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Building Domain Authority with Expired Links

Don’t believe the naysayers: using expired links in your link-building strategy isn’t a fad—it’s a game-changer. This underrated tactic can significantly boost your domain authority and skyrocket your search engine rankings.

But don’t just jump in without a plan. We’ll guide you step-by-step on how to effectively harness the power of expired links to elevate your online presence and draw more traffic to your site.

Ready to learn the secrets? Let’s dive in!


    • Using expired links in your link-building strategy can significantly boost domain authority and improve search engine rankings.
    • BacklinkManager centralizes the management of your backlinks, ensuring they effectively support your SEO strategy.
    • Expired domains with high citation flow and trust flow attract valuable traffic and enhance your site’s SEO.
    • Redirecting expired domains to your main site can boost branding and search engine rankings.
    • Monitoring expired domains on auction sites secures powerful domains with established link profiles.
    • Calculating Domain Authority involves backlinks, traffic, SEO, and link profiles.
    • Avoiding spam and low-quality links is crucial for maintaining a healthy link profile and SEO value.

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Understanding Domain Authority

Definition and Importance

Domain Authority in SEO means how trustworthy a website is to search engines. It’s important for better search rankings and getting more organic traffic.

Knowing Domain Authority helps site owners get links from trusted sites, making their own site more reliable. By checking links and using expired domains, owners can redirect traffic to their site for more visibility.

domain authority scale
Domain authority scale; Source: iTech India

Getting expired domains with good link profiles from auctions or marketplaces like Odys or Afternic can boost SEO right away.

In short, Domain Authority affects a site’s success by improving search traffic, branding, and overall trust online.

How Domain Authority is Calculated

Calculating Domain Authority involves considering various factors. These include backlinks, expired domains, traffic, SEO, link profile, private blog networks, and powerful domains.

how-is-domain-authority-calculated leadadvisors
How is Domain Authority calculated? Source: LeadAdvisors

Backlinks are crucial for Domain Authority. They help in building links that impact a website’s authority. Metrics like citation flow, majestic trust flow, backlink profile, and can help in monitoring link authority.

Redirecting expired domains to a main site can positively affect Domain Authority if done correctly. Tools like Odys, Afternic, and brand new domain auctions can help acquire powerful expired domains with high authority. This, in turn, can boost a website’s ranking and web traffic.

Exploring Expired Domains for Link Building

Definition of Expired Domains

Expired domains are domain names that were registered but not renewed. They can still be valuable because of their link profile, traffic, and SEO authority.

Unlike active domains, expired domains already have backlink profiles and higher domain authority. This makes them great for building links and improving SEO.

domain life cycle
Domain life cycle; source:

Expired domains can also be used for branding or in a private blog network to redirect traffic.

To assess the value of expired domains, check their backlink profile, citation flow, trust flow, and content using tools like

You can get expired domains through auction sites, dropped domains, or domain registrar auctions. Their authority can boost search engine rankings for a new site.

Benefits of Using Expired Links for Authority

Using expired links for authority building offers numerous benefits for a website:

  • Incorporating expired domain links into your link profile builds more powerful and relevant links.
  • When link crawlers find these expired domains, your overall link profile is enhanced, increasing domain authority.
  • Expired domains with high citation flow and trust flow attract valuable traffic and improve SEO.
  • Redirecting an expired domain to your main site boosts branding and search engine rankings.
  • Monitoring expired domains on auction sites or through domain registrar auctions secures powerful domains with established link profiles.

Finding Opportunities in Expired Links Marketplaces

To identify potential opportunities in expired links marketplaces effectively, one can use a link crawler. The crawler helps search various marketplaces for expired domains with strong backlink profiles. It’s important to focus on domains with high Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow. This ensures the links are relevant and of good quality for building authority.

Trust Flow
Trust Flow; Source: Safaridigital

Monitoring the link profile of expired domains is crucial. This helps in understanding the traffic and SEO value they bring. While exploring these marketplaces, it’s essential to be cautious of potential risks like spam and low-quality links.

One way to mitigate risks is by researching the domain’s history and archived content on sites like Redirecting powerful expired domains to a main site or creating a private blog network can help leverage domain authority. This, in turn, boosts search engine rankings and web traffic.

Premium marketplaces such as ODYS and Afternic offer high-domain-authority sites for purchase. This provides opportunities to establish a new authority site with a strong link profile, which can significantly impact brand new domains.

Avoiding Spam and Low-Quality Links

When thinking about link building strategies, it’s important to watch out for signs of spam or poor-quality links. Examples of these could include links from expired domains, private blog networks, or websites with low domain authority.

To avoid linking to such sites by mistake, website owners should regularly check their links using tools like Majestic Trust Flow or These tools can help assess the quality of backlinks.

what are bad links
What are bad links? Source: Digital School of Marketing

If spammy or low-quality links are found, steps such as using 301 redirects, disavowing links, or contacting webmasters to remove them can be effective.

A good strategy is to focus on getting more links from high-domain-authority sites to enhance the overall link profile and improve search engine rankings.

By staying alert and managing backlink profiles carefully, website owners can preserve the SEO value of their site and attract more organic search traffic.

