Who’s Mark Williams Cook? Founder of Candour & AlsoAsked, SEO from Norwich3 min read

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Mark Williams Cook

Mark Williams-Cook is a highly respected name in the world of SEO. He is the founder of AlsoAsked and a Director at Candour Digital, both of which help organizations achieve growth through effective SEO strategies. Mark is based in Norwich, UK, where he plays an important role in the local SEO community. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Mark’s background, career journey, and contributions to the SEO industry.

Early Life and Background

Mark’s passion for SEO started at an early age. He spent his teenage years creating websites and making money through affiliate marketing. He later went on to study Computer Science at university and obtained a Master’s degree in Forensic Computing. After completing his education, Mark started a career in the digital marketing industry, gaining experience in SEO, PPC, and email marketing.

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Career Journey

Mark’s expertise in SEO has earned him a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field. He has helped various notable businesses achieve SEO success, including growing the UK’s largest voucher website from 400k to 1.2M visitors per month in under six months. Mark’s company, Candour Digital, has also helped several organizations achieve significant growth through advanced SEO strategies.
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Mark’s latest venture, AlsoAsked, is a question research tool that helps businesses identify the most relevant questions their customers might be asking. The tool has received numerous positive reviews and has been recognized for its ability to provide valuable insights to digital marketers.


Mark is a regular contributor to Search Engine Land and has been featured in several other industry publications. He also speaks at conferences around the world, including SMX London and BrightonSEO.

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Contribution to the SEO Community

search norwich meetupMark is an active member of the SEO community, having delivered talks at various digital marketing events across the UK. He has also organized several SEO industry events, including the Search Norwich meetup. This is a free meetup for anyone interested in SEO, PPC, and other aspects of digital marketing.

His expertise in the field of SEO has also earned recognition from various media outlets, including Search Engine Land. He has authored a number of in-depth articles focused on SEO and is a frequent contributor to several industry publications.

The Importance of Norwich in Mark’s Career

Mark has chosen to base his professional activities in Norwich, UK, and he has utilized the advantages of the location in his SEO endeavors. The city of Norwich boasts a thriving digital economy with several companies specializing in digital marketing services. Mark has been an active participant in the local SEO community, organizing tech events and collaborating with other businesses to drive growth in the sector.

Future Endeavors

Mark’s passion for SEO continues to be a driving force in his career. He has several projects in the pipeline, including plans to expand AlsoAsked and further the growth of Candour Digital. He has expressed a desire to continue educating businesses and individuals about the benefits of effective SEO strategies.


In conclusion, Mark Williams-Cook is a respected figure in the SEO community. His expertise, along with his experience in the industry, has helped several businesses achieve success through advanced SEO strategies. His passionate contributions to the SEO industry and the local community in Norwich make him an important figure in the digital marketing space.