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Ever wondered how much guest bloggers can earn? You’re not alone! Let’s explore the world of guest blogging and the different ways bloggers can make money. From sponsored posts to affiliate marketing, guest bloggers have various opportunities to earn. Keep reading to discover the truth about guest bloggers’ earnings.

Guest Bloggers’ Earnings Overview

How much do guest bloggers get paid?

Guest bloggers can earn different pay rates based on their writing quality. High-quality writers who create engaging, well-researched posts usually charge more.

Factors like experience, writing skills, and the ability to match content to a brand and audience affect payment negotiations.

Content relevance is crucial too. Posts on popular or niche topics like personal finance or social media trends often receive higher pay due to their ability to attract traffic and engage readers.

Freelance writers’ income in blogging fluctuates depending on service quality and demand for specific topics like personal finance or content marketing.

Popular Paying Sites for Guest Bloggers

When looking to earn money from guest blogging, writers can explore popular paying sites. These sites cater to different niches like personal finance, crafting, parenting, and lifestyle.

Some well-known platforms that pay guest bloggers include:

  • Elite Personal Finance
  • Penny Hoarder
  • Refinery 29
  • Yummy Mummy Club (for moms)
  • Sites focusing on crafts and knitting patterns

To find opportunities on these platforms, guest bloggers can pitch their writing skills directly to blog writing clients in need of content. By understanding the target audience, following guest post guidelines, and providing valuable content like personal stories, advice, and writing tips, writers can secure assignments on these paid sites.

Using SEO, social media, and personal connections can also help writers find paid opportunities in the competitive field of freelance writing for business and personal finance blogs.

Elite Personal Finance

Guest bloggers on Elite Personal Finance can earn money by writing for various clients. Clients include personal finance blogs, business blogs, and crafting websites.

Factors that influence pay rates include:

  • The type of content requested
  • The client’s budget
  • The writer’s expertise in areas like SEO, social media, and content marketing.

To maximize earnings, guest bloggers can:

  • Focus on writing assignments that align with their expertise
  • Such as personal finance advice, creative tutorials, or list posts.

Building strong relationships with blog writing clients, improving writing skills, and staying up-to-date on industry trends can lead to higher pay rates.

By providing valuable and engaging content tailored to the brand and audience, freelance writers can increase their income. They can also secure long-term writing jobs on platforms like Elite Personal Finance.

Freelance Mom

Freelance Mom website

Freelance Mom can earn money by guest blogging on different websites. The amount she earns depends on factors like the topic, writing abilities, and experience level.

Some websites that pay Freelance Mom for guest blogging are Penny Hoarder, Refinery 29, Yummy Mummy Club, and Elite Personal Finance.

Factors affecting pay rates include the type of content (lists, stories, tutorials), the blog’s audience, and the required expertise (SEO, social media, design).

By demonstrating strong writing skills and expertise in areas like personal finance or social media, Freelance Mom can get higher-paying assignments on business or finance blogs.

Staying updated on industry trends, following writing tips, and producing quality content are important for making money as a freelance writer in blogging and content marketing.


Knitty website

Guest bloggers on Knitty are compensated based on factors like content quality, demand for writing skills, and client requirements.

To increase earnings, bloggers can cater to a niche audience, offer valuable advice or stories, use SEO techniques, and create tutorials or lists.

Pay rates are influenced by the writer’s experience, assignment complexity, target audience, writing frequency, and demand in fields like personal finance or crafts.

By improving writing skills, understanding brand and audience needs, and staying updated on content trends, writers can earn well on platforms like Knitty.

List Verse

List Verse website

Guest bloggers on List Verse can earn different amounts based on the complexity and length of their submissions.

List Verse provides competitive rates compared to other popular paying sites. They cover various topics like finance, knitting, mom life, and social media.

Freelance writers looking for blog writing jobs can use their skills to make money. They can submit list posts, personal stories, and advice articles that match List Verse’s audience.

To earn more, writers should focus on creating valuable content with insights and data. They should also follow List Verse’s guidelines by writing tutorials and staying updated on trends.

By using SEO strategies and delivering quality content, guest bloggers can attract clients and get higher-paying assignments.

The Penny Hoarder

Guest bloggers can earn different amounts at The Penny Hoarder. These amounts depend on factors like writing skills, content type, and audience.

Refinery 29 and Yummy Mummy Club are other sites that pay guest bloggers. They offer opportunities for making money through writing.

