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14 is better than 10

Running influencer campaigns to introduce your own brand name to their fanbases is a challenging (and expensive) task. There are a few ways to make this process easier and more streamlined though. Whatever your approach is, the best starting point is solid influencer outreach templates.

In this article, you’ll find 14 templates that will be a great foundation for a complete influencer outreach strategy.

There’s more about email outreach on our blog – we’ve also looked at the best outreach email templates for other occasions.


  • Influencer outreach helps you drive more traffic to your website and get precious backlinks. It also makes your brand more recognizable among the influencer’s audience.
  • Reach out to the right influencers with personalized messages. Check the engagement level and quality of the content of influencers you want to collaborate with. Also, review their past cooperations with other brands.
  • Whenever you reach out to someone, personalize your message. Write clearly and cohesively, keeping your outreach short and sweet. Also, clearly state what you want to achieve and what you offer in return.
  • Use a tool like Backlink Manager to help you measure your results and monitor the links you’ve built.
  • There are types of influencer outreach email templates for different circumstances: increasing brand awareness, guest posting and link building or gaining followers.
  • If your outreach still awaits a response, follow up after a few days. Keep a polite tone, do not be invasive and kindly remind your recipient who you are and what you are trying to achieve.

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    Should you consider using influencer marketing?

Suppose you’ve come a long way from the idea of your product to an MVP, which you constantly improve, and now you’re looking for a way to reach a broader audience. Or you have grown your business organically for the last few months but would like to increase the sales numbers. There are a few things you could go for, and influencer outreach might be one of the potential solutions.

Why would you want to rely on influencer marketing platforms? There are two most important reasons:

  • Firstly, influencers can help drive more traffic to your website and increase sales, as well as build more backlinks (which are a vital part of the vast majority of SEO strategies in 2023).
  • Secondly, their followers will become more familiar with your brand and, as a result, will be more likely to purchase from your business.

How to choose the right influencer for your outreach message?

At the foundation of every influencer marketing campaign lies the choice of the right people to reach out to. What do we mean by that? You need to find influencers who operate in areas which connect naturally with your business niche.

So, if you’ve just come up with a new educational toy for dogs, followers of an influencer who spends a lot of time with their dog are likely to align with your target audience. Choosing the right influencer is only the first step, though.

The following few things to consider are the influencer engagement level, the quality of their content, the social media platform they are most active on and the size of their following. You could measure the first two aspects easily by checking out the past partnership of the influencer in question. Trace how they spoke about the brands they worked with before. Were they highly engaged? Did the narration they choose made sense and was credible?

Next, check all the social media platforms you are interested in. If your investigation leads you to believe that you’ve just found a few relevant influencers, the time will come to make the next move – approach them with a personalized message.

Here’s what you should have in mind.

Best practices for influencer outreach marketing campaign

First and foremost, you have to establish what you would like to achieve by writing an influencer outreach email. There are three most common goals you can aim for.

  1. Outreaching to improve your brand awareness
  2. Outreaching for guest posting and link building
  3. Outreaching for establishing a relationship (which will lead to future collaborations)

Whichever goal you aim for, keep in mind a few rules of thumb. Firstly, personalize the message. Let your recipient feel that you’ve done your homework and that they are contacted by a real person, not a bot who spams emails left and right.

Secondly, keep your message short and sweet — start with picking a straightforward subject line. Don’t forget that almost everyone in the social media business is short on time, and they’re unlikely to read into non-promising emails.

Thirdly, consider what incentives you would like to offer if any. There are many options to choose from free samples of your product, discounts, exclusive experiences etc. Whatever it is, clearly explain what you are offering in exchange for participation.

Lastly, be prepared to measure the results of the upcoming cooperation. The results of your influencer outreach efforts may vary greatly. With the right tool, i.e. Backlink Manager, you will quickly identify what is working and what areas you should improve.

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Types of influencer outreach email templates

After choosing relevant influencers, the next step is to choose the right outreach message. There are various types of influencer outreach messages and email templates you can use to customize your message.

Each type has its purpose, so take a moment to decide which will fit your needs best.

Our choice of 14 influencer outreach templates, grouped by the goals, will help you find your next brand ambassador.

Influencer outreach for increasing brand awareness email templates

Free sample influencer outreach template

Use this template to describe your product, why it’s worth trying, and propose free samples. You can also offer a few free products or additional ones to be given away to the influencer’s audience.

It is a pretty straightforward deal – you offer a free product to be enjoyed by the influencer and their fans. In return, you get the feedback and attention of the influencer’s audience.

Example of a good free product sample influencer outreach email


Giveaway collaboration influencer outreach template

This template is a variation of the one mentioned above. The idea is similar: you reach out via a direct message with a generous offer providing real value to the influencer and their audience.

It’s a significant first step to starting a long-lasting relationship which will often result in more advanced partnerships.

Example of a good giveaway collaboration influencer outreach email


Expert roundup influencer outreach template

Many influencers are experts in their niches, so their opinion is often well respected. You can use it to your advantage by asking relevant influencers to share their insights or an expert opinion on a topic important to your business.

Remember to offer something in return. It can be a backlink from your blog post or inclusion in some more extensive study along with the other respected names.

Example of a good expert roundup influencer outreach email


Expert invitation influencer outreach template

Parties or branded events are natural influencer magnets. It’s hardly surprising; after all, a well-organized party is an excellent opportunity for an influencer to create captivating content for their followers.

Moreover, visiting such parties allows them to promote themselves, network and have fun. For you, such events are an effective way to gather many influencers in one place and simultaneously, which results in solid publicity.

When using this template, emphasize why your event is a place to be, creating a little FOMO vibe.

