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Blogger Outreach Email Templates

Blogger outreach is an effective way to build long-term relationships, increase your website traffic, raise brand awareness, and of course, build backlinks.

This article is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the common mistakes and best practices of blogger outreach.

We will walk through essential topics, such ashow to craft a meaningful and well-structured outreach email, what types of content are most effective, how to engage influencers and how to measure your results.

We also look at 10 blogger outreach email templates that will help you achieve your goals.


  • Blogger outreach is a cost-effective marketing strategy to improve SERP performance, drive website traffic, increase brand exposure, and build long-term relationships.
  • Common mistakes to avoid while using blogger outreach email templates include not personalizing your approach, focusing on quantity over quality, not offering anything of value, and sending poorly written emails.
  • To increase your chances of success, conduct research to identify a select few bloggers with relevant expertise and influence in your niche.
  • Personalize your emails to show you know their work and understand its value. Offering alternative ideas and feedback works well for this purpose.
  • Try building rapport by commenting and engaging on social media. This shows genuine interest in the blogger’s work and can increase the chances of a response when you finally reach out.
  • Offering something valuable in return, such as a guest post or resource page, is a must. It shows the recipient that the relationship may be mutually beneficial.
  • Always edit and proofread the email to make it look professional. Make sure all the links and references are accurate.
  • Avoid pushy behavior, such as sending too many follow-up emails. This can leave the recipient feeling overwhelmed and put off.
  • The choice of the blogger outreach email template you use will depend on your goals. One of the most common goals of blogger outreach is obtaining high-quality backlinks.
  • Start by setting out your objectives, and then pick the right template. Customize it for your business and the recipient.
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What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is a marketing tactic that brands use to promote their products or services.

It’s a kind of influencer marketing and it involves finding influential bloggers, researching them, and getting on their radar.

This could include blog posts, guest posts, or any other type of content used for outreach campaigns.

The ultimate goal here is to create relationships with key influencers in your niche to drive your SEO and marketing goals.

Benefits of Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is an effective way to supercharge content marketing and SEO and connect with your target audience. Here are the key advantages of blogger outreach.

  • Increased visibility and exposure: partnering with bloggers can help you reach a wider audience and increase your brand’s visibility.
  • Higher website traffic: when bloggers write about your brand, they will often include links back to your website, which can help drive traffic to your site.
  • Improved search engine rankings: backlinks from high-quality websites can improve your search engine rankings, which can increase your visibility and drive more traffic to your site.
  • Greater trust and credibility: when an influential blogger endorses your brand or product, it can help build trust and credibility with your target audience.
  • Cost-effective marketing: blogger outreach can be a cost-effective marketing strategy compared to other forms of advertising, such as paid search or social media advertising.
  • Long-term relationships: developing relationships with influential bloggers can lead to long-term partnerships and ongoing promotion of your brand or products.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Blogger Outreach Email Templates

There are a few common mistakes when using blogger outreach email templates that result in poor response rates, wasted time, and failed campaigns.

Let’s check them out.

Focusing on Quantity Over Quality

Focusing on quantity over quality when using blogger outreach email templates is the most common mistake. Especially sending out numerous emails using email outreach software can result in minimal personalization and a lack of research on the bloggers.

This could mean emails that are not targeted to the right audience, miss essential information, and fail to ignite interest or create a connection.

Not Personalizing Your Approach

Personalizing your approach in blogger outreach email templates is important because it helps to get a high-quality response from bloggers, improves response rates, and builds trust.

By sending generic emails, you show your audience that you can’t be bothered to make the effort to get to know them and are not interested in a long-term relationship.

Not Offering Something Valuable First

When using blogger outreach email templates, it’s essential to provide something of value before making a request.

This could be a link to a recently written guest post, a helpful resource page, an already published post or even just fixing a broken link.

Offering something valuable demonstrates genuine interest in their content and long-term cooperation.

Offer something of value first. Source: Ryan Robinson.