The Penny Hoarder appreciates guest posts with personal stories, writing tips, and advice on finance, money-making, and crafts like knitting. Pay rates can vary based on the writer’s experience, content complexity, and audience reach.

Apart from The Penny Hoarder, freelance writers can find opportunities on personal finance blogs like Elite Personal Finance. Writers can earn by sharing their expertise on topics like SEO, social media, and graphic design in the realms of finance and crafting.


Priceonomics website

Guest bloggers can earn money by writing for various platforms. Some well-known sites that pay guest bloggers include Priceonomics, Refinery 29, The Penny Hoarder, and Yummy Mummy Club.

Factors influencing pay rates for guest bloggers include the type of content, target audience, and the writer’s experience and skills. For instance, blogging about personal finance on platforms like Elite Personal Finance generally pays more than blogs on crafting or knitting patterns.

To increase chances of securing higher-paying writing jobs, freelancers should have strong writing skills and knowledge of SEO and content marketing. Platforms like Priceonomics may offer extra incentives for guest bloggers who provide valuable advice, personal stories, or creative tutorials that resonate with the audience.

Whether you’re a mom blogger, cat lover, or millennial seeking to monetize your expertise, exploring writing opportunities on platforms like Priceonomics could be a rewarding endeavor.


Guest bloggers on Pxleyes can earn different amounts based on the type of content they create. Rates can vary from a few dollars to potentially hundreds of dollars per blog post. Factors influencing pay include the post topic, required expertise level, post length, and target clientele of the blog.

Pxleyes may not pay as much as other popular guest blogging sites like Penny Hoarder or Refinery 29, but it still provides a platform for writers to earn money through their writing skills. For those interested in personal finance, knitting patterns, or social media, Pxleyes offers opportunities to earn through blog writing assignments.

By focusing on a specific niche or target audience, guest bloggers can potentially earn higher pay rates on Pxleyes compared to more general sites. Writers aiming for a steady freelance income should consider the content type, target audience, and expertise level when selecting blog writing clients.

Other Potential Earning Opportunities for Freelancers

Freelancers can explore various earning opportunities beyond guest blogging. Writers can take on tasks such as creating blog posts, sharing personal stories, or providing writing services to clients.

For those with a finance background, personal finance blogs can be a lucrative avenue to offer advice and money-making tips.

Craft enthusiasts can sell knitting patterns or tutorials to monetize their skills.

Social media experts can create list posts or social media content for businesses.

By diversifying their writing skills across different niches like fashion, personal finance, or cat-related content, freelancers can increase their income potential.

In the end, freelancers can use their writing abilities to reach a wide audience through various platforms and assignments, ensuring a steady income flow from different sources.

Blog Writing Services

Clients looking for blog writing services have many options available. These may include guest posts, list posts, personal stories, or advice columns. Freelance writers can cover various niches such as personal finance, knitting patterns, social media, crafts, or topics for cat lovers.

Businesses stand to gain significantly from these services. They can boost their online presence with SEO-optimized blog posts, reach a wider audience, and engage their current customers.

When hiring a blog writing service provider, the process typically involves:

  1. Identifying the target audience.
  2. Discussing content strategy.
  3. Setting a budget.
  4. Establishing deadlines

In today’s content marketing landscape, there is a high demand for freelance writers with strong writing skills.

These writers should have knowledge in areas like finance, knitting, mom advice, or fashion trends. Quality blog posts that connect with the brand’s audience can help businesses expand and increase profits through their online presence.

Guest Posting Jobs

Guest bloggers often choose to write for paying sites like Penny Hoarder, Refinery 29, and Yummy Mummy Club. Pay rates for guest bloggers are influenced by factors such as the blog post’s niche, writing skills, and the blog’s target audience. To earn more in guest posting, writers should focus on creating engaging content, understanding SEO strategies, and catering to the blog’s audience.

Incorporating personal stories, offering valuable advice, and staying updated on trends can attract clientswilling to pay higher rates. Writing for business, personal finance, or crafting blogs can also increase income opportunities in guest blogging.

Factors Influencing Guest Bloggers’ Pay Rates

Writing quality greatly impacts how much guest bloggers are paid. Clients value well-written posts that offer valuable information, engage readers, and showcase the writer’s skills.

The relevance of the content is also key in influencing pay rates. Blogging jobs that match the interests of the target audience usually lead to higher pay.

Furthermore, traffic and engagement are essential in determining pay rates for guest bloggers. Clients appreciate posts that drive traffic, encourage social media shares, and promote reader interaction, factors crucial to a blog’s success.