Example of a good event invitation influencer outreach email


Influencer outreach for guest posting and link building email templates

Guest post influencer outreach template

This type of outreach aims to get links to your website in the guest post published on a highly-ranked domain. Whenever you use this template, remember to explain what and why you would like to be posted.

If done correctly, it’s a highly effective way to get traffic to your domain, but you must remember to track the links you acquire.

To make sure your links are up and work as intended, use BacklinkManager (you can monitor up to 250 for FREE!) and get an instant notification when a link in the guest post you wrote (and often paid for!) has been removed.

Example of a good guest post influencer outreach email


General collaboration offer influencer outreach template

Influencers interested in collaborations are at a premium. To win someone over, you must keep a few things in mind. Start with a clear and direct subject line, then sincerely explain why you are writing to precisely that person and then elaborate on what you are trying to achieve.

Remember to keep the tone of your message non-demanding and always ask for permission before you send any additional materials.

Examples of good general collaboration offer influencer outreach emails


Backlinking influencer outreach template

You are most likely aware of how important backlinks are in building an online presence in 2023. Therefore, this guide would only be complete with an example of a backlink outreach message.

The mail below is an excellent example of such outreach done right. It has a catchy opening; it clearly states the author’s goal and presents what’s in it for the recipient – everything is written in a concise, conversational and not dull way.

Example of a good backlinking influencer outreach email


Long-term collaboration influencer outreach template

It’s a template to choose whenever you are trying to build a long-term relationship. Unlike the one above, this message should be written on a more serious note.

Whenever you’re reaching out to potential influencers, with longer cooperation in mind, make clear what’s your offer (i.e. compensations or invitation affiliate program) and what’s the current stage of your business. A cohesive message will save you time and improve the chances of your proposal being read.

Example of a good long-term collaboration influencer outreach email


Influencer outreach for feedback email templates

Sneak peek influencer outreach template

Many people like to have their voice heard and probably even more love to be treated specially. This template is excellent at doing both of these things at once.

Whenever you’re using it, focus on presenting the value of your proposal and explaining why you’ve picked precisely the person you’re writing to. The more personalized your outreach message will be, the better.

Example of a good sneak peek influencer outreach email


Comment request influencer outreach template

The idea here is similar. You’re asking your recipient to provide their expert comment on the topic relevant to your business.

Emphasize why you would like to include the insight of the particular influencer and explain why it is worth their time to give you one.

Example of a good comment request influencer outreach email


Asking for a review/opinion influencer outreach template

It’s a similar case to the first template we’ve used here. A positive review of your product is priceless, but first, you have to offer to send it to a recipient politely. Providing some additional copies for the influencer’s audience won’t hurt too.

Example of a good asking for a review/opinion infleuencer outreach email

Influencer outreach for gaining followers email templates

“We mentioned you” influencer outreach template

Writing influencer outreach emails about you mentioning them is a nifty little trick to get someone’s attention and introduce them to your brand. Whenever you use this email template again, remember to politely explain why you’ve referred to someone in the first place.

Also, whenever you ask for feedback, do not demand it; kindly ask for their opinion, explaining why it’s so valuable.

Example of a good “we mentioned you” influencer outreach template


Social media challenge influencer outreach template

Social media platforms are an ideal place to run various challenges. The participation of influencers only spices things up for both the organizer and other participants.

Use this template to present your idea as a way to engage the influencer’s audience, expand their brand, and interact with other audiences similar to theirs.

Example of a good social media challenge influencer outreach email

Subject Line: {Influencer Name}, Let’s Talk About the {Social Media Challenge}

Dear {Influencer Name},

I’m writing to introduce you to an exciting new social media challenge that we are launching, and I think your audience would love it.

The {Social Media Challenge} is a great way to get your followers involved and engaged with your brand. It’s an easy way to add some fun and creativity to your other social media posts and accounts. Plus, it’s a great way to grow your followers and build your brand.

We’d love for you to be a part of this challenge and help us spread the word.

If you’re interested in learning more about the {Social Media Challenge}, please let me know. I’m excited to discuss the details with you.

Thank you for your time,

{Your Name}

No response to your influencer email outreach? Follow up!

These days, even micro-influencers receive dozens of messages daily, so it’s possible that your initial outreach message got lost among many other emails. If you did not receive an answer, following up is a good idea.

Remember about a few rules, though. It should go without saying, but remember to be polite, as a demanding tone will never translate into a fruitful influencer campaign.

Also, do not be invasive – wait at least two days before reaching out again. When you finally do so, kindly remind what your inquiry was about and explain why you are contacting them again.

In the end, thank forward to hearing them for their time, as it’s a very nice touch showing your respect.

Example of a good follow up influencer outreach email


How to measure the effects of your influencer email outreach?

Backlink Manager

Even the best outreach strategy won’t be complete without the tool to measure its effectiveness. Backlink Manager allows you to track your links with an automated link monitoring system with status updates, notifying you when a link you paid for has been removed or the page is down.

Moreover, Backlink Manager allows you to manage your relationships with the influencers you acquired in the process of your influencer email outreach, which makes tracking your goal progress easier.

backlink manager partnerships


Ahrefs is ab SEO tool with its own search engine. It has quite a few SEO functionalities, including: tracking your number of backlinks against your competitors, doing keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking and site audits.


Hopefully, the templates we’ve prepared should be more than enough to improve your influencer outreach. Whatever your take on this task is, remember to customize your messages to fit the needs of your business nature. It will help you target your brand’s target audience more effectively.

Test which templates fit your digital marketing and strategy best, and don’t get discouraged easily. It takes time to perfect your outreach performance, but if you track your results, they will get significantly better.

When you’re done, remember to track your progress with a proper tool – like Backlink Manager. Want to get started with Backlink Manager? Go to https://app.backlinkmanager.io/signup and see how you can easily manage the outcomes of your PR email outreach.