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Backlinks are like the roadmaps of the internet, guiding users from one website to another. Keeping track of these links is important for building a strong online presence. In 2024, there are several top backlink reporting tools that can help website owners monitor and analyze their backlink profiles. These tools provide valuable insights that can improve SEO strategies and boost website rankings. Let’s explore four of the best backlink reporting tools available today.


Website: backlinkmanager.io

backlinkmanager.io website

BacklinkManager.io and the CRM tool discussed both offer solutions for individuals or companies looking to enhance their link building and SEO strategies.

The CRM tool is specifically designed for link building, allowing users to streamline their process and build more links efficiently. It is trusted by top digital agencies and SaaS companies, providing an automated monitoring system to track link statuses and progress towards link building goals.

On the other hand, BacklinkManager.io simplifies the process of building backlinks, offering insights and data to optimize strategies for better results. The company is based in London and includes experienced professionals in product growth marketing and lead generation to support users in their SEO efforts.

Both tools emphasize the importance of effective link building for improving search engine rankings and website visibility. By utilizing these platforms, individuals and companies can enhance their online presence and boost their SEO performance. With a focus on providing reliable and efficient solutions, both BacklinkManager.io and the CRM tool offer valuable resources for those looking to strengthen their link building strategies.

backlinkmanager Features

  • CRM specifically designed for link building

  • Automated link monitoring system

  • Goal progress tracking

  • Simple and powerful backlink building management tool

backlinkmanager Limitations

  • Limited customization options for link building strategies

  • Potential for inaccurate or outdated link status notifications

  • Dependence on automated system may lead to missed opportunities for link building outreach

backlinkmanager Pricing

  • Free: Monitor and manage up to 250 backlinks, 50 Targets, Invite 3 team members

  • Pro: Monitor and manage up to 2500 backlinks, 100 Targets, Invite 15 team members, Priority support

  • Enterprise: Monitor and manage up to 50000 backlinks, 10000 Targets, Invite 30 team members, Whitelabel reporting, Priority support

  • Backlink cost varies depending on link quality and domain authority, ranging from $80 to $2000 for links from authoritative websites

  • Link-building prices can also vary based on pricing models and strategies, such as price-per-link, guest posting, niche edit, or fixed price

backlinkmanager Ratings and Reviews

  • G2: N/A

  • Capterra: N/A

  • Trustpilot: N/A


Website: moz.com

moz.com website

Moz provides valuable insights and tools for successful SEO and digital marketing campaigns. Using solutions for keyword research, content optimization, technical SEO, and competitive analysis, clients can improve online visibility and outrank the competition. The ability to monitor, report, and adapt strategies with features like Moz Local and Moz API enhances marketing efforts. With over 500,000 brands trusting Moz, businesses can propel forward with impactful results.

MozBar, an SEO toolbar extension, offers instant metrics and customization options for evaluating page and domain authority, link metrics, keywords, and page elements. Additional features like Keyword Difficulty and Page Optimization are available with a Moz Pro subscription for in-depth analysis. Despite concerns about adware, MozBar is still a useful tool for optimizing pages and monitoring key metrics efficiently. Join the many brands and agencies benefiting from Moz’s services and start powering your digital marketing strategies with Moz today.

Moz Features

  • SEO insights

  • Discover quality keywords

  • Optimize content

  • Track rankings

  • Uncover technical SEO issues

  • Monitor efforts

  • Analyze competition

  • Identify SERP opportunities

Moz Limitations

  • Potential reliance on a single software tool for all SEO needs

  • Limitations in customization for specific business needs

  • Possible lack of personalized support for individual businesses

Moz Pricing

  • Standard Plan: $99/mo

  • Medium Plan: $179/mo

  • Large Plan: $299/mo

  • Premium Plan: $599/mo

  • Additional user seat: $49/mo

Moz Ratings and Reviews

  • G2: 4.3/5 (454+ reviews)

  • Capterra: 4.5/5 (346+ reviews)

  • Trustpilot: 3.9/5 (156+ reviews)


Website: ahrefs.com

ahrefs.com website

Ahrefs is a powerful SEO toolset Used by marketers worldwide With tools like Site Explorer, Keywords Explorer, and Rank Tracker Crawling the web for over 10 years Collecting and processing vast amounts of data daily

Trusted metrics in the SEO industry Educational materials and top-notch customer support Marketers rely on Ahrefs for search traffic growth And strategic decision-making Satisfied user testimonials highlight its impact

A partner in digital marketing success Uncovering insights and achieving growth Ahrefs SEO Toolbar A versatile free multi-tool For SEO professionals and webmasters

On-page SEO reports, broken link checking And more in one extension Structured data checking Link highlighting, and country changing for search results

Domain highlighter for SERPs Track up to 10 domains in search results Additional SEO metrics for subscribers Export data for further analysis

Streamlining SEO analysis and optimization Improving website performance and search engine rankings

Ahrefs Features

  • All-in-one SEO toolset

  • Site Explorer

  • Keywords Explorer

  • Content Explorer

  • Rank Tracker

  • Educational materials

  • Community & support

  • On-page SEO report

Ahrefs Limitations

  • The interface may be overwhelming for new users

  • The cost of the Enterprise plan may be prohibitive for smaller businesses

  • Some users may find the amount of data and features provided by Ahrefs to be excessive for their needs

Ahrefs Pricing

  • Ahrefs subscription provides access to insights indexed and structured since 2010

  • Ahrefs Webmaster Tools provide free limited access to Site Explorer & Site Audit for website owners

  • Payment methods accepted include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and UnionPay

  • Enterprise plans support wire transfers on request

  • Additional users are automatically charged on a pay-as-you-go basis if not prepaid for

Ahrefs Ratings and Reviews

  • G2: 4.5/5 (518+ reviews)

  • Capterra: 4.8/5 (553+ reviews)

  • Trustpilot: 1.9/5 (220+ reviews)


Website: semrush.com

semrush.com website

Semrush is a powerful all-in-one tool for SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing. It offers access to a vast database of keywords from 130 countries, website audits, competitor analysis, PPC campaign tracking, social media scheduling, and white-labeled reporting.

The platform has won international awards and is used by Fortune 500 companies. Users have praised Semrush for its comprehensive features, accurate keyword tracking, and impact on organic traffic and content strategy.

With Semrush, marketers can optimize their advertising spend, grow organic traffic, create high-ranking content, unveil competitors’ strategies, and build an effective social media presence. Try Semrush today to unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts.

Semrush Features

  • SEO tools & workflow

  • Content Marketing Toolkit

  • Competitive Research Toolkit

  • Advertising Toolkit

  • Social Media Toolkit

  • Agency Solutions

  • Access over 25 billion keywords for 130 countries

  • Run in-depth website audit based on 130+ checks

Semrush Limitations

  • May be overwhelming for beginners due to the wide range of tools and features

  • Some users may find the interface not user-friendly

  • The platform may require a learning curve for those unfamiliar with SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing

Semrush Pricing

  • 7-day money-back guarantee on all plans

  • Payment methods: all major credit cards, wire transfer (upon request), check or money order (US only, upon request)

  • Free account available with limitations on tools usage

  • Nominal amount charged to credit card for validation, immediately refunded

  • Comparison of plans available in subscription limits article

Semrush Ratings and Reviews

  • G2: 4.5/5 (1963+ reviews)

  • Capterra: 4.7/5 (2197+ reviews)

  • Trustpilot: 4.1/5 (572+ reviews)