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Checking Expired Domain Links Availability

Get ready for a digital treasure hunt!

When a domain goes offline, its links are up for grabs, turning into a goldmine for boosting your online presence.

Snagging these expired domain links can open up new opportunities for growing your website and increasing traffic.

In this article, we’ll show you how to check for expired domain links and the potential benefits of doing so. Let’s dive in!


    • When a domain expires, its links become available for anyone to claim, offering potential SEO benefits.
    • Use tools like Google Sheets, Moz, and Ahrefs to track and evaluate the quality of expired domain links.
    • Check the domain’s history on to avoid spammy or questionable backlinks.
    • Metrics like domain authority and trust flow are crucial for assessing the value of expired domains.
    • Platforms like GoDaddy and Afternic provide access to a variety of expired domains.
    • BacklinkManager helps manage and monitor the status of your backlinks to ensure their effectiveness.
    • Avoid spammy domains by checking metrics and using reliable tools like Majestic Trust Flow and Wayback Machine.

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Checking Expired Domain Links Availability

Individuals can use tools like Google Sheets to track potential expired domain links.

Trust Flow
Trust Flow; Source: Safaridigital

Another option is to rely on a link crawler to find expired domains with traffic and SEO value. Checking the quality of expired domain links is crucial.

  • Metrics to Examine: Domain authority, trust flow, and backlink profile can be assessed using tools such as Moz or Ahrefs.
  • Domain History: Look into the domain history on and check for spam or questionable backlinks.
  • Trustworthy Sources: Use Majestic Trust Flow for valuable domain metrics to assess SEO value.

By following these steps, individuals can effectively evaluate expired domains and acquire powerful domains to improve link building and search engine rankings.

Understanding Expired Domains

Definition and Concept

An expired domain is a domain name that was previously registered but has not been renewed by the owner.

domain lifecycle
Domain Lifecycle; Source:

These domains often have an established link profile, traffic, and SEO value from previous use, making them valuable for businesses and individuals looking to boost their online presence.

  • Tools for Tracking: Use Google Sheets to track domain metrics from reliable link crawlers like Moz or Ahrefs.
  • Important Factors: Consider domain names, DNS status, 301 redirects, and history to ensure the domain is not spam or flagged for pending delete.

Importance of Expired Domains

Expired domains are important for online businesses and marketing as they help boost SEO by utilizing existing links and traffic, improving search engine rankings and authority in the business’s niche.

WebArchive Wayback Machine
  • Tools and Marketplaces: Platforms like Odys Global, Domain Hunter Gatherer, and Wayback Machine offer various expired domains for expanding online presence.
  • Monitoring Metrics: Monitor metrics like Majestic Trust Flow and Moz Domain Authority to ensure that domains with established authority are acquired.

Investing in powerful expired domains is a strategic way to enhance a company’s SEO strategy and online visibility.

Factors to Consider

Domain Authority and Page Authority

Domain Authority and Page Authority are metrics that assess website credibility and ranking potential.

how-is-domain-authority-calculated leadadvisors
How is Domain Authority calculated? Source: LeadAdvisors

Acquiring an expired domain with quality backlinks can boost SEO value and authority in a specific niche.

Link Profile and Backlinks

301 redirect
301 redirect; Source:

When analyzing a website’s link profile and backlinks, consider:

  • Metrics to Check: Domain authority, citation flow, trust flow, and quality of backlinks.
  • Red Flags for Spammy Domains: Spam score, DNS status, and 301 redirects.

Tools like Majestic Trust Flow, Moz, Ahrefs, Wayback Machine, and help in checking expired domains and analyzing their backlinks, providing insights into SEO value and potential traffic.

SEO Metrics: Citation Flow and Trust Flow

SEO professionals use metrics like Citation Flow and Trust Flow to analyze expired domains. These metrics help determine the quality and authority of a domain’s link profile.

Trust Flow and Topical Trust Flow - Majestic
Trust Flow and Topical Trust Flow – Majestic
  • Tools: Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow assist in assessing backlink profiles to measure SEO value.
  • Organizing and Comparing: Use Google Sheets to filter out low-quality domains with harmful backlinks.

Analyzing these metrics helps SEO professionals make informed decisions when acquiring expired domains.

Identifying Spammy Domains

dentifying spammy domains is crucial to avoid negative SEO impacts. Recognizing the red flags of these deceptive websites can save you from potential penalties and wasted efforts.

Signs of a Spammy Domain:

  • Questionable Backlink Profile: A high number of low-quality or irrelevant backlinks.
  • Low Domain Authority: Domains with weak or non-existent authority metrics.
  • Unusual Traffic Patterns: Inconsistent or suspicious spikes in traffic.
Link building report templates and tools: Moz Link Explorer
Moz link explorer overview

To identify spammy domains effectively, you can use a variety of reliable tools:

  • Moz and Ahrefs: Analyze the backlink profile and domain metrics.
  • Majestic Trust Flow: Provides insights into the trustworthiness of the domain.
  • Google Sheets: Organize data from link crawlers to spot anomalies.
  • and Wayback Machine: Verify the history and past use of expired domains.
  • Check Spam Score: High spam scores are a clear indicator of risky domains.
  • DNS Status: Ensure the domain has a clean DNS status.
  • 301 Redirects: Be cautious of domains that frequently use 301 redirects as they might be trying to mask spammy activity.

Popular Domain Tools and Registrars

Domain hunters use various tools to find and assess expired domains:

  • Analytical Tools: Moz, Ahrefs and BacklinkManager for backlinks, domain authority, and citation flow.
  • Marketplaces: GoDaddy, Afternic, and Odys Global for buying and selling expired domains.
  • Evaluation Tools: Majestic Trust Flow and for trustworthiness and history.