Sending poorly written emails

The quality of your quality should be top-notch.

Writing should be clear and concise and the subject line must also be straightforward and succinct as this is often what bloggers will see first.

Poor spelling and grammar make the message look unprofessional and hard to understand.

Using all caps, bolded, or italicized words as these can have the same effect and come across as spammy or insincere.

Tips for Writing Effective Blogger Outreach Emails

How do you write effective blogger outreach emails? Here are a few tips that will help you get better response rates and build sound relationships.

Choose a Small Number of Bloggers

When using blogger outreach email templates, it’s essential to select a few bloggers for targeted outreach efforts.

Doing your research and pinpointing the most likely-to-be receptive contacts in your niche is key. Look for influential bloggers with a large following, active engagement in your field, and successful past campaigns.

Customize your outreach emails

Think of the outreach as a real conversation and make sure that the email is tailored to the person receiving it.

This requires researching the person, their blog, and the topics they typically write about, and relating to them in your emails.

At all costs, avoid fake compliments and disingenuous one-liners. This will make the email seem insincere and hurt your chances of getting a response.

Instead, try to establish a personal connection by using natural language and humor.

Build a Relationship in Comments or on Social Media

Commenting on their blog posts and social media posts are all great ways to build rapport with influential bloggers.

It shows you’ve taken the time to get to know them and create a more personal connection, so when you finally reach out, your emails will have a better chance of success.

Pitch Them Something They Can’t Refuse

When crafting a successful blogger outreach campaign, it’s essential to make a highly targeted ask.

Explain why your product or service is the best fit for the recipient and how it can help them. Include links to recent articles, an about page, and a personalized comment on a blog post.

This will ensure that the recipient understands the value of your offer and is more likely to accept your request.

Make it Worth Their While

Building relationships and providing value are two key components of successful blogger outreach emails.

When reaching out to potential clients, offer something of value – such as a guest post, blog post, or broken link tip-off. Explain how your product or service could help them and why the partnership would be mutually beneficial.

Don’t forget to explain your expertise and value to the recipient’s followers, for example by linking back to previous articles you’ve written. Investing in partnerships while offering something of benefit can create an advantageous situation for both parties involved!

Don’t Offer Money in Your Blogger Outreach Email

When it comes to blogger outreach emails, never offer money for backlinks.

Such an offer can have a long-term negative effect on blog SEO through Google Manual Penalty and damage the company’s reputation. Plus, it may be seen as unethical and put off potential clients or bloggers.

Google Manual Penalty. Source: SearchEngineJournal

Make a Clear (Simple) Request

When crafting an effective blogger outreach email, it’s essential to make a straightforward request.

Be concise and direct when writing an effective blogger outreach email. Clarify its purpose in the opening sentence, provide a link to the content, and explain why it’s valuable.

Keep emails under 500 words with only necessary information. Use SEO terms relevant to what you’re promoting – like “guest post” or “writing style” in the subject lines for guest posts.

Offer Alternative Ideas

When crafting a blogger outreach email, it is essential to provide the recipient with alternative ideas.

Make sure these ideas are unique and valuable to the recipient. Be concise when suggesting alternatives – avoid offering too many at once and keep emails short.

Clearly explain why your product/service is ideal for them by listing features & benefits, providing recent posts links, or offering honest feedback on their work.

Edit and Proofread Your Email

Editing and proofreading your emails is an essential part of the blogger outreach process.

When reaching out to potential clients, it’s important to make sure that your message is free from grammar and spelling errors, as well as unnecessary jargon, acronyms, or abbreviations.

With tools like Grammarly around, there’s simply no excuse here!

Grammarly proof-reading tools. Source: TechCrunch

What’s more, double-check all links and attachments included in the email for accuracy and avoid using the same template for every outreach email – customize them instead!

