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Thinking whether to go for LinkChecker.Pro vs RankRanger? Choosing the right link building software is critical for SEO agencies these days.

This article is going to dive into the LinkChecker.Pro vs RankRanger debate and try to answer a key question.

Which is the better tool for link building, as well as other use cases? Which one offers the best value for money, and will be most appropriate for a company of your size, with your resources?

Let’s find out! In the post below, we’ve covered all the common use cases and done an in-depth analysis of the key features of LinkChecker.Pro and RankRanger – as well as compared it to an alternative solution that may be better in some situations.


    • LinkChecker.Pro and RankRanger are popular SEO tools for link building, but they have differences in execution and pricing plans.
    • LinkChecker.Pro offers tools for building high-quality backlinks, backlink monitoring, and outreach planning.
    • RankRanger provides a comprehensive suite of link management tools, backlink tracking reports, SEO stats, and link project management features.
    • BacklinkManager is a versatile and better alternative that offers link exchanges, broken link building, guest posting, link partnerships, link audits, and link building CRM features.
    • BacklinkManager is a complete solution for link-building operations, providing efficient link monitoring, reporting, goal setting, and interactive dashboard sharing.

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LinkChecker.Pro vs RankRanger – similarities and differences

LinkChecker.Pro and RankRanger are both applications for link building, link monitoring, and link building CRM with several areas of overlap. Both LinkChecker.Pro and RankRanger are popular SEO tools used mostly for link building in SEO agencies. Both products have several similar features.

However, there are several details about the way these particular features are “executed” in both products that may make a substantial difference for the buyer.

They also have very different pricing plans. Let’s look at the details.

LinkChecker.Pro vs RankRanger for link building – differences

In this section of the article, we’re really going to dig into the nitty-gritty of each area of product functionality. That way, we’ll be able to figure out which tool – LinkChecker.Pro or RankRanger – is the best option depending on your use case.

LinkChecker.Pro for link building

LinkChecker Pro offers a set of tools that can assist users in the process of building high-quality backlinks:

  • Building High-Quality Backlinks: With LinkChecker Pro, link builders can effectively build high-quality backlinks, recover lost links, and achieve their KPIs.
  • Backlink Monitoring: Regular monitoring of your backlinks ensures that you don’t lose any valuable links that contribute to your SEO rankings.
  • Outreach Planning: You can plan your link-building outreach by keeping track of your backlinks, identifying websites linking to you, and reaching out to them for more links.
  • Quality Links: The tool helps keep track of quality backlinks, assisting in improving the ranking of your website.

RankRanger for link building

rank ranger rank tracking tool

RankRanger is a comprehensive SEO tool that boasts a wide array of features specifically aimed at link building and backlink management. Here’s a closer look:

  • Robust Link ManagementRankRanger provides a suite of tools to keep all your link data organized in one place. This includes the ability to import/export important link details, attach link-related files, analyze expenses, user activity & suppliers, track backlink status, SEO stats & metrics, and archive backlinks.
  • Backlinks Tracking ReportsThe platform offers customizable reports with a variety of filters, allowing you to tailor the Link Dashboard to your needs. The Link Distribution Report also provides a graphical presentation of Link Status, Pagerank Distribution, and Geo Location of links.
  • SEO Stats & MetricsRankRanger gathers vital SEO link data in one place, including social signals, external backlinks, referring domains, citation & trust flow, and page authority.
  • Backlink StatusThe platform provides in-depth details about your managed backlinks. You can analyze and sort your backlinks using different filters, such as link status, TLD & server country, IP Address, Class C IP host detection, and external link count.
  • Link Project ManagementRankRanger allows you to organize links into campaign profiles for efficient report filtering. The tool also lets you manage multiple users, contacts and suppliers, monitor user activities and expenses, and integrate your Google Drive with Link Manager to attach files to individual link records.

In conclusion, RankRanger provides a robust suite of tools that can facilitate a comprehensive and organized link building strategy.

Better alternative for link building – BacklinkManager

BacklinkManager is a versatile tool designed to cater to all your link-building needs.

