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milosz krasinski

Milosz Krasinski, the founder of Chilli Fruit Web Consulting SEO and link building agency, is well known both internationally and in the Polish SEO scene. Transitioning from a background in economics and audio engineering to the dynamic world of digital marketing, Milosz has carved out a niche as an SEO Consultant, Speaker, and Blogger. His journey from the confines of a studio to the expansive realm of search optimization reflects a passion for connecting with creative, entrepreneurial, and analytical minds. With over a decade of experience across various digital domains, Milosz offers a unique blend of consulting, support, and services, driving growth through organic search, link building, website development, and web analytics. Let’s delve deeper into the contributions and methodologies that define Milosz Krasinski’s approach to SEO.


Who is Milosz Krasinski?

milosz krasinski

Milosz Krasinski’s journey into the world of search began after a realization that his true calling lay beyond the confines of a recording studio. His quest for a career that combined his need for oxygen with his desire to work alongside creative and analytical minds led him to SEO. Today, as the owner of Chilli Fruit Web Consulting, Milosz leverages his extensive experience to offer bespoke consulting and services in SEO and digital marketing. His work is characterized by a deep understanding of the digital landscape and a commitment to driving growth for his clients. Learn more about Milosz’s journey and expertise in this ValiantCEO interview.

What does Milosz Krasinski do?

At Chilli Fruit Web Consulting, Milosz Krasinski and his team specialize in crafting and executing comprehensive SEO strategies that cater to the unique needs of their clients. From organic search growth and link building to website development and security, Milosz’s services are designed to enhance online visibility and drive tangible business outcomes.

His approach is rooted in the belief that a successful digital strategy requires more than just technical expertise; it demands an understanding of the client’s business, audience, and goals.

Milosz Krasinski’s work experience

Before founding Chilli Fruit Web Consulting, Milosz honed his skills in various roles within the digital marketing sphere, including a stint as a Digital Specialist Freelancer at Digital Zeus. His diverse background has equipped him with a holistic view of digital marketing, allowing him to navigate the complexities of SEO with ease. Milosz’s experience is complemented by his academic pursuits in audio engineering at SAE Institute and economics at the University of Westminster, providing him with a unique perspective on the intersection of technology, creativity, and business.

Specializations of Milosz Krasinski

Milosz’s expertise encompasses a wide range of digital marketing and SEO services, with a particular focus on building bespoke strategies that align with his clients’ objectives. His work at Chilli Fruit Web Consulting is distinguished by a commitment to delivering high-quality link placements and developing secure, optimized websites. Milosz evaluates links in a unique way that goes beyond traditional metrics, offering a fresh perspective on link building that prioritizes quality and relevance.

Milosz Krasinski’s pricing

Milosz’s link building services start at $350 per link. Milosz emphasizes the value of investing in SEO and digital strategy to achieve long-term business growth.

Connect with Milosz directly to discuss their digital strategy needs and explore how Chilli Fruit Web Consulting can help achieve your SEO goals.

Opinions about Milosz Krasinski

Clients and colleagues alike praise Milosz for his deep knowledge of SEO, engaging personality, and strategic approach to digital marketing. His ability to demystify the complexities of SEO and deliver results has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor in the field. With a focus on creating tangible outcomes and a commitment to client success, Milosz Krasinski continues to be a valuable partner for businesses looking to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Milosz Krasinski’s contributions to the field of SEO and digital marketing are marked by a blend of creativity, analytical prowess, and a deep understanding of the digital ecosystem. Through Chilli Fruit Web Consulting, he offers a roadmap to success in the digital age, underscored by a commitment to driving growth, enhancing online visibility, and delivering tangible business results.