shares and backlinks.

video content performance in marketing - source -

Recognize your audience demographics, psychographics, and purchasing habits to create targeted content that resonates with them.

Engaging in social listening on platforms where your audience is active can also offer valuable insights.

Tactic #2: Guest Blogging on High Authority Domains

Guest blogging is a popular strategy used in link-building outreach campaigns and involves writing quality and meaningful content for other websites, usually in exchange for a link back to your website.

Guest blogging is quite popular in the bloggers community - source - ahrefs

Identifying Suitable Bloggers for Blogger Outreach

Here also search engines, and paid tools like Ahrefs are your go-to resources.

using content explorer in ahrefs for prospecting

You can use specific search operators like:

search operators for guest blogging prospecting

and filter out authoritative and relevant prospects for your outreach.

Maximizing Your SEO Benefits from Guest Posts

To maximize the benefits of your blogger outreach tactics, make sure you create content that’s tailored to the website’s audience – do your research and familiarize yourself and create content that aligns with their expectations and interests.

Keep your focus on gaining a natural, non-promotional link.

Great example of a well researched and well crafted outreach email for guest blogging. Source: Ryan Robinson

With the right approach to identifying potential blogs, crafting high-quality content, and conducting effective outreach, you can secure powerful backlinks to boost your eCommerce website’s SEO efforts.

Tactic #3: Utilizing Link-Building Opportunities Through Press Releases and HARO

Press Release and HARO example for link building

Press Release and Help A Reporter Out (HARO) offer unique opportunities for eCommerce business to upscale their link outreach efforts yielding a multitude of benefits in terms of high-quality backlinks, increased brand visibility, and help position your business as an authoritative figure.

popular media outlets with high authority and traffic using HARO as source

When you publish a press release or HARO, you distribute it to numerous media outlets, journalists, and bloggers, who, in turn, may share your news on their platforms and include a backlink to your site.

Here are a few search operators that you can use to find out relevant press releases:

  • “Press Release distribution” + “your industry”
  • “Press Release Submission” + “your industry”

Leveraging HARO for High-Quality Backlinks

HARO is a platform that connects journalists and reporters with sources.

example of HARO Request from Journalists

As a source, you can provide valuable information or insights in response to a reporter’s query. In return, you will often receive a mention or backlink to your website.

The key to HARO is consistency and speed. Since journalists work with tight deadlines, being one of the first to respond can increase your chances of being selected.

Also, always ensure that your responses are thoughtful, helpful, and tailored to the journalist’s HARO requests.

HARO Email notifications

TIP: When using HARO, ensure to create alerts for relevant topics to your business, so you are notified as soon as a relevant query is posted.

Tactic #4: Capitalizing on Influencer Partnership

Influencers in today’s date wield considerable power on the internet. Their ability to shape opinions and influence buying decisions of their followers has a significant impact.

example of influencer marketing

Identifying relevant influencers who are a good fit for your brand is a critical first step in your outreach process.

The influencer you choose should have a significant following and engagement on their channels assisted with content that aligns with your brand values and caters to demographics similar to your target audience.

example of influencer outreach email

Establishing Reciprocal Partnerships

In this step, you reach out to the influencers with attractive proposals for collaboration to feature businesses’ products on their content.

With‘s Link Exchange Partnership Management feature, you can track all your partnership outreach efforts, follow up with prospects and monitor the results of your partnership.

When working on content creation with influencers, it’s essential to provide them with creative freedom as their authenticity is what engages their audience.

Manage the outcomes of your influencer outreach with

By finding the right influencers, proposing mutually beneficial partnerships, and collaborating on content, you can leverage partnerships to boost your link-building efforts.

Tactic #5: Investigating Advanced Link Outreach Tactics.

Link building campaign for eCommerce does not end at traditional approaches.

Several innovative strategies can bring compelling results, including broken link building, unlinked brand mentions, and reverse product image search link building.

Broken Link Building & Reverse Product Image Search Link Building and Its Perks

Broken link building involves finding broken links or dead links on relevant websites and offering your own relevant content as a substitute.

Brian Dean's Method of broken link building - from prospecting to outreach

This process also benefits the publisher by eliminating dead links and this can be a great opening to increase the likelihood of securing a backlink.