  • Link Exchanges: Users can set their niches and Domain Rating (DR) expectations to find and connect with like-minded link exchange partners automatically.
  • Broken Link Building: With 24/7 link monitoring, BacklinkManager notifies users instantly when a link’s status changes, aiding in efficient broken link building.
  • Guest Posting: BacklinkManager enables users to keep track of guest post opportunities and monitor the links obtained from these efforts.
  • Link Partnerships: This tool facilitates the management of link partnerships, tracking who has built more links, and maintaining clear communication with partners through live chat and comments.
  • Link Audits: With BacklinkManager’s custom reports, users can conduct thorough link audits to ensure the quality of their backlinks.
  • Link Building CRM: BacklinkManager serves as a dedicated CRM for link-building operations, managing relationships with clients, freelance link builders, and vendors.
  • Link Monitoring: BacklinkManager offers comprehensive link monitoring services, including a reliable link crawler, link status notifications, and management of link-building targets, goals, and target groups.

BacklinkManager is more than a CRM—it’s a complete solution for your link-building operation. With its powerful features and tools, you can monitor links, create reports, set goals, and share interactive dashboards to streamline your SEO efforts.

Try BacklinkManager today and elevate your link-building strategy to new heights!

LinkChecker.Pro vs RankRanger for link monitoring – similarities and differences

In this section of the article, we’re really going to dig into the nitty-gritty of each area of product functionality for link monitoring. That way, we’ll be able to figure out which tool – LinkChecker.Pro or RankRanger – is the best option depending on your use case.

LinkChecker.Pro for link monitoring

Linkchecker pro dashboard

LinkChecker Pro offers a comprehensive set of features that help users monitor their backlinks effectively:

  • Backlink Monitoring: LinkChecker Pro checks your backlinks daily and the presence of referring pages in Google’s index every five days. If there’s a problem with important links, you get notified and can recover or replace them in time.
  • Link Status: The tool identifies whether a backlink is found or not found.
  • Google Index: It checks if a page with your backlink is indexed by Google or not.
  • Rel Attributes: It identifies the rel attributes of the backlinks such as “nofollow”, “sponsored”, “ugc”.
  • Robots Meta Tags, X-robots Tags: The tool checks for ‘noindex’, ‘nofollow’, ‘none’ tags.
  • Robots.txt: It identifies if a page is blocked for Googlebot.
  • DMCA: It identifies if a page has been removed from Google search results due to complaints.
  • Different anchor, Different href: Alerts if a backlink has a different anchor or URL.
  • Сanonical: Identifies if the backlink is from a canonical URL.
  • External Links Count: Notifies if someone added new links to your articles.

RankRanger for link monitoring

RankRanger is a comprehensive SEO tool that includes a variety of features specifically aimed at link monitoring. Here’s a detailed look:

  • Robust Link Management

    RankRanger allows you to import and export important link details, track backlink status, and archive backlinks. This feature can be used to effectively monitor the status and health of your backlinks.

  • Backlinks Tracking Reports

    With customizable reporting features, you can monitor your backlinks based on various metrics such as link status, page rank distribution, and geo-location of links. The platform allows you to include this data in automated white label PDF reports and export to Excel or CSV for additional use.

  • Backlink Status

    RankRanger provides in-depth details about your managed backlinks. It allows you to analyze and sort your backlinks using different filters, such as link status (valid, anchor text does not match, nofollow, dead link) and other parameters like TLD & server country, IP Address, Class C IP host detection, and external link count.

  • SEO Stats & Metrics

    RankRanger gathers vital SEO link data in one place, including external backlinks, referring domains, citation & trust flow, and page authority. This data can be critical for monitoring the quality and impact of your backlinks.

In conclusion, RankRanger offers robust link monitoring tools that can facilitate a comprehensive and organized link monitoring strategy.

As always, this information is accurate as of my training cut-off in September 2021. For the most current and comprehensive details, it’s always best to refer to the official RankRanger website.

Better alternative for link monitoring: BacklinkManager.

lost links in backlinkmanager

BacklinkManager provides a powerful platform for seamless link monitoring, offering a range of features to ensure the effectiveness of link-building operations.