This strategic approach boosts search engine rankings and acquires valuable link juice for SEO.

Domain Name Marketplaces and Auctions

Domain name marketplaces and auction platforms offer a variety of expired domains.

godaddy auctions
GoDaddy auctions

Websites like Afternic and GoDaddy have many options with different characteristics like domain authority, page authority, and citation flow.

Using Platforms like Odys Global and SpamZilla

Odys Global website

Platforms like Odys Global and SpamZilla help users find expired domains with high-quality backlink profiles.

  • Features: Integration with Google Sheets, DNS status monitoring, and citation flow analysis.
  • Historical Data: and Wayback Machine help assess domain history and link profile authenticity.

These platforms help users track pending delete domains, monitor spam levels, and find authority sites with link juice potential.

Analyzing Domain Metrics

Evaluating Traffic and Ranking

When evaluating traffic and ranking for expired domains, consider various factors:

  • Tools: Google Sheets and reliable link crawlers to check the backlink profile, citation flow, and domain authority.
  • Metrics from Platforms: Moz, Ahrefs, and Majestic Trust Flow for insights into SEO value and trustworthiness.
  • Historical Data: Review historical data on and Wayback Machine.

Seek powerful expired domains with high-quality backlinks to ensure a strong link juice and authority site.

Understanding Domain Metrics for Quality Assessment

Domain metrics like citation flow, majestic trust flow, domain authority, and page authority are crucial for evaluating expired domains.

  • Verification: Use or Wayback Machine to ensure the domain wasn’t part of a private blog network or involved in spammy activities.
  • Trusted Registrars: GoDaddy or marketplaces like Afternic provide high-quality expired domains with robust backlink profiles.

Verifying Links and Comments

Checking for Authenticity and Spam

what are bad links
What are bad links? Source: Digital School of Marketing

When examining expired domains, it’s essential to verify their authenticity and check for spam indicators.

Organizing data from link crawlers in tools like Google Sheets can help you analyze the domain’s backlinks, flow, and authority. Additionally, investigating the domain’s history using resources like can reveal its previous use and help identify any spammy activities.

Metrics from Moz and Ahrefs are valuable for assessing the domain’s overall quality and legitimacy.

Assessing Comment Section Activity

When assessing comment section activity, consider various important metrics:

Resources for Expired Domain Acquisition

GoDaddy Auctions and other Platforms

When searching for expired domains, reliable link crawlers can help find powerful domains with high-quality backlinks and a strong link profile.

godaddy domain listing
Godaddy domain listing
  • Platforms: GoDaddy Auctions offers access to a variety of expired domain names with valuable SEO metrics like citation flow, domain authority, and trust flow.
  • Tools for Analysis: Metrics from tools such as Moz and Ahrefs ensure the domain has a solid backlink profile and SEO value.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively navigate the process of acquiring expired domains, boosting your SEO efforts, and enhancing your online presence.

Managing Backlinks with BacklinkManager After Checking Availability

Once you’ve checked the availability and quality of expired domain links, managing and monitoring these backlinks is essential to maintain their effectiveness and support your SEO strategy.

Notifaction of link status
Notifaction of link status in BacklinkManager

This is where Backlink Manager becomes an invaluable tool.

Features of BacklinkManager

  • Easy Monitoring: Simplifies the process of tracking link status (do-follow, no-follow, 404) to guarantee their effectiveness.
  • Reliable Checking: Utilizes a robust tool for accurate link examination, providing insights into link placement and performance.
  • Thorough Verification: Verifies links twice, first by inspecting the code and then by visiting the site, ensuring the integrity of each link.
  • Instant Alerts: Provides immediate notifications for any link issues, such as removals, allowing for quick corrective actions.
  • Organized Link Management: Allows users to set goals for specific pages and group links by projects or clients, streamlining the evaluation process.
Pricing structure - BacklinkManager
Pricing structure – BacklinkManager

By using BacklinkManager, you can ensure that your efforts to access and utilize expired domain links are supported by a reliable system, making the process of maintaining and recovering valuable links more efficient and effective.


Expired domain links can provide valuable opportunities for enhancing your online presence and SEO strategy.

By using the right tools and platforms, you can effectively acquire and manage these links to boost your website’s authority and traffic.


What is the process for checking the availability of expired domain links?

Use domain name registrars or online tools like GoDaddy, Namecheap, or to check the availability of expired domain links. Simply enter the domain name into the search bar to see if it is available for purchase.

Are there any tools or websites that can help with checking expired domain link availability?

Yes, there are tools like and DomCop that can help you check the availability of expired domain links. These tools provide a list of available domains, along with metrics like domain authority and backlinks.

How can I determine if an expired domain link is still available for registration?

You can check the availability of an expired domain link by using a domain name registrar or a WHOIS lookup tool. Simply enter the domain name to see if it is available for registration. For example, try using websites like GoDaddy or

What factors should I consider when trying to acquire an expired domain link?

Consider the domain’s backlink profile, relevance to your industry, traffic metrics, and potential for brand authority. Verify if backlinks are high-quality and relevant. Check for spammy links. Evaluate the domain’s history and reputation. Conduct due diligence on the domain’s past content and trustworthiness.

Is it possible to purchase an expired domain link that is no longer available?

No, once a domain link has expired and is no longer available, it cannot be purchased. It may become available for registration again in the future if the current owner does not renew it.