Don’t Push Your Luck

When it comes to blogger outreach emails, don’t push your luck. Avoid sending too many and asking too much of the recipient. Wait patiently for a response and don’t follow up within 72 hours. Don’t use the same email template for multiple people either.

10 Blogger Email Outreach Templates

These templates are designed to help you generate leads, build relationships, get backlinks and grow your business through effective email outreach.

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Blogger outreach email template # 1 – Free sample

That’s a template you can use to introduce your product and its benefits and offer free samples. Not one, just for the blogger, but also for their audience.

In this way, they get to enjoy the product for free, and you get the attention and feedback you need. Win-win!

Free sample blogger outreach email template. Source: influencermarketinghub.com

Blogger outreach email template # 2 Expert roundup

If the bloggers you’re reaching out to are experts in their niche, you can ask them to share their expert opinions and insights on a topic relevant to your product. This is a bombproof way to add value to your content.

In return, offers them backlinks from your blog post, and job done!

Expert roundup blogger outreach email template. Source: mention.com/en/blog

Blogger outreach email template # 3 Guest post request

The purpose of this kind of email is to get backlinks to your website in the guest post you write for a highly-ranked domain.

If you play your cards well, guest posting is a highly effective way to drive your domain traffic to your domain.

Guest posting blogger outreach email template. Source: quickmail.io

Blogger outreach email template # 4 General collaboration

Establishing a long-term collaboration with influential bloggers is like hitting a jackpot.

To increase your chances, craft a clear and direct subject line. Next, explain why you are writing to them and what you are trying to achieve.

General collaboration blogger outreach email template. Source: metigy.comGeneral collaboration blogger outreach email template. Source: ninjaoutreach.com

Blogger outreach email template # 5 – Backlink building

The mail below is a great example of backlinking outreach. What makes it so go?

  • It starts with a catchy opening.

  • It clearly states the writer’s goal.

  • It explains the benefits for the recipient

  • It is written in a concise yet engaging style.

Backlink building collaboration blogger outreach email template. Source: mangools.com

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Blogger outreach email template # 6 – Long-term collaboration

This is a variation of the template above. While the objective is similar, there are some things to remember when you’re looking for a long-term relationship.

First, this kind of email needs to be more serious. It also should include a clear offer, like an invitation to an affiliate program. Finally, it should also give insights into your business and its current state.

Long-term collaboration blogger outreach email template. Source: infoclutch.com

Blogger outreach email template # 7 – Beta testing

This is a template you can use to invite a blogger to take part in the beta testing of your product.

It briefly introduces the product and highlights benefits benefits for the blogger.

For such an email to work, make sure you personalize it to show how relevant it is to their interests.

Beta testing blogger outreach email template. Source: ninjaoutreach.com

Blogger outreach email template # 8 – Comment request

Use this template to ask the blogger for their expert comment on the topic related to your business.

Make sure to explain why you want to include the insights of the particular person and why it is worth their time to give you one.

Comment request blogger outreach email template. Source: mention.com

Blogger outreach email template # 9 – “We mentioned you”

This template is a fairly easy way to get someone’s attention, introduce them to your business, and get their feedback on your content. This will increase its value.

When using the template, make sure to explain why you’ve referred someone.

'We mentioned you' blogger outreach email template. Source: influencermarketinghub.com

Blogger outreach email template # 10 – Broken link

Broken link outreach templates can be used as a part of your link-building strategy.

Basically, they’re used to identify broken links on other websites in your industry or niche and then reach out to the website owner or webmaster to inform them of the broken link URL and suggest a replacement link to your own content.

Broken link blogger outreach email template. Source: Backlinko.io

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Blogger outreach is a cost-effective way to improve your SERP performance, drive website traffic, increase your brand exposure, and build long-term relationships.

You may want to approach influencer bloggers for different reasons, for example, to offer a guest post or suggest a link exchange. This will affect the choice of the blogger outreach template you use.

If you want to see how BacklinkManager can help you keep track of all the links you earn, book the demo!