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linkody vs linkbox pro

Thinking whether to go for Linkody vs Choosing the right link building software is critical for SEO agencies these days.

This article is going to dive into the Linkody vs debate and try to answer a key question.

Which is the better tool for link building, as well as other use cases? Which one offers the best value for money, and will be most appropriate for a company of your size, with your resources?

Let’s find out! In the post below, we’ve covered all the common use cases and done an in-depth analysis of the key features of Linkody and – as well as compared it to an alternative solution that may be better in some situations.


    • Linkody and are both popular link building tools with similar features, but there are differences in execution and pricing plans.
    • Linkody offers features such as competitor analysis, backlink profile analysis, disavow tool, 24/7 link tracking, and backlink metrics for effective link building.
    • provides functionalities like anchor list tool, backlink monitor, indexer, intersection module console, campaign and tier management, donor trust analysis, link check, and domain/page trust assessment.
    • As an alternative, BacklinkManager offers comprehensive link-building solutions, including link exchanges, broken link building, guest posting management, link partnerships, link audits, link-building CRM, and link monitoring.
    • BacklinkManager’s CRM features enable efficient management of link-building relationships, client management, chat and comments, partnership scorecard, and goal setting.

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Linkody vs – similarities and differences

Linkody and are both applications for link building, link monitoring, and link building CRM with several areas of overlap. Both Linkody and are popular SEO tools used mostly for link building in SEO agencies. Both products have several similar features.

However, there are several details about the way these particular features are “executed” in both products that may make a substantial difference for the buyer.

They also have very different pricing plans. Let’s look at the details.

Linkody vs for link building – differences

In this section of the article, we’re really going to dig into the nitty-gritty of each area of product functionality. That way, we’ll be able to figure out which tool – Linkody or – is the best option depending on your use case.

Linkody for link building

Linkody link building

Linkody is a comprehensive tool that supports link building activities by providing insights, monitoring capabilities, and strategic tools for better results. It helps you track your link building campaigns, identify competitors’ strategies, and discover potential link building opportunities.

Key Features for Link Building:

  • Competitor Analysis: Discover your competitors’ backlinks, see which pages point to you and your competitors, and use this information to find great link building opportunities.
  • Backlink Profile Analysis: Get a complete view of your backlink profile, see how your backlinks are distributed across important metrics (DA, Spam Score, IP, country, etc.), and compare your profile with your competitors.
  • Disavow Tool: Identify potentially harmful backlinks and quickly generate a disavow file ready to be uploaded to Google, protecting your site’s ranking.
  • 24/7 Link Tracking: Monitor your backlinks and your competitors’ backlinks round the clock, and get notified via email reports about new links or any change of status.
  • Backlink Metrics: Assess links value with a full set of metrics (Moz DA, Spam Score, Google index status, external link count, etc.) to determine the worthiness of a link. for link building is designed as a powerful tool for link building, providing a comprehensive set of features that allow for efficient management and monitoring of backlink campaigns. It offers insights into your link profile and helps to optimize your link building strategies.

  • Anchor List Tool: Allows you to analyze all your backlinks’ anchors in one place, which is key for enhancing your link building strategy.
  • Backlink Monitor: Helps you manage your links more effectively. The tool can monitor backlinks from various sources like Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and more.
  • Indexer: Gives you the ability to add any indexed links to Google within 48 hours. This feature allows you to bypass the waiting time for bots and index your backlinks yourself.
  • Intersection Module Console: Allows you to compare your campaigns with other sources. With this feature, you can see exactly what links competitors see and which ones are visible to search engines.
  • Campaign + tier1 and tier2: Helps you control the first and second level donors, their influence on the website acceptor, and the real PageRank of the page.
  • Donor Trust, DA & PA: Allows for tracking of the quality and credibility of donor pages by several analyzers at once. You can also track social activity and search traffic on the page.
  • Link Check: With this feature, you can check all the links on a page with tags and anchors.
  • Domain / Page Trust: Allows you to check domain trust by Moz, Alexa, Semrush, and Facebook.

Note: While is a comprehensive tool for link building, it might lack some specific features that certain SEO professionals might require, such as direct outreach for link acquisition or certain types of detailed analytics. Always ensure the tool fits your specific needs before opting for it.

