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Have you ever thought about what makes a great guest post?

In this article, we’ll look at some excellent examples that show how effective guest posting works.

From interesting content to smart placements, these examples prove how guest posting can have a big impact. Whether you’re experienced or new to this, there are lessons to take away from these successful guest posts.

Let’s explore and see what makes them stand out!

Guest posting examples

Leo Widrich’s guest post on Buffer shared email list optimization tips, leading to increased signups. John Jantsch’s post on HelpScout showcased his business relationship expertise, boosting traffic and reputation. These examples attracted a wide audience, establishing credibility in their niches. Conducting research on guest post prospects helps identify valuable opportunities.

Collaborating with influencers and high-authority blogs enhances guest posting success with quality backlinks and social media exposure. Strategic guest blogging with industry experts can kickstart SEO and traffic growth for businesses.

Benefits of guest posting

Increased website traffic

Guest posting is a great way to boost website traffic. It works by sharing quality posts on related blogs with backlinks. This can improve SEO and attract more visitors. Using Google Sheets can help track the success of these posts. Guest posting on blogs with a strong social media presence can also drive traffic through shares. Building relationships with influencers and doing research can help find the right guest post opportunities.

Following advice from experts like Leo Widrich and John Jantsch can also be helpful. By optimizing guest posts, businesses can see benefits like more signups and improved reputation.

Build authority and credibility

Guest posting means writing and sharing articles on other blogs to show expertise and build trust with the audience. It’s a way for businesses to connect with influencers and gain credibility in their industry.

Including links back to the business website in these posts can boost website traffic and improve SEO.

To make the most of guest posting, it’s important to find reputable blogs that match the brand’s niche.

Checking the quality of these blogs and the type of links they allow (nofollow or follow) is crucial.

Businesses can also benefit from strategies like building relationships, optimizing for social media, and sharing valuable tips to engage readers.

Marketers like Leo Widrich and John Jantsch have shown how guest posting can help a business grow by increasing signups and email list growth.

Enhance SEO efforts

Guest posting is a great way to boost SEO efforts. It involves creating quality content with backlinks to the business website. By guest posting on relevant blogs, you can enhance the website’s authority score and drive more traffic.

To optimize guest posts for search engine ranking, it’s important to:

  • Research and choose guest post prospects carefully.
  • Create valuable content with relevant keywords.
  • Set links to a nofollow status to comply with Google’s guidelines.

Guest posting is crucial for increasing website visibility and improving search engine rankings, allowing businesses to reach a larger audience in their niche. By building relationships with influencers and bloggers, new guest post opportunities can be unlocked, harnessing the benefits of content marketing.

Following tips from successful marketers like Leo Widrich and John Jantsch can kickstart guest posting success, leading to more signups and a better reputation in the online community.

Guest posting strategy

Identify high-quality blogs for guest posts

When identifying high-quality blogs for guest posting:

  • Assess various factors to ensure success in link building and boosting SEO.
  • Check link status using tools like Google Sheets to gauge authority and credibility.
  • Evaluate traffic sources and audience engagement to determine potential reach.
  • Understand the difference between nofollow and follow links for SEO optimization.
  • Examine the quality of previous articles and guest posts for insights into expertise.
  • Consider niche or industry relevance for targeting the right audience and maximizing benefits.
  • Look for guest post opportunities on blogs of influencers like Leo Widrich or John Jantsch.
  • Conduct thorough research and blogger outreach to build valuable relationships.
  • Implement tactics like optimizing content and leveraging social media for better results.

Craft engaging and relevant content

Crafting engaging and relevant content for guest posting involves several strategies.

To ensure content resonates with the target audience:

  • Conduct thorough research on the blog’s niche, audience, and social media presence.
  • Use tools like Google Sheets to track link status and authority scores to identify valuable guest post opportunities.
  • Implement SEO tactics such as optimizing guest posts with relevant keywords, backlinks, and nofollow links to improve search engine rankings.

Building relationships with influential bloggers through blogger outreach and email lists can lead to guest post prospects that benefit both parties.

Leveraging the expertise of industry influencers like Leo Widrich and John Jantsch can provide valuable tips for crafting quality guest posts that result in increased signups and business success.

By conducting due diligence and prioritizing valuable relationships over excessive sponsored content, bloggers can enhance their reputation and achieve success in content marketing.

Following these tactics can help bloggers create impactful guest posts that provide an initial push for increased visibility and engagement within their target audience.

Build relationships with blog owners

Building relationships with blog owners can greatly enhance the success of guest posting efforts.