Strategies to Utilize Expired Domains for Authority

Buying Dropped Domains with High Authority

When thinking about buying dropped domains with high authority, it’s important to look at factors like the backlink profile, citation flow, and majestic trust flow. These metrics give you an idea of the domain’s link quality and relevance.

You should also check the history to see past content and traffic trends. This can help you understand the domain’s potential SEO value.

Monitoring the domain’s traffic and link profile with tools like a link crawler is necessary to make sure it matches your SEO goals.

301 redirect
301 redirect; Source:

Before making a purchase, assess if the domain offers branding benefits, is pending delete, or can be redirected with a 301. These are all important considerations.

Premium marketplaces and domain registrar auctions are good places to find powerful expired domains with strong link profiles.

Strategically building more links and redirecting traffic from these high-authority sites can improve search engine rankings and web traffic for your main or new site.

Using Expired Domains in a Private Blog Network

Using expired domains in a private blog network for authority building can offer significant benefits.

By leveraging powerful expired domains with strong backlink profiles and high Majestic Trust Flow, one can build more links to their main site and improve search engine rankings.

To avoid spam and low-quality links, conduct thorough link monitoring.

What are PBNs? Source:

Utilize reputable tools like to check the history of the expired domain.

Look for domains with clean backlink profiles, high citation flow, and relevant content to redirect effectively to your main site.

Opt for expired domain names from reputable sources like or Odys for enhanced SEO value.

Choosing new domains with an established link profile and multi-factor authentication can help create a new authority site with increased web traffic and brand visibility.

Redirecting Expired Domains to Build Backlinks

Redirecting expired domains to build backlinks offers several strategic advantages for improving your website’s SEO:

  • Enhance Domain Authority: Redirecting expired domains with high authority strengthens your link profile.
  • Boost SEO Rankings: Utilize expired domains with robust citation and trust flow to improve search engine rankings.
  • Increase Traffic: Attract valuable traffic by leveraging the established link profiles of expired domains.
  • Strengthen Branding: Redirecting these domains to your main site can enhance your brand presence.
  • Monitor Auctions: Keep an eye on domain registrar auctions to secure powerful expired domains for your strategy.

Avoiding Penalties and Risks with Godaddy or Spamzilla

Acquiring expired domains from hosting and auction sites like Godaddy or Spamzilla comes with risks. One major risk is getting domains with spammy or low-quality links. These can harm your SEO and website rankings. Such domains might have been penalized by search engines, leading to reduced web traffic and rankings. Buying domains with iffy backlinks from private blog networks can also lead to search engine penalties.

godaddy auctions
GoDaddy auctions

To avoid these risks, research the expired domain thoroughly before buying. Use tools like a link crawler to check the backlink profile. Look at the domain’s history on for spammy content. Analyze metrics like Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow to gauge quality and SEO potential. Also, make sure the domain isn’t pending delete or has a clean history on domain registrar auctions to reduce risks. Invest in powerful expired domains from reputable sources to build more links and boost your site’s authority without risking search engine penalties.

Building Domain Authority with Expired Links Using BacklinkManager

BacklinkManager is a game-changer for building domain authority with expired links.

Real time reporting
Real time reporting in BacklinkManager

This powerful tool centralizes and simplifies the management of all your backlinks, ensuring they contribute effectively to your SEO strategy. Here’s how it helps:

  • Easy Monitoring: Effortlessly track the status of your expired links (do-follow, no-follow, 404) with a reliable link crawler.
  • Reliable Checking: Backlink Manager provides accurate insights into the placement and performance of your expired links through robust and thorough verification.
    • Double Verification: It checks links twice—first by examining the code and then by visiting the site—to ensure they are in good shape.
  • Instant Alerts: Receive immediate notifications if any issues arise with your links, allowing for quick fixes to maintain link integrity.
  • Organized Link Management: Neatly organize your links by setting goals for specific pages and grouping them by projects or clients, streamlining your link-building efforts.
Backlinkmanager pricing
BacklinkManager pricing

With BacklinkManager, you can maximize the SEO benefits of expired domains, boosting your domain authority and enhancing your overall online presence.


Incorporating expired links into your SEO strategy can elevate your online presence and attract more traffic to your site. Using tools like Backlink Manager ensures you maximize the benefits of these powerful links efficiently.


What is domain authority?

Domain authority is a metric that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine results pages. It ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores indicating better rankings potential. To improve domain authority, focus on creating high-quality content, earning backlinks from authoritative websites, and optimizing on-page SEO.

How can expired links help build domain authority?

Expired links can help build domain authority by redirecting them to relevant pages on your site. This can improve overall link equity and increase your site’s visibility in search engines. Regularly monitoring and fixing broken links can enhance your site’s credibility and authority.

What are some strategies for finding expired links?

Some strategies for finding expired links include using tools like Check My Links, reaching out to site owners for updated links, and searching for broken link building opportunities on relevant websites.

Is it important to regularly monitor and update expired links?

Yes, it is important to regularly monitor and update expired links to maintain a good user experience and SEO performance. This can be done through tools like Google Search Console and broken link checkers.

How long does it typically take to see an increase in domain authority using expired links?

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to see an increase in domain authority using expired links. Consistent link building efforts and quality content can help speed up the process.