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How To Do Podcast Outreach - The Ultimate Guide

Podcast outreach can be a powerful addition to any brand’s marketing, PR campaigns and link building campaigns, offering vast rewards when executed successfully.

With millions of listeners tuning in to podcasts every day, it’s no surprise that more and more people are turning to podcasting to promote their businesses, connect with their audiences, and share their messages with the world.

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But how do you get your voice heard with so many podcasts out there?

That’s where podcast outreach comes in.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll take you through all the steps you need to take to effectively reach out to potential guests, listeners, and sponsors. From crafting the perfect pitch to building a solid network and social proof yourself, you’ll have all the tools to take your podcast to the next level.

Post Summary

  • Podcast outreach is a marketing strategy that uses podcasts to promote brands or products. This includes identifying relevant podcasts, researching them, initiating contact to discuss collaboration benefits, and asking to be a guest on their podcast.
  • The benefits of podcast outreach include increased accessibility, engagement, access to niche audiences, and improved SEO & link building. It can also build trust with potential customers, enhance a brand’s reputation, and provide cost-effective marketing.
  • Podcast outreach can face challenges, particularly in finding the right collaboration fit due to differences in personalities, opinions, and content creation approaches. It also involves significant manual labor, including researching shows and monitoring campaigns.
  • The podcast outreach process includes building a refined list of potential guests, crafting the perfect guest pitch, and effective outreach strategies. Using a tool like can help manage potential guest information and track outreach progress.
  • A successful guest pitch requires a clear benefit for the audience, evidence of credibility, and a straightforward approach. It’s also beneficial to prepare guests for their podcast appearance and encourage them to promote the episode after it airs.
  • Effective podcast outreach strategies include leveraging follow-up emails to engage with potential listeners and adapting a multi-channel outreach approach to connect with potential guests on various platforms.
  • is a platform that allows podcasters to track their partnership and link-building efforts, making it a useful tool for monitoring podcast outreach efforts. It also offers real-time link monitoring, link exchange partnerships, and link reporting.

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What Does Podcast Outreach Actually Mean?

Podcast outreach is a strategy individuals and businesses use to promote their brands or product through podcasts.

It involves identifying potential podcasts and contacts, researching them, initiating contact to discuss the advantages of collaboration, and ultimately asking to be a guest on their podcast.

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By doing this, you can tap into their audience and potentially attract new customers or followers.

What are the Benefits of Podcast Outreach?

Podcasts provide individuals and businesses a unique opportunity to target specialized audiences more engagingly and intimately than text-based media or video.

Additionally, participating in podcasts is an effective way to hone one’s speaking skills while creating a portfolio of speaking engagements.

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Incorporating podcast outreach into PR campaigns offers a range of benefits such as enhanced accessibility, increased engagement, access to niche audiences, and improved SEO & link building. Let’s look at it in detail:

Enhanced Accessibility To Targeted and Engaging Niche Audiences

Podcast listeners tend to be highly engaged and loyal to their favorite shows, making them an ideal audience for marketing and brand building.

By appearing as a guest on a popular podcast, you can reach an entirely new audience that may have yet to be aware of your brand or product.

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Additionally, being featured on a well-established podcast can lend your brand credibility and help you build trust with potential customers.

Cost Effective Marketing Technique

Compared to other forms of marketing, podcast outreach is relatively inexpensive and can provide a high return on investment.

By investing time in researching and reaching out to relevant podcasts and hosts, you can secure valuable exposure for your company, business or brand without breaking the bank.

Stronger Reputation, Stronger Network

As a podcast guest, listen where you can connect with other thought leaders and experts in your industry. As you share your thoughts and ideas, listeners get to know you and your brand on a deeper level.

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This can help build relationships, foster a sense of community around your brand or message, and enhance your overall online reputation by positioning yourself as a thought leader in your subject line or area of expertise.

Amplified Benefits in Link Building and SEO

Getting featured on other top podcasts also helps you gain meaningful mentions from other websites, turning into a positive signal to improve your search engine rankings based on the quality and number of backlinks pointing to your website.

The Challenges of Podcast Outreach

Collaborating with other podcasts can be an exciting way to expand your reach and bring new voices and perspectives to your show. But like any good partnership, it can also come with its fair share of challenges.

One of the biggest hurdles in podcast collaboration is finding the right fit. Working with other podcasters means navigating different personalities, opinions, and approaches to content creation.

You would want someone who shares your vision, has a similar audience, and is willing to work to make the collaboration successful and bring something unique and interesting. It can take time and effort to find that perfect match.

Podcast outreach involves considerable manual labor, including researching shows, locating contacts, and monitoring campaigns in a spreadsheet. Moreover, monitoring outreach emails and campaigns to relevant podcasts is essential to accurately record email addresses and other pertinent data for websites to contact.

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An effective way to tackle the complexities of a podcast outreach campaign is to utilize a podcast outreach tool that automates laborious tasks and provides a unified platform for monitoring campaigns.

Podcast Outreach – Understanding The Process

The podcast outreach process involves several key steps, from identifying the right podcasts to pitch to crafting the perfect pitch and email template.

It’s a complex and nuanced process that requires a careful balance of creativity, strategy, and persistence. Let’s go through the various steps involved in detail.