By establishing a rapport with blog owners, individuals can increase the likelihood of having their guest posts published on reputable blogs with high authority scores.

This not only helps in link building for SEO purposes but also drives more traffic to their website.

When blog owners see the value in the content being provided, they are more likely to allow a follow link, boosting the brand’s online reputation and authority.

Strategies include conducting thorough research on potential guest post prospects, engaging with them on social media, and providing valuable content that resonates with their target audience.

Examples from successful guest bloggers like Leo Widrich from Buffer and John Jantsch from HelpScout show how nurturing relationships with blog owners can lead to signups, increased visibility, and ultimately, business success.

Consistently delivering quality articles that add value to the blog owner’s niche can establish a mutually beneficial relationship that goes beyond excessive sponsored content.

Successful guest posting examples

Danny Iny’s guest posts on various platforms

Danny Iny website

Danny Iny has shared his insights on platforms like Buffer blog, SEMrush blog, and HelpScout blog. These posts have helped establish him as an expert in guest blogging, SEO, and content marketing.

His focus on quality articles offering valuable tips attracts a niche audience, driving traffic to his blog and business.

Danny’s strategic guest posting approach includes thorough research on prospects and blogger outreach, resulting in strong backlinks and increased authority.

For instance, his post on the Buffer blog expanded his audience and boosted his reputation.

By forming connections with influencers and businesses through guest posts, Danny has seen tangible benefits such as increased signups and improved optimization.

His expertise in guest posting and content marketing, demonstrated on platforms like Buffer blog and SEMrush blog, highlights the value of this tactic for marketers seeking to enhance their online presence.

Buffer blog, SEMrush blog, HelpScout blog

HelpScout websiteSEMrush website

Guest posting on reputable blogs like Buffer, SEMrush, and HelpScout can greatly benefit businesses. It can increase website traffic and boost credibility and authority in the industry.

Creating high-quality guest posts with valuable tips on SEO or content marketing is key. This can attract a niche audience and possibly gain backlinks to the business website.

Researching the blog’s audience and optimizing the content is important for best results. Building relationships with blog owners like Buffer’s Leo Widrich or HelpScout’s John Jantsch can provide an initial push.

Strategies such as blogger outreach, contentellect, and email list building can further optimize guest post opportunities. This ensures that content is seen by influencers and marketers on social media platforms.

By conducting due diligence and maintaining a reputation for creating valuable content, businesses can benefit from guest posting on influential blogs.

Freddy Krueger’s impactful guest posts

Freddy Krueger’s guest posts had a big impact. They boosted email signups and website visits. This shows the power of strategic guest blogging. Freddy included quality content, expert advice, and a compelling hook in his articles. This helped to capture the interest of both the audience and search engines.

He did meticulous research and blogger outreach. This led to guest post opportunities on high-authority blogs. It ensured a valuable backlink profile and increased visibility. Freddy also used social media and email lists to maximize the reach of his posts. This helped to drive traffic and strengthen his brand’s reputation.

Freddy strategically implemented nofollow links in his guest posts. This balanced SEO optimization with audience engagement. By following tactics from industry influencers like Leo Widrich and John Jantsch, Freddy effectively used guest posting. It helped him achieve initial momentum and long-term success in his content marketing strategy.

Increase in email subscribers and website traffic

Businesses can increase email subscribers and website traffic simultaneously through guest posting.

Creating quality articles on authoritative blogs in the niche helps build backlinks, improve SEO, and attract a new audience to the website.

Guest posts with a link to a landing page offering something valuable (like a free ebook) can entice readers to sign up for the email list, boosting subscribers.

Guest posting also provides exposure to a broader audience and enhances the brand’s authority.

Marketers like Leo Widrich and John Jantsch have successfully grown email lists using guest posting.

Conducting research for guest post opportunities and targeting influencers can drive website traffic and email signups.

Building relationships with other bloggers through guest posting can yield initial results and long-term success in traffic and email subscriptions.

Gregory Ciotti’s guest posting success

Gregory Ciotti found success in guest posting by following a few key strategies.

  1. He focused on producing high-quality articles that resonated with his audience.
  2. By doing this, he built his brand and expertise in his niche.
  3. Ciotti also spent time on meticulous research to identify the right blogs and influencers for guest posting.
  4. This led to valuable relationships and increased traffic to his site.
  5. He made sure to optimize his guest posts for SEO by utilizing tactics like link building and tracking link status in Google Sheets.
  6. Ciotti understood that guest posting was not just about driving traffic but also about enhancing his reputation and authority in the industry.
  7. To achieve this, he avoided excessive self-promotion and sponsored content, focusing instead on providing valuable tips and insights to readers.
  8. His guest posts on platforms like HelpScout and Buffer gave him a significant boost and helped him reach a wider audience through social media and email lists.

