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Get your content to rank faster by streamlining and automating your backlink building process

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No more Google Sheets


Managing guest post and backlink requests don’t have to be a nightmare πŸ™€

BacklinkManager is a tool designed for managing the entire backlink building process!

No more Google Sheets!


Forget email followups.

BacklinkManager will automatically monitor the status of your backlinks and send automated reminders if action is needed to your partners (and you!) via email and push notifications.

No more wasted time or opportunities falling through the cracks!

… & more

All your backlinks, guest posts, and communication with the exchange partners will also be recorded in BacklinkManager.

Easily send reports to your clients, browse through your communication history and reconnect with old partners to build even more backlinks!

Better communication

Manage your partnerships using BacklinkManager.

Save time by having clear expectations, targets, deadlines and reminders.

Missing spreadsheets

 Manually copying data between them

 Pointless emails

Status monitoring πŸ€–

 Specific backlink targets 🎯

 Clear expectations

 Streamlined communication

No lost opportunities

BacklinkManager will monitor your links and Collaborations, making sure everything is tip top.

We will send out reminders, add tasks to your TODO list to make sure you’re on top of your game.

 Switching between sheets

Negotiations all over the place

 Missed opportunities πŸ’Έ

Tool designed for backlink building

Nothing slips through the cracks

Streamlined process

Be efficient

BacklinkManager monitors everything. Write guest posts and get automatic hints based on your ongoing partnerships and backlink building goals.

 Context switching 🀯

External task managers πŸ“

Unfulfilled promises πŸ’”

Automated monitoring πŸ€–

Notification system πŸ””

More backlinks πŸ“ˆ

Building backlinks has never been easier

Save time, make more $$$

If each good backlink is worth $100-$500, how much more money could you make (or save!) if you streamlined your backlink building process? What if I told you BacklinkManager would save you at least 2 working days per month?
If it’s a ‘hell yes’ then read on πŸ˜‰ As the tool is still in a beta phase, you can still get ahead of the competition by joining us early on the journey.
πŸ€” Why wait if you can get ahead of your competitors now?

More than a CRM. See how BacklinkManager helps you build more backlinks faster

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-orders are over – you can start using the product for free in our open BETA. We’re still working on delivering excellent product. We need dedicated early adopters to make it the best it can be. You put down $29/mo (instead of full $69/mo, the price we’ll charge after release), billed annually, for the first year. This adds up to total $348/year, saving you $480 total.
Pre-orders are over – you can start using the product for free in our open BETA. Yes, hassle free. If you decide you want your money back, at any point before the launch or up to 30 days after it, we will transfer it back to you. Simply drop us an email.
OPEN beta is live!
BacklinkManager works for everyone, and your partners don’t need to be registered to use your exchange forms and access the exchange pages. We will also send our notifications to them until links are placed.
Team collaboration features are on our roadmap. Contact us at mj@backlinkmanager.io if you’d like to know more.
If you’re not ready to buy but would like to stay in the loop – feel free to sign up to our mailing list below and wait for the beta version, or contact us at mj@backlinkmanager.io or jump on a call.

Get product updates and backlink building tips

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