  • 24/7 Link Monitoring: BacklinkManager allows users to check the current status of their links (do-follow, no-follow, server not responding) at any time, enabling immediate action in case of mislabeled links.
  • Reliable Link Crawler: The platform uses a reliable crawler for tracking link statuses, eliminating the need for makeshift solutions. It performs a two-factor check on every link to ensure data accuracy.
  • Link Status Notifications: Users receive instant notifications in-app or via email when the status of a link changes, such as when a paid link is removed or a page goes 404. This helps to prevent vendors from unjustly removing links.
  • Linkbuilding Targets, Goals & Target Groups: BacklinkManager allows users to manage their link-building efforts by setting link-building goals for target pages, grouping target pages by various parameters like projects, domains, or clients, and easily monitoring link-building progress and goal completion.
  • Backlink Monitoring by Status: Users can easily switch between their do-follow and no-follow links, and find specific links using the search bar.

As a comprehensive solution for link-building operations, BacklinkManager extends beyond CRM functionalities, offering powerful tools for link monitoring, report generation, goal setting, and interactive dashboard sharing. This complete package of features makes BacklinkManager an ideal choice for professionals seeking efficient link monitoring tools.

LinkChecker.Pro vs RankRanger for link building CRM – similarities and differences

Finally, most SEO agencies considering LinkChecker.Pro vs RankRanger want to look at their functionality for link building CRM. Let’s dive into it in more detail.

LinkChecker.Pro for link building CRM

While LinkChecker Pro does not offer specifically CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features, it does offer some capabilities that might support such tasks in a link building context:

    • Team Management: You can monitor the performance of your link builders and contractors, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working effectively.
    • Performance Reviews: Project managers can use the tool for performance reviews of link builders and contractors.

Still – if you’re looking for a true CRM for link building and SEO agency client reporting, check out – it includes client and link vendor partnership management features, reporting and robust analytics.

RankRanger for Link Building CRM

RankRanger is a well-rounded SEO tool with various features for link management. However, when it comes to typical link building CRM features, there are some limitations:

  • Link Project ManagementWhile RankRanger does allow for organizing links into campaign profiles and managing multiple users, it does not support grouping links into projects specifically for client reporting.
  • Management of Link-Building PartnersRankRanger’s features do not extend to managing relationships with vendors, link-building partners, or guest posting targets. There is no explicit feature to invite link partners within the platform.
  • Client ReportingAlthough RankRanger can generate backlink tracking reports, it does not offer a dedicated feature for generating reports for clients based on their specific link building projects.

For those seeking a more comprehensive link building CRM tool, offers features such as inviting link partners, managing relationships with vendors and link-building partners, grouping links into projects, and generating client reports.

Better alternative for link building CRM – BacklinkManager

Reporting clients - backlink manager

BacklinkManager pioneers as the first Link Building CRM on the market, providing an efficient platform for managing relationships with clients, freelance link builders, and vendors.

  • Linkbuilding Client Relationship Management: The tool allows users to monitor links built for a specific client and delegate client management to different team members, ensuring effective organization and tracking.
  • Link Vendor & Freelance Link Builder Relationship Management: BacklinkManager simplifies the management of link exchanges and guest posting partnerships, eliminating the need for multiple link exchange sheets and allowing goal setting for each party involved.
  • Chat and Comments: The tool includes a live chat and comments feature, allowing users to communicate directly with link-building partners and vendors on specific partnership and link-building target pages.
  • Link Partnership Scorecard: BacklinkManager’s partnership scorecard automatically tracks the status of link exchanges, providing a clear view of link contributions and enabling users to request owed links directly through the live chat.
  • Link Matchmaking Tool (Coming Soon): BacklinkManager plans to introduce a Link Matchmaking Tool, which will enable users to match with other link builders who offer link exchanges on domains related to their niches.

BacklinkManager, as a full solution for link-building operations, provides more than just CRM functionalities. It equips users with comprehensive tools to monitor links, generate reports, set goals, and share interactive dashboards, making it a powerful asset for effective link-building strategies.

Try BacklinkManager and see how it can help you efficiently manage your link-building relationships with its Link Building CRM feature. The Link Building CRM for Link Partnership Management enables you to keep track of all your link exchange and guest posting partnerships in one place, making it easier to communicate and manage link-building goals with your partners.

Conclusion – which tool is better for your SEO, LinkChecker.Pro or RankRanger?

Hopefully, this post helped you decide whether RankRanger or LinkChecker.Pro is more appropriate for your company. As you can see – both have many upsides and downsides.

Undeniably, BacklinkManager provides a better value for money and is a better choice for a mid-market SEO, especially when it comes to link building and link building CRM.

If you’re interested in finding more book a demo with our team here!