Quality of Writing

Clients evaluate guest bloggers’ work for high-quality writing in various writing jobs. The quality of writing affects freelance writers’ pay rates and determines blog post success. Writers in personal finance, crafting, or social media must deliver engaging content to attract readers.

To secure higher-paying blog writing jobs, writers can enhance their writing skills. This involves improving SEO practices, mastering storytelling techniques, and creating data-driven content.

Freelancers can increase their income by aligning writing assignments with the blog writing client’s target audience. Providing valuable advice, sharing personal stories, and keeping up with current finance and fashion trends can help appeal to a broader audience and land lucrative writing gigs.

By refining their services and writing tips, freelance writers can earn more from their writing gigs.

Relevance of Content

When it comes to guest bloggers’ pay rates, the relevance of content is a significant factor that influences earnings. By tailoring their writing to match the needs and interests of clients, guest bloggers can attract more lucrative jobs and higher payments.

The quality of writing also affects earnings. Well-written blog posts providing valuable information or engaging stories resonate better with the audience, leading to increased rewards.

To optimize earnings, guest bloggers should focus on creating relevant content tailored to the niche or industry they target. Including popular topics like personal finance, social media, or knitting patterns can attract more clients and ensure a steady income from freelance writing assignments.

Traffic and Engagement

Traffic and engagement are important factors for determining how much guest bloggers earn. When a blog post receives more traffic and engagement, it becomes more valuable to clients, which can lead to higher pay rates for the writer. Guest bloggers can increase traffic and engagement by creating interesting content for their audience, using SEO strategies to improve visibility, and promoting their posts on social media.

Negotiation skills also impact how much guest bloggers get paid. Effective negotiation with clients can result in higher rates for writing assignments. By improving their writing skills, understanding their target audience, and providing valuable content, freelance writers in niches like personal finance, knitting, or crafts can attract more clients and earn more from their blog writing jobs.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation skills are important in guest blogging and freelance writing. They help determine how much writers can earn from blog posts. Clients may offer different rates based on the writer’s expertise, the blog post topic, its length, and the target audience. Good negotiation skills help writers advocate for higher pay rates by showcasing their writing skills, knowledge, and value.

Tips for better negotiations include researching market rates, highlighting past successful projects, showing SEO and content marketing understanding, and being flexible with deadlines and revisions. Negotiation skills empower writers to get better-paying assignments and increase their income in the competitive world of guest blogging.

Tips for Maximizing Earnings as a Guest Blogger

Guest bloggers can increase their earnings by using their negotiation skills. Communicating value and negotiating fair rates can lead to higher income. Improving writing skills, focusing on SEO, and providing high-quality content attract better-paying clients. Relevance to the target audience is key for engaging readers and driving traffic. Understanding audience needs and creating compelling posts can showcase expertise and attract clients willing to pay more.

Strong writing, audience engagement, and negotiation skills help guest bloggers make more money in freelance writing.

Key takeaways

Learn about how much guest bloggers can earn. Get insights into the income potential for guest bloggers and discover the truth about their earnings in the blogging industry.

Understanding the earnings of guest bloggers is helpful for those interested in this field. It provides valuable information on the income potential and sheds light on the reality of earning money through blogging.


How do guest bloggers earn money?

Guest bloggers can earn money through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or writing for websites that pay for contributions. They can also monetize their own blog by promoting products or services.

What factors determine a guest blogger’s earnings?

Factors that determine a guest blogger’s earnings include the website’s traffic, the quality of their content, their level of experience and expertise, and the agreement terms with the website owner. For example, a guest blogger with a large following may negotiate higher payment rates.

Are guest bloggers paid per post or per view?

Guest bloggers are typically paid per post, rather than per view. For example, a guest blogger might be compensated a fixed amount for each blog post they write, regardless of how many views it receives.

Do guest bloggers rely on affiliate marketing for income?

Yes, some guest bloggers rely on affiliate marketing for income by including affiliate links in their posts. They earn commissions when readers make purchases through those links. For example, a travel blogger may promote a hotel booking site and earn a commission for each booking made through their link.

Can guest bloggers earn a full-time income from blogging?

Yes, guest bloggers can earn a full-time income from blogging by consistently producing high-quality content, building a strong personal brand, and monetizing their blog through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and selling digital products. Bloggers like Ryan Robinson, Harsh Agrawal, and Michelle Schroeder-Gardner have successfully turned blogging into a full-time career.