Reverse product image search link building is a unique method specific to eCommerce and involves using tools like Google Images to reverse search the websites using the product images without linking back to our website.

Upload your product images on Google Images for Reverse Image search

Once you’ve identified these opportunities, the next step is to reach out. Be polite and helpful, suggesting your content or product page as a replacement for the broken link or unlinked image.

This not only helps in building links but also ensures the rightful usage of these images.

Link Building Through Unlinked Brand Mentions

Unlinked brand mentions are another excellent opportunity for link building.

This link-building strategy involves finding instances where your brand is mentioned online but not linked back to your website.

While search operators like “Your brand name” – site:, can be useful, there are several tools that can streamline this process.

Enable Google Alerts for your ecommerce business and brand

You can set up alerts ON for your brand name on Google Alerts so you get notified of any brand mentions and not miss any potential opportunities for link building.

Tactic #6: Reaching Out To Websites for Unlinked Brand Mention Link Building

Once you have found unlinked brand mentions of your brand, the next step is to contact the site owner or authors to request that they add a link to your site.

Always approach them politely and professionally. Use the following email outreach template for your unlinked brand mention link-building purposes.

Outreach template for running outreach campaigns for unlinked brand mention link building

With a systematic process in place for identifying and converting unlinked brand mentions into backlinks, you can tap into a rich vein of SEO gold.

Tactic #7: Decoding Niche Edit Link Building Outreach For ECommerce

Niche edit link building, also known as curated link building, is a strategy that involves adding your website’s backlinks to existing content on other websites.

According to a report by Ahrefs, a significant percentage of the top 10% of web pages have no fresh links, implying that niche edits can play a crucial role in maintaining and improving ranking.

using niche edits for link building

The main advantage of this method is that it eliminates the need for creating new content or guest post, and rather capitalizes on the existing quality and relevancy of content.

Apart from that, since the content is already indexed, adding links to such provides immediate SEO benefits.

Niche Edits also offer better value for money in terms of investments made. However, it may take considerable time and resources to find the best fit for your link outreach.

Implementing Strategies for Successful Curated Link Building Outreach Campaigns

Implementing a niche edit strategy starts with finding relevant content that aligns with your brand and where your links would naturally fit.

To do this, you could use search operators such as

“Your keyword”

top search results for operator to find prospects for niche edit link building

These commands will show you pages where your keyword appears in the title or body of the content respectively.

After identifying potential sites, the next tip is to reach out to the website owners or administrators to ask if they would be willing to insert your link into the content.

using to find emails and social accounts for outreach

While niche edits may be a bit unconventional compared to other link-building strategies, they can be a highly efficient and effective way of boosting your site’s SEO.

Be prepared to face some rejection, but remember, even a small number of high-quality niche edits can significantly impact your website’s search rankings.

Implementing Skyscraper Method for Your Outreach

In ecommerce industry, providing more valuable information about products, the latest trends, and consumer insights can make your content invaluable to your audience, making it a prime candidate for the skyscraper method.

skyscraper technique illustration. Source -Ahrefs

The skyscraper method is an innovative link-building strategy, formulated by Brian Dean of Backlinko. This technique has three fundamental steps:

  • Finding popular content within your industry that has earned a significant number of backlinks.
  • Create content that surpasses the quality of the identified content – that is where it gets the name ‘skyscraper’, as your content needs to stand tall and overshadow the existing ones.
  • reaching out to the right people who have linked to the original content and pitching your superior piece to them.

In the context of ecommerce industry, this could mean identifying popular blog posts or articles about trending products, digital marketing strategies, or consumer behavior insights and creating superior content about these topics.

Applying the Skyscraper Technique Efficiently

Effective applications of the skycraper technique begin with finding popular content or linkable assets within your niche.

You could use search operators like

“intitle: your keyword + top”


“inurl:blog+your keyword + best”

to find popular, high-ranking content in your industry.

Once you have identified suitable content and created an improved version of it, the next step is to reach out to the sites that have linked to the original content.

The effectiveness of the Skyscraper technique lies in its ability to combine content marketing with the power of link-building.

This method serves as a testament to the fact that quality relevance and value still reign supreme in the world of SEO.

