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    • Discover top apps for finding expired domain links to boost your online presence and drive traffic.
    • These tools make it easy to find and secure valuable expired domains without the hassle of manual searches.
    • Use reliable metrics like Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow to evaluate the quality of expired domains.
    • Implement 301 redirects to effectively transfer link authority and improve your SEO.
    • Consider user-friendly interfaces, pricing options, and accessibility when choosing an app.
    • BacklinkManager simplifies monitoring and managing your backlinks, ensuring consistent SEO effectiveness.
    • Be cautious of expired domains from private blog networks to avoid search engine penalties.

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Benefits of Using Expired Domain Links Apps

Building Authority Sites

Building authority sites is a great way to improve SEO using expired domain links. These domains bring in link authority to boost SEO for your main site.

Majestic trust flow features

When choosing an app for expired domain links, consider factors like the link crawler’s reliability, citation flow, majestic trust flow, and backlink profile quality.

Using expired domain links may come with SEO challenges. There’s the risk of penalties from search engines due to connections with private blog networks or poor backlinks.

It’s important to pick an app that provides accurate and relevant data for SEO, like domain authority, search volume stats, and English dictionary keywords.

Regularly monitor pending delete, dropped domains, and expired domain names using tools like, Wayback Machine, and afternic to successfully build a new authority site.

Improving SEO with Expired Domains

Expired domains can help improve SEO. They can enhance a website’s link profile and increase link juice by building more links.

Trust Flow
Trust Flow; Source: Safaridigital

Using a reliable link crawler is key. It helps find quality expired domains with high Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow, boosting SEO value.

Strategies like 301 redirects can transfer link authority from expired domains to the main site, increasing traffic. But, be cautious of using expired domains from private blog networks. This could lead to search engine penalties.

Make sure the expired domain has a clean backlink profile and no history of spammy networks. Checking its past on and Wayback Machine can offer valuable insights.

Criteria for Choosing an Expired Domain Links App

User Interface and Accessibility

The user interface of the expired domain links app is important for people with disabilities. By adding alt text for images, clear link text, and keyboard accessibility, the app can be easier for everyone to use.

Using high contrast colors, resizable text, and easy navigation menus can also help those with visual or motor impairments.

When it comes to pricing, offering different plans can make the app accessible to more people. Providing discounts for students or non-profits, and a free trial, can help users with different financial situations.

These changes can make the expired domain links app better for everyone.

Pricing and Subscription Options

The subscription options for the expired domain links app have different tiers: basic, standard, and premium plans. Users can choose based on their needs.

The premium plan offers more features like a bigger database of expired domains, a reliable link crawler, and SEO data for building links.

Majestic pricing structure
Majestic pricing structure

When comparing prices with similar apps, consider the quality of expired domains, traffic, and link profile analysis. This app stands out for powerful expired domains with high Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow, detailed backlink profiles, and domain authority.

The pricing reflects the SEO value and link juice potential users get from using the app.

Top Apps for Expired Domain Links

Domain Hunter Gatherer

Domain Hunter Gatherer website

Domain Hunter Gatherer is unique among expired domain link apps. It has a reliable link crawler that helps users find powerful expired domains with quality backlink profiles. By using metrics like Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow, users can identify domains with high SEO value for their link building efforts.

The app also allows users to access historical data from to assess the potential traffic of expired domain names before purchasing. Features like 301 redirects, backorder options, and watchlists are available to streamline the process of obtaining valuable domains for building authority sites.

When it comes to pricing and subscription options, Domain Hunter Gatherer offers competitive rates compared to similar apps. This makes it an affordable choice for those looking to enhance their SEO strategies with expired domains without spending a lot of money.


DomCop website

DomCop has a helpful link crawler for finding expired domains with strong backlink profiles. It looks at metrics like Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow to spot domains with good SEO value. Users can then use tools like to check domain history and authority.

When it comes to pricing, DomCop is competitive with other similar apps, offering a cost-effective solution for finding expired domains. It also has an easy-to-use interface with features like watchlists and domain lists, making it simple to track domains of interest.


When managing expired domain links, one tool that stands out is BacklinkManager. It simplifies the complex task of monitoring and managing backlinks, ensuring that your SEO efforts remain effective and streamlined.

extensive backlink tracking and analysis - backlinkmanager
Backlink Manager link monitoring

BacklinkManager is designed to help you easily keep track of the status of your backlinks, whether they are do-follow, no-follow, or have encountered errors such as 404 pages. By using a reliable link crawler, BacklinkManager offers comprehensive and accurate insights into your backlink profile. Here’s how it integrates seamlessly into the process of managing expired domain links:

  • Easy Monitoring: BacklinkManager makes it straightforward to monitor your links, ensuring they continue to support your SEO strategy effectively.
  • Reliable Checking: This tool provides robust and accurate link examinations, verifying the placement and performance of your links.
  • Thorough Verification: It double-checks your links by analyzing the code and visiting the site, ensuring their integrity.
  • Instant Alerts: Should any issues arise, such as link removals, BacklinkManager sends immediate notifications so you can address the problem quickly.
  • Organized Link Management: The tool allows you to organize your links by setting specific goals for pages and grouping them by projects or clients, making management efficient and orderly.
Backlinkmanager pricing
Backlinkmanager pricing

By incorporating BacklinkManager into your expired domain link strategy, you can ensure that your links are consistently effective and that your SEO goals are met without the hassle of manual tracking and verification. website has a link crawler to find powerful expired domains.