Establishing authority in the industry

Guest posting is a great way to show expertise and get backlinks. When you write high-quality articles for popular blogs, you can attract more visitors, improve your SEO, and boost your authority.

It also helps you connect with a specific audience, enhance your brand, and network with influencers. To get the best results, make sure your content is valuable, visible in searches, and build relationships with other bloggers.

Research your guest post options, check their link status, and avoid being too salesy. Examples like Leo Widrich from Buffer and John Jantsch from HelpScout show the benefits of guest posting. They gained more followers and shares.

By following these tips, businesses can establish authority, increase their online presence, and succeed.

Future of guest posting in 2023

Emerging trends and strategies

Emerging trends in guest posting include focusing on the quality of guest posts, rather than just the quantity. Marketers are now looking to create valuable and informative articles that position their brand as an authority in their niche.

Additionally, building relationships with influencers and bloggers for guest post opportunities is becoming a popular tactic for businesses. When it comes to successful business growth, guest posts play a vital role in driving traffic, improving SEO, and increasing authority. By strategically placing backlinks within guest posts and ensuring they have a nofollow or sponsored link status, businesses can boost their authority score and reach a wider audience. Leveraging social media, email lists, and optimizing guest posts for search engines are key strategies for maximizing the benefits of guest posting.

Examples of successful guest posting include Leo Widrich from Buffer, who used guest blogging to grow Buffer’s initial push, and John Jantsch from Contentellect, who built relationships with bloggers to expand his reach and reputation. Conducting due diligence and research on guest post prospects, as well as consistently providing valuable content, are excessive but necessary steps for achieving positive results in guest posting.

Importance of guest posts in business growth

Guest posting is a great strategy for businesses to grow online. This involves creating high-quality articles and reaching out to relevant blogs.

By doing this, businesses can build relationships with influencers and reach new audiences. Guest posts linking back to the business’s website can also boost SEO.

Successful examples from Leo Widrich and John Jantsch show how this tactic can increase signups and social media shares.

By researching guest post opportunities and creating engaging content, businesses can see results like increased traffic and lead generation.

Guest posting helps businesses improve their reputation and online presence for success in the digital world.

Expert opinions on guest posting

Insights from John Jantsch

John Jantsch talks about the benefits of guest posting. He says it helps with traffic, SEO, and brand authority.

He emphasizes the need for good quality guest posts. Also, using nofollow links is crucial to maintain credibility.

To get the best results in guest blogging, businesses should build relationships with influencers. They should also research guest post prospects thoroughly.

Jantsch suggests choosing guest post opportunities that fit the brand’s niche and target audience. Using social media and email lists can help expand the reach of guest posts.

In 2023, guest posting may focus more on providing valuable content and fewer excessive posts. Content marketing and useful tips will be a priority.

Jantsch’s advice aims to help businesses optimize their guest posts and build authority. This guidance can lead to success in the evolving world of guest blogging.

Key takeaways

The article shows examples of successful guest posts. It highlights engaging content, relevant topics, and effective formatting.

These examples can inspire those wanting to boost their guest posting strategies and online presence.


What are some characteristics of great guest posting examples?

Great guest posting examples are relevant to the target audience, provide valuable insights, have an engaging tone, include visual elements, and are properly formatted for readability. Good examples include posts on industry-leading blogs like HubSpot, Moz, and Forbes.

Can you provide some examples of successful guest posts?

Yes, successful guest posts include “How to Increase Website Traffic by 200% in 30 Days” on Neil Patel’s blog and “10 Strategies for Boosting Your Social Media Engagement” on Buffer’s blog.

How can I improve my guest posting skills?

To improve your guest posting skills, study successful guest posts in your niche, research trending topics, personalize pitches to each publication, follow submission guidelines, provide valuable content, and engage with readers in the comments section.

What should I look for in a great guest post?

Look for a guest post that is well-written, provides valuable information, is relevant to your audience, includes high-quality images or multimedia, and includes a call to action for readers.

Are there any specific strategies for creating effective guest posts?

Yes, some strategies for creating effective guest posts include understanding the target audience, providing valuable content, and incorporating high-quality visuals. For example, conducting research on popular topics within the niche and collaborating with influencers can help enhance the effectiveness of guest posts.