Tactic #9: Understanding Link Roundup and Resource Page Link Building

Link roundups and resource page link building are some of the best tactics to enhance the reach of your brand and content.

example of link roundup

Link roundups serve its users a curated list of exceptional quality content around a specific topic and are published and updated on a routine basis.

Resource pages on the other end are dedicated to showcasing valuable links on a particular subject matter.

Both of these resources serve as a one-stop-shop for users looking to delve deep into a topic, thus providing value to users and high equity to featured content.

To find roundups and resource pages in your niche, you can use specific search operators like

  • “keyword”
  • “keyword intitle:resources inurl:resources.html”
  • “keyword intitle:links inurl: resources.html

For instance, if your eCommerce business specializes in sustainable fashion, you might search “sustainable fashion” + “link roundup”.

Once you have found a list of potential prospects, the next step is to pitch your superior content to the curators of these pages.

Remember, the more your content aligns with the purpose of the roundup or resource pages and also provides value to its audience, the higher your chances of securing that coveted backlink.

Tactic #10: Disseminating Content on Social Media and Implementing Followups

SEO outreach does not always focus on link building – it’s about traffic, it’s about building meaningful relationships and collaborations, and it’s about growth over search engines.

using linkedin sales navigator to reach out to prospects

According to Pew Research, as of 2021, seven-in-ten Americans use social media to connect with one another, making it a powerful channel for distributing and amplifying your content reach.

demographics report of social media users

The more engagement your posts receive, the more visibility they gain, increasing the chances of earning backlinks.

Besides, whichever tactic you deploy, make sure to add follow-ups as an integral part of your outreach strategy to enhance the success rate of your link-building outreach campaign.

Outreach on Social media for Content Sharing and Link Building

Consider reaching out to influencers and popular accounts in your niche who may be willing to share your content.

Do not restrict your outreach to emails, include social media and any other platforms within your reach to connect with your prospects.

This will help increase your possibilities of scoring backlinks and good collaboration & partnership opportunities to promote your eCommerce brand and products.

Harnessing to Optimize Link Outreach

Assessing the impact of your link outreach is as crucial as strategy deployment. is a comprehensive tool designed for backlink tracking and evaluation.

The platform not only allows real-time monitoring of your backlink profile, it also provides an in-depth backlink analysis.

Demo of Link Monitoring with

It also assists in managing and fostering your link-building partnerships, which is integral to long-term success.

Battling ECommerce Link Rot with

A study by Harvard University found that approximately 49% of hyperlinks built in Supreme Court Opinions lead to link rot, emphasizing the widespread nature of this issue.

In the context of eCommerce, this percentage can be even higher due to frequent inventory updates.

Link rot frequency over time

Link rot, a consequence of dynamic eCommerce websites where product changes often lead to broken inbound links, poses a unique challenge.‘s real-time monitoring allows businesses to promptly detect and fix link rot, thus maintaining their valuable backlinks and link profile integrity.

Streamlining Partnerships and Campaigns‘s Link Exchange Partnership Management module simplifies communication and keeps track of sponsored content or product reviews. Partnership Management

The platform’s sophisticated campaign management tool helps track, analyze, and optimize link outreach efforts. This data-driven approach ensures future endeavors are effective.

By leveraging, eCommerce businesses can effectively manage and optimize their link-building efforts.

With real-time monitoring and comprehensive analysis capabilities, businesses can mitigate the effects of link rot, keep their link profile robust, and build successful links, building partnerships.

Plus, they offer free signup with the benefit of tracking up to 250 links at no cost.


Effective link-building strategies for ecommerce businesses encompass a wide array of tactics, from traditional outreach to advanced techniques.

Businesses must capitalize on content creation and understand their audience’s needs and preferences to create content that genuinely resonates with them.

Data-driven content-based and advanced strategies such as skyscraper techniques and niche edits provide immediate SEO benefits and better value for money.

Similarly, link roundups and resource page link building help enhance a brand’s reach and reputation.

Moreover, in today’s date, social media platforms also serve as a significant channel for content distribution and amplification, fostering meaningful relationships and collaborations.

Utilizing tools like can significantly streamline these efforts, offering real-time comprehensive CRM to manage everything for your link-building needs – from backlink analysis to partnership management and link rot mitigation.