Better alternative for link building – BacklinkManager

BacklinkManager is a versatile tool designed to cater to all your link-building needs.

  • Link Exchanges: Users can set their niches and Domain Rating (DR) expectations to find and connect with like-minded link exchange partners automatically.
  • Broken Link Building: With 24/7 link monitoring, BacklinkManager notifies users instantly when a link’s status changes, aiding in efficient broken link building.
  • Guest Posting: BacklinkManager enables users to keep track of guest post opportunities and monitor the links obtained from these efforts.
  • Link Partnerships: This tool facilitates the management of link partnerships, tracking who has built more links, and maintaining clear communication with partners through live chat and comments.
  • Link Audits: With BacklinkManager’s custom reports, users can conduct thorough link audits to ensure the quality of their backlinks.
  • Link Building CRM: BacklinkManager serves as a dedicated CRM for link-building operations, managing relationships with clients, freelance link builders, and vendors.
  • Link Monitoring: BacklinkManager offers comprehensive link monitoring services, including a reliable link crawler, link status notifications, and management of link-building targets, goals, and target groups.

BacklinkManager is more than a CRM—it’s a complete solution for your link-building operation. With its powerful features and tools, you can monitor links, create reports, set goals, and share interactive dashboards to streamline your SEO efforts.

Try BacklinkManager today and elevate your link-building strategy to new heights!

Linkody vs for link monitoring – similarities and differences

In this section of the article, we’re really going to dig into the nitty-gritty of each area of product functionality for link monitoring. That way, we’ll be able to figure out which tool – Linkody or – is the best option depending on your use case.

Linkody for link monitoring

Linkody is a robust backlink monitoring tool that keeps track of your backlinks and your competitors‘ 24/7. It provides you with essential metrics and alerts about new links or any status changes. Here are some features that make it ideal for link monitoring:

  • 24/7 link tracking: Your backlinks and your competitors are monitored round the clock.
  • Email notifications: Receive detailed daily link reports in your inbox, alerting you of new links or any change of status.
  • Powerful link profile analysis: Get a complete view of your backlink profile with in-depth reports on your backlink anchor text and keywords. Compare your profile with your competitors.
  • Quickly assess links’ value: With a full set of metrics (Moz DA, Spam Score, Google index status, external link count), you can easily evaluate the worth of your links.
  • Backlink monitoring: Links are monitored 24/7, and you’ll be quickly alerted of any changes. for link monitoring

LinkBox pro link monitoring is a potent tool for link monitoring, equipped with functionalities that allow users to effectively track, analyze, and manage their backlinks. It offers vital data about the status and performance of your backlinks.

  • Backlink Monitor: This feature streamlines the process of link management. It enables you to monitor backlinks from various sources like Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and more.
  • Indexer: With this feature, you can ensure your indexed links are added to Google within 48 hours, making it easier to track the indexing status of your backlinks.
  • Intersection Module Console: Offers a unique perspective on what’s happening with your campaigns on other platforms. This feature allows you to see exactly what links competitors can see, and which ones are visible for search engines.
  • Link Check: It enables you to check all the links on a page with tags and anchors, ensuring you stay updated about the status of your backlinks.
  • Domain / Page Trust: By leveraging data from Moz, Alexa, Semrush, and Facebook, this feature allows you to check the trust level of the domains/pages where your backlinks are placed.

Note: While provides extensive link monitoring features, it may not support some specific requirements of certain SEO professionals. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the tool fits your particular needs before choosing it.

Better alternative for link monitoring: BacklinkManager.

lost links in backlinkmanager

BacklinkManager provides a powerful platform for seamless link monitoring, offering a range of features to ensure the effectiveness of link-building operations.

  • 24/7 Link Monitoring: BacklinkManager allows users to check the current status of their links (do-follow, no-follow, server not responding) at any time, enabling immediate action in case of mislabeled links.
  • Reliable Link Crawler: The platform uses a reliable crawler for tracking link statuses, eliminating the need for makeshift solutions. It performs a two-factor check on every link to ensure data accuracy.
  • Link Status Notifications: Users receive instant notifications in-app or via email when the status of a link changes, such as when a paid link is removed or a page goes 404. This helps to prevent vendors from unjustly removing links.
  • Linkbuilding Targets, Goals & Target Groups: BacklinkManager allows users to manage their link-building efforts by setting link-building goals for target pages, grouping target pages by various parameters like projects, domains, or clients, and easily monitoring link-building progress and goal completion.
  • Backlink Monitoring by Status: Users can easily switch between their do-follow and no-follow links, and find specific links using the search bar.