Building a Refined List of Potential Guests

The key to a successful podcast is having engaging content for new episodes and positioning yourself as a guest at the right places.

But with so many potential guests out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Building a refined list of potential guests is crucial for any podcast outreach strategy.

By carefully curating your list and researching your ideal guests, you can create an informative, entertaining podcast aligned with your values and goals.

Using Spreadsheets for building prospecting list for your podcast outreach

First and foremost, narrowing your focus and refining your search is important. Consider your podcast’s niche and target audience, and search for guests who align with your niche, content, and values.

When brainstorming potential guests, you can also consider your interests and passion, as well as other priorities such as current events and trends.

Once you have a list of potential guests, it’s important to research them thoroughly. Look into their backgrounds, previous interviews, and social media presence to better understand their perspectives and potential contributions to your podcast.

This research will help you align your campaign with your intent and also help you prepare for interviews and conversations with your guests.

Managing your potential prospect and existing partnerships with

To manage your list of potential guests, consider using a spreadsheet or a more organized tool like to keep track of their information, contact details, and your outreach progress. This will help you stay organized and ensure that you are reaching out to guests promptly and effectively.

How to Write a Great Guest Pitch?

A guest pitch is a proposal or request to be featured on a podcast or other media platform where the guest offers their expertise or value to the audience.

An effective guest pitch requires three key elements:

  • a clear benefit for the audience
  • evidence of credibility
  • straightforward approach

Podcast Outreach Template with least personalization

To provide a clear benefit for the audience, the guest should articulate the value they can bring to the podcast. This can include their unique angle on the topic or their professional expertise.
Providing evidence of credibility, such as previous podcast appearances, relevant work experience, or testimonials from previous clients, can help further solidify the guest’s value and expertise.

Finally, directness is essential when requesting to be a guest on a podcast. It should include a focused topic or angle the guest can address and a clear call to action for the podcast host to respond.

To ensure the guest is well-prepared for their podcast appearance, it is beneficial to provide them with information about the podcast and its audience, as well as the format and structure of the show.

Additionally, it is beneficial to encourage them to practice their talking points and provide feedback on their performance.

Encouraging guests to promote the episode after it airs can be advantageous for the podcast, as it can help increase the reach and visibility of recent episode of the show.

Guests can share the episode on their social media channels or website, thus potentially attracting new listeners and followers and opening the doorway to communication with new audiences, potential prospects and future clients.

Tips for Effective Outreach?

To ensure your podcast tour message reaches the right people, it’s important to ensure that your podcast outreach process is effective.

Leverage Follow-up Strategy

Follow-up and outreach emails can also help you engage with potential listeners and promote your podcast to a wider audience. By sending a follow-up message or outreach email after someone has listened to your podcast, you create a sense of connection and engagement with your audience and enhance the branding and visibility of your podcast.

An example of simple follow-up strategy flowchart

When reaching out to potential guests, the follow-up shows that you are genuinely interested in their expertise and contributions to podcasting. It also demonstrates your professionalism, commitment, and interest in collaboration.

By connecting with your contacts and engaging with your audience, you can build relationships and create a loyal following for your podcast through podcast outreach campaigns.

Adapt a multi-channel outreach approach

A multi-channel approach toward podcast outreach can help you connect with potential guests. While email is a popular outreach method, some guests may prefer to be contacted through social media or other channels.

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By diversifying your podcast outreach services and strategy, you can increase your chances of getting a response and securing top-notch guests for your podcast.

Having a presence on multiple platforms also increases the likelihood of reaching potential listeners in new and impactful ways.

Monitoring Your Podcast Outreach Efforts with is an innovative platform that allows podcasters to track their partnership and link-building efforts.

Monitoring your partnerships with

With, you can track all your podcast partnerships in one place. This includes guest appearances, sponsorships, and cross-promotions.

By keeping track of these partnerships, you can ensure you get the most out of each collaboration and build long-lasting relationships with other podcasters and sponsors.

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Utilize BacklinkManager’s specialized CRM to manage your link-building endeavors and optimize your podcast outreach strategy for both partnership cultivation and SEO link-building.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a compiled answers to the most common pressing questions about guest podcast outreach and audience growth.

How Do I Find Podcast Opportunities?

Networking over multi-channel platforms such as social media sites is a great way to find podcast opportunities and connect with influencers, podcasters, and other experts in your field. Attending podcasts, conventions, workshops, and industry events to meet potential partners and collaborators greatly increases your network.

Consider utilizing podcast search engines to fasten your prospecting cycle and find the best pool of podcasters to explore your collaboration opportunities.

Do Podcast Guests Get Paid?

It is rare for podcast hosts to pay their guests since most podcast hosts view the payment as exposure and promotion. Guests, however, may be offered free products or other forms of compensation. Generally speaking, payment for appearing on a podcast is not the norm.

Do I Need to visit a recording studio to get my podcast recorded?

No, you don’t necessarily need to visit a recording studio to get your podcast recorded. Various tools and software are available that allow you to record high-quality audio without the need for expensive equipment or professional studio space.

Many free or low-cost software options are available that allow you to edit and mix your podcast audio, adding effects and creating a professional-sounding final product. And when it’s time to distribute your podcast, numerous hosting platforms make it easy to upload your podcast episodes and share them with your audience.

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