Users can use features like Majestic Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and to build links and boost SEO.

The platform offers domain lists, watchlists, and search volume stats for domain searches. has a vast database of expired domain names, including .app, pending delete, dropped, and brand new domains.

It provides SEO data like Majestic Citation Flow, Yandex SQI, and SEOkicks Domainpop.

This makes it a top choice for those seeking an established link profile for their site or building a new authority site.

Tips for Using Expired Domain Links Apps

Utilize 301 Redirects Effectively

301 redirect
301 redirect; Source:

When working with expired domain links, it’s crucial to use 301 Redirects efficiently for optimal results. Here are some strategies:

  • Use a Reliable Link Crawler: Check the backlink profile of expired domains to maintain the domain’s traffic and SEO value.
  • Consider Key Metrics: Evaluate Majestic Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and Domain Authority to identify strong expired domains that can enhance your main site’s link profile through 301 redirects.
  • Evaluate Domain History: Look into factors like pending delete, dropped domains, and to find valuable domains with established link profiles.

Redirecting these domains to the main site can effectively transfer link juice, boosting your main site’s SEO value and establishing a new authoritative site.

Assess the Value of Expired Domains Carefully

When considering buying expired domains, ensure they align with your SEO goals by assessing their authority and relevance.

WebArchive Wayback Machine

Here’s how:

  • Use Analytical Tools: Utilize Majestic Trust Flow, Majestic Citation Flow, and the Wayback Machine to review the domain’s backlink profile, traffic history, and overall authority.
  • Check for Spam: Inspect the domain’s link profile for spam or low-quality backlinks to avoid negative SEO impacts.
  • Research Domain History: Use to understand the domain’s past content and purpose, providing context for its current value.
  • Avoid Risks: Be cautious of domains from private blog networks or those with messy backlink profiles. Tools like SEOKicks DomainPop can help in thorough domain history research.

By carefully assessing expired domains, you can create more links and establish a robust online presence.

Consider Domain Flipping Opportunities

Domain Flipping
Domain Flipping; Source:

Domain flipping can be a profitable venture if approached strategically:

  • Analyze Domains: Use a reliable link crawler to evaluate expired domains for strong link profiles, citation flow, and Majestic Trust Flow.
  • Evaluate Traffic History: can reveal historical traffic patterns, helping you select powerful expired domains for potential 301 redirects.
  • Focus on .app Domains: These often have authority site potential and can enhance SEO value through link juice.
  • Secure Valuable Domains: Engage with dropped domains via backorders or regfees, and use multi-factor authentication from domain registrars like GoDaddy Expired.
  • Monitor Watchlists: Keep an eye on potential pending delete domains for profitable acquisitions using tools like SEOKicks DomainPop and Majestic Million.

Challenges in SEO with Expired Domain Links

Understanding Google Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Factors
Google Ranking Factors; Source:

SEO professionals must grasp Google ranking factors to effectively use expired domain links:

Dealing with Search Traffic and Penalties

Google guidelines; Source:
Google guidelines; Source:

Businesses can manage search traffic and penalties related to expired domain links by:

  • Building Reliable Links: Focus on acquiring links from trustworthy sources.
  • Monitoring Link Profiles: Regularly check the link profile of expired domains to avoid penalties.
  • Avoiding Risks: Steer clear of domains with questionable backlink profiles from private blog networks.
  • Using Redirects: Setting up 301 redirects from expired domains to new domains can help retain SEO value.

Avoiding Risks of Building a Private Blog Network

What are PBNs? Source:

Building links using expired domain links for a private blog network requires thorough research to avoid risks:

  • Assess Backlink Profiles: Use tools like Majestic Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and to determine the SEO value and authority of expired domains.
  • Avoid Spammy Domains: Steer clear of powerful domains with spammy backlinks or pending delete status.
  • Implement Redirects: A 301 redirect from a powerful expired domain to a new domain can transfer link juice and SEO value.
  • Research Thoroughly: Evaluate the domain authority, link profile, and history of the expired domain to ensure it won’t harm your main site’s SEO.


Website owners should check the availability of expired domain links when looking to acquire new domains. This involves verifying if a specific domain is available for registration after its expiration date. By checking domain availability, owners can find new opportunities to boost their online presence and enhance their brand.


What is the process for checking the availability of expired domain links?

Use domain name registrars or online tools like GoDaddy, Namecheap, or to check the availability of expired domain links. Simply enter the domain name into the search bar to see if it is available for purchase.

Are there any tools or websites that can help with checking expired domain link availability?

Yes, there are tools like and DomCop that can help you check the availability of expired domain links. These tools provide a list of available domains, along with metrics like domain authority and backlinks.

How can I determine if an expired domain link is still available for registration?

You can check the availability of an expired domain link by using a domain name registrar or a WHOIS lookup tool. Simply enter the domain name to see if it is available for registration. For example, try using websites like GoDaddy or

What factors should I consider when trying to acquire an expired domain link?

Consider the domain’s backlink profile, relevance to your industry, traffic metrics, and potential for brand authority. Verify if backlinks are high-quality and relevant. Check for spammy links. Evaluate the domain’s history and reputation. Conduct due diligence on the domain’s past content and trustworthiness.

Is it possible to purchase an expired domain link that is no longer available?

No, once a domain link has expired and is no longer available, it cannot be purchased. It may become available for registration again in the future if the current owner does not renew it.