8 Steps to Access an Expired Link Online7 min read

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8 Steps to Access an Expired Link Online

Ever clicked on a link only to be greeted with a ‘Page Not Found’ message? No worries, we’ve got your back!

Just a few simple steps, and you’ll be back on track in no time, like a pro internet detective.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of accessing an expired link, so you can find the information you need without any hassle.

Let’s dive in and bring those dead links back to life!


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How to Access an Expired Link Online

1. Check the Error Message

Example of a 404 page - Canva
Example of a 404 page – Canva

When you try to open a link that has expired, you’ll see an error message. This message usually includes details like when the link expired and why. The error message might suggest checking the expiration date, asking the account owner for a new link, or getting help from support. Sometimes, there’s a reference number or error code that you can use when contacting the website admin for assistance.

2. Look for Alternative Access Options

If the expired link is inaccessible, there are several options to consider:

  • Explore archived web pages for the content.
  • Request a new link or contact the website administrator for assistance.
  • Check mirror sites or use URL shorteners to access the information.

Additionally, updating the PHP version or adjusting settings in functions.php, .htaccess, or php.ini files can increase link monitoring limits. Seeking support from the account owner or using the share modal to create a new shareable link with a specific level of access is recommended.

3. Use Archived Web Pages


Accessing archived web pages can help you find content that is no longer available online. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Use tools like the Wayback Machine to find archived versions of the page.
  • Website administrators can help by adjusting settings in functions.php, .htaccess, or php.ini files to ensure better access to archived content.
  • Share different options for expired links or fix errors in WordPress to make it easier for users to retrieve files.

4. Request a New Link

When you need a new link because the old one expired, simply request a new shareable link. Provide details about the error if applicable.

Robots.txt file
Robots.txt file; Source: keycdn.com

For urgent access, contact the account owner or seek support for a speedy link recovery. To ensure smooth delivery of the new link via email and proper access, check settings like robots.txt, functions.php, .htaccess, and php.ini.

5. Contact the Website Administrator

If you have trouble with an expired link on a website, talk to the website administrator. They can help you recover files from expired links, update link expiration dates, or assist with accessing content.

Link expiration error in WordPress
Link expiration error in WordPress

If you face a WordPress error about link expiration or sharing, the administrator can troubleshoot and fix it. Share specific details or timestamps about the expired link for faster help.

6. Consider Using a URL Shortener

Using a URL shortener can make link sharing easier and manage link expiration dates, but there are security risks. Shared links could expire before use or be accessed without authorization.

URL shortener;
URL shortener; Source: infoajara.com

To enhance security, update PHP version, implement functions.php or .htaccess files, and adjust php.ini settings if necessary.

7. Check for Mirror Sites

When faced with an expired link, users can check for mirror sites that may provide alternative access options. Verify the legitimacy of these mirror sites, as some may not be secure or maintained properly.

Use link monitoring tools or a link crawler to search for potential mirror sites and ensure security by examining timestamps and link expiration dates.

8. Follow Guidance from the Website Provider

Start by checking the error message for any instructions or contact information.

Reach out to the account owner or website administrator for help recovering the expired link or obtaining a new one. Use any support options available on the website, such as help centers or chat support, to get assistance.

By following the website provider’s guidance, you can efficiently resolve issues related to expired links and regain access to the desired content.

Using BacklinkManager to Handle Expired Links

When dealing with expired links, managing and monitoring your backlinks is crucial to maintaining your SEO strategy. This is where BacklinkManager becomes an invaluable tool.

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Track your backlinks using BacklinkManager.io

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  • Reliable Checking: Utilizes a robust tool for accurate link examination, providing insights into link placement and performance.
  • Thorough Verification: Verifies links twice, first by inspecting the code and then by visiting the site, ensuring the integrity of each link.
  • Instant Alerts: Provides immediate notifications for any link issues, such as removals, allowing for quick corrective actions.
  • Organized Link Management: Allows users to set goals for specific pages and group links by projects or clients, streamlining the evaluation process.
Backlinkmanager pricing
Backlinkmanager pricing

By using BacklinkManager, you can ensure that your efforts to access expired links are supported by a reliable system, making the process of maintaining and recovering valuable links more efficient and effective.


Accessing expired links involves checking error messages, seeking alternatives, and using tools like Backlink Manager to maintain and recover valuable links.

By following these steps, you can effectively handle expired links and ensure continued access to important content.


What should I do if the link I received has expired?

Reach out to the sender for a new link. Check if it was intended to expire or if an error occurred. Double-check your email for any updates or instructions.

Can I still access the content if the link has expired?

Yes, you may still access the content if the link has expired by reaching out to the content provider for a new link or by searching for the content directly on their website.

Is there a way to request for a new link if the current one has expired?

Yes, you can request a new link by contacting the sender and explaining that the current link has expired. They can then generate a new link for you to access the content.

Are there any alternative methods to access the content if the link is no longer valid?

Yes, you can try searching for the content using keywords on a search engine, checking archives like the Wayback Machine, or contacting the original source for a valid link.

How can I prevent links from expiring in the future?

To prevent links from expiring in the future, consider using a URL shortening service like Bitly or TinyURL, which can provide customized links that are less likely to expire. Additionally, set up reminders to regularly check and update any important links before they expire.