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Fery Kaszoni

Fery Kaszoni, standing at the forefront of SEO and Digital PR innovation, is the visionary behind Search Intelligence Ltd, a company that has redefined digital PR for SEO departments, affiliate sites, e-commerce platforms, and SEO agencies. With a unique blend of technical prowess and creative marketing strategies, Fery has established himself as a top voice in the digital marketing community, sharing invaluable insights and pioneering case studies that have captivated a following of 74,413 professionals.


  • Fery Kaszoni is the founder of Search Intelligence Ltd, specializing in Digital PR for various online entities.
  • He has a strong background in software development and SEO, with a knack for building complex systems and platforms.
  • Fery’s company offers Data-driven PR, Reactive PR, and Expert Commentary PR services, starting from £5,500 per campaign.
  • He is recognized for his innovative SEO experiments and digital PR case studies.
  • Fery advocates for a 4-day work week, maintaining work-life balance without compromising productivity.
  • Testimonials highlight his strategic impact and deep SEO knowledge across different sectors.
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Who is Fery Kaszoni?

Fery Kaszoni

Fery Kaszoni, the brain behind Search Intelligence Ltd, is a search engine enthusiast and software developer with an extensive track record in creating complex database systems, CRMs, system integrations, and front-end web and mobile applications. His journey in the digital world is marked by a passion for sharing experiences and findings, particularly in SEO and successful website case studies, making him a revered figure in the digital marketing, SEO, and software development communities.

What does Fery Kaszoni do?

At Search Intelligence Ltd, Fery Kaszoni and his team specialize in elevating the digital PR game for SEO departments, affiliate sites, e-commerce sites, and SEO agencies. Their services encompass Data-driven PR, Reactive PR, and Expert Commentary PR, all designed to position clients as experts in their fields and earn consistent, high-quality links to enhance domain authority and E.A.T. Their approach is tailored to increase clients’ domain authority through strategic, high-tier backlinks in reputable publications.

Fery Kaszoni’s work experience

Fery’s professional background is as diverse as it is impressive. Before founding Search Intelligence Ltd in December 2014, he honed his skills as a full-stack web developer and web application developer, working on numerous web and SaaS platforms that reach millions of users monthly. His earlier roles include being a self-employed SEO specialist and search engine optimization specialist, where he developed his foundational expertise in digital marketing and SEO.

Specializations of Fery Kaszoni and Search Intelligence Ltd

Seach Intelligence LTD

Search Intelligence Ltd, under Fery’s leadership, has become a world leader in Digital PR, helping over 250 monthly clients secure links in national and regional news publications. The agency’s specializations include leveraging Data-driven PR, Reactive PR, and Expert Commentary PR to earn backlinks that significantly boost clients’ online presence and authority.

Fery Kaszoni’s pricing

Search Intelligence Ltd’s services start from £5,500 per campaign, offering a range of Digital PR strategies tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. For those interested in engaging with their services, Fery encourages direct contact to discuss potential collaborations and detailed engagement strategies.

Opinions about Fery Kaszoni

Testimonials from clients like Damien Beard of Nextdoor, Amanda Butler of EzLicence, Sri Batchu of Ramp, and Nikita Frampton of Bounce, as well as Frans Gerber of aplan.co.uk and David Janssen of vpnoverview.com, underscore Fery’s strategic impact, deep technical SEO knowledge, and his ability to realign and kickstart effective growth strategies across various sectors. His innovative approach to digital PR and SEO has not only earned him accolades but also tangible results for his clients, making him a highly respected figure in the digital marketing landscape.

Fery Kaszoni’s contributions to the field of SEO and digital marketing, through Search Intelligence Ltd, have set new standards in Digital PR, helping businesses enhance their online visibility and authority in an increasingly competitive digital space. His commitment to innovation, combined with a practical approach to work-life balance, showcases his holistic view of success in the digital marketing industry.