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Kevin Indig

Kevin Indig is a former head of SEO at Shopify and a renowned expert in SEO and digital marketing. He has worked as a Growth Advisor, particularly for Venture/PE-backed companies. With a rich history of propelling organic growth for high-profile companies and a dynamic presence in the digital marketing community, Kevin’s expertise is sought after by startups and established companies alike. Let’s dive deeper into his professional world and the unique value he brings to the table.


  • Kevin Indig specializes in Organic Growth for Venture/PE-backed companies.
  • He has played pivotal roles in companies like Shopify, G2, and Atlassian.
  • Kevin offers services including advisory, coaching, and workshops focused on SEO and growth strategies.
  • His client portfolio includes Nextdoor, EzLicence, Ramp, and Bounce, with testimonials praising his strategic impact and technical SEO knowledge.
  • Creator of the Growth Memo newsletter and co-host of the Contrarian Marketing podcast.
  • For collaboration inquiries, Kevin encourages direct contact to discuss potential engagements.
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Who is Kevin Indig?

Kevin Indig

Kevin Indig has emerged as a trusted Growth Advisor, leveraging his deep expertise in organic growth to aid Venture and PE-backed companies in scaling their operations. His approach combines technical SEO mastery with strategic foresight, enabling companies to navigate the complexities of digital marketing successfully. Kevin’s work spans across advising, coaching, and conducting workshops, all aimed at unlocking the organic growth potential of his clients.

What does Kevin Indig do?

Kevin’s specialty lies in Organic Growth, a critical area for companies looking to expand their reach without relying solely on paid advertising. Through his advisory services, he helps companies realign their SEO strategies, uncover the core elements responsible for stagnant growth, and kickstart effective SEO efforts. His coaching extends to guiding teams through website audits, content experiments, and the hiring and onboarding of SEO leadership.

Kevin Indig’s work experience

With a background that includes growth leadership roles at Shopify, G2, and Atlassian, Kevin brings a wealth of experience to his advisory work. His client portfolio boasts significant successes, such as ramping up SEO strategies for Nextdoor, uncovering growth elements for EzLicence, defining SEO strategies for Ramp, and solving SEO challenges for Bounce. His hands-on approach and deep technical knowledge have made him an invaluable asset to these teams.

Specializations of Kevin Indig

Kevin’s expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of digital marketing, with a particular focus on SEO, growth strategies, and product-led growth. He is the author of the Growth Memo, a newsletter with over 11,000 subscribers, and co-hosts the Contrarian Marketing podcast, where he shares insights into unconventional marketing strategies. His international speaking engagements further attest to his thought leadership in the field.

Kevin Indig’s pricing

While specific pricing details for Kevin’s services are not publicly disclosed, he encourages potential clients to reach out directly to discuss how he can tailor his advisory, coaching, and workshop offerings to meet their unique needs.

Opinions about Kevin Indig

Kevin Indig testimonials

Testimonials from clients like Damien Beard of Nextdoor, Amanda Butler of EzLicence, Sri Batchu of Ramp, and Nikita Frampton of Bounce highlight Kevin’s strategic impact, deep technical SEO knowledge, and ability to realign and kickstart effective growth strategies. His contributions have been pivotal in defining and executing growth strategies that translate into measurable success.

Kevin Indig stands out as a growth advisor who combines technical SEO expertise with strategic foresight, making him a sought-after partner for companies aiming to achieve sustainable organic growth. His contributions to the digital marketing community, through his newsletter, podcast, and speaking engagements, continue to inspire and educate marketers around the globe. For those looking to work with Kevin, reaching out directly is the best step forward to unlocking the potential of organic growth for your company.