As a comprehensive solution for link-building operations, BacklinkManager extends beyond CRM functionalities, offering powerful tools for link monitoring, report generation, goal setting, and interactive dashboard sharing. This complete package of features makes BacklinkManager an ideal choice for professionals seeking efficient link monitoring tools.

Linkody vs for link building CRM – similarities and differences

Finally, most SEO agencies considering Linkody vs want to look at their functionality for link building CRM. Let’s dive into it in more detail.

Linkody for link building CRM

Linkody does not provide specific CRM features, as it doesn’t allow you to manage your link building partnerships and build client dashboards. Instead, it focuses on tools designed to streamline and enhance your link building efforts. From tracking your links to providing insights into your competitors’ strategies, Linkody is a comprehensive solution for managing and monitoring your backlinks, but it’s *not* optimal for agencies looking to organise their client work into project, assign roles and permissions etc to different link builders, and generate reports. for link building CRM

LinkBox pro reporting is primarily known for its backlink checking, monitoring, and indexing capabilities. However, in terms of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for link building, its features are not specifically designed to cater to this need. CRM functionalities typically include managing relationships with link partners, vendors, and guest posting targets, among others.

Here’s what offers:

  • Backlink Monitoring: It allows for the tracking and management of your backlinks, which can indirectly help in keeping tabs on your link partners.
  • Intersection Module Console: This feature provides insights into your campaigns on other platforms, giving you an idea of what links competitors and search engines can see.

However, it’s important to note the following:

  • Link Building CRM: does not have traditional CRM capabilities for link building, such as the ability to invite link partners, manage relationships with vendors and link-building partners, group links into projects, or generate client reports.

For SEO professionals looking for a robust CRM tool for link building, they might need to consider other tools that provide these specific functionalities, such as

Better alternative for link building CRM – BacklinkManager

Reporting clients - backlink manager

BacklinkManager pioneers as the first Link Building CRM on the market, providing an efficient platform for managing relationships with clients, freelance link builders, and vendors.

  • Linkbuilding Client Relationship Management: The tool allows users to monitor links built for a specific client and delegate client management to different team members, ensuring effective organization and tracking.
  • Link Vendor & Freelance Link Builder Relationship Management: BacklinkManager simplifies the management of link exchanges and guest posting partnerships, eliminating the need for multiple link exchange sheets and allowing goal setting for each party involved.
  • Chat and Comments: The tool includes a live chat and comments feature, allowing users to communicate directly with link-building partners and vendors on specific partnership and link-building target pages.
  • Link Partnership Scorecard: BacklinkManager’s partnership scorecard automatically tracks the status of link exchanges, providing a clear view of link contributions and enabling users to request owed links directly through the live chat.
  • Link Matchmaking Tool (Coming Soon): BacklinkManager plans to introduce a Link Matchmaking Tool, which will enable users to match with other link builders who offer link exchanges on domains related to their niches.

BacklinkManager, as a full solution for link-building operations, provides more than just CRM functionalities. It equips users with comprehensive tools to monitor links, generate reports, set goals, and share interactive dashboards, making it a powerful asset for effective link-building strategies.

Try BacklinkManager and see how it can help you efficiently manage your link-building relationships with its Link Building CRM feature. The Link Building CRM for Link Partnership Management enables you to keep track of all your link exchange and guest posting partnerships in one place, making it easier to communicate and manage link-building goals with your partners.

Conclusion – which tool is better for your SEO, Linkody or

Hopefully, this post helped you decide whether or Linkody is more appropriate for your company. As you can see – both have many upsides and downsides.

Undeniably, BacklinkManager provides a better value for money and is a better choice for a mid-market SEO, especially when it comes to link building and link building CRM.

If you’re interested in finding more book a demo with our team here!