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Meet Mordy Oberstein. He’s an expert in SEO trends.

Digital marketing is always changing. To succeed, you need to know the latest strategies.

Mordy has observed some key insights and trends in SEO.

Understanding these trends helps you stay ahead. You can optimize your online presence for success and be more visible than your competition.

Mordy Oberstein


Mordy Oberstein has a diverse background in SEO. He has experience as a head of SEO at a major company and has engaged with clients and the SEO community through grassroots Twitter chats like #seochat. As a communications advisor and SEO liaison, Oberstein excels at bridging the gap between technical SEO branding and client relations.

His passion for SEO is evident in his work as a content manager, educator, and frequent guest on SEO podcasts like Rank Ranger and Kalicube Podcast. Oberstein stays ahead of the curve by engaging in conceptual analysis and data-based studies on Google algorithm updates and SERP feature trends.

With a focus on content strategy and thematic analysis, Oberstein is a respected figure in the SEO community. Through his humor, relationship building, and commitment to giving back, Mordy Oberstein has established a digital presence in the SEO world where knowledge and expertise flourish.

Career in SEO

A successful career in SEO requires a combination of skills and experience.

Individuals need to have a strong understanding of Google algorithm updates, data-based studies, content strategy, and relationship building.

To break into the field, one can start by following industry experts like Mordy Oberstein, the head of SEO at Rank Ranger, and participating in SEO podcasts such as #SEOchat and Kalicube Podcast.

Advancing in the field involves staying updated on SERP feature trends, SEO publications, and engaging with the SEO community.

Opportunities for growth include becoming a content manager, SEO liaison, communications advisor, or even an SEO thought analysis specialist.

With a love for SEO and a sense of humor, individuals can thrive in the industry by contributing to thematic analysis, conceptual analysis, and grassroots Twitter chats.

SEO History

SEO history has evolved over time. Mordy Oberstein, a well-known figure in the SEO world, has witnessed this evolution firsthand. He has seen SEO progress from basic keyword placement to complex algorithm updates and SERP feature trends.

Oberstein, as head of SEO, shares his knowledge through conceptual analysis and data-based studies. His work is featured in SEO publications and podcasts like #SEOchat and the Kalicube Podcast. Through his rants and analyses, he provides valuable insights into the world of SEO.

As a communications advisor and SEO liaison, Oberstein’s role extends beyond rank tracking. He focuses on building relationships within the SEO community, creating websites, and interacting with clients through Twitter chats and SEO tool platforms. His dedication to the SEO community is evident in his comprehensive content strategy and educational efforts.

Outlook on SEO

Mordy Oberstein is the head of SEO. He uses a data-based approach for SEO branding and content strategy. Oberstein loves SEO, focusing on conceptual and thematic analysis to navigate Google’s algorithm changes. Staying updated on algorithm shifts and SERP trends is vital for SEO professionals, as evident in Oberstein’s publications and podcasts. His content strategy and community relations show his passion for SEO analysis and relationship building.

Engaging in Twitter chats like #seochat and contributing SEO data studies, Oberstein shows dedication to the SEO community. Through teaching on SEO platforms and advising on communications, Oberstein’s humor adds flair to SEO discussions, making them more interactive. His emphasis on building high-ranking websites through big data and thematic analysis positions him as a leading figure in the SEO field, with a lasting impact on the industry.

Love SEO

SEO is all about passion and love for the craft. Mordy Oberstein, a respected professional, thrives by infusing his strategies with genuine enthusiasm. His SEO expertise extends beyond mere algorithm updates or trending SERP features.

An authentic love for SEO shines through in every aspect of his work, from thematic analysis to content strategy. When the Head of SEO combines a passion for branding with an educator mindset, it leads to innovative thinking and impactful strategies.

In the SEO community, building relationships requires more than technical skills. Emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in connecting with clients, as showcased by Mordy’s role as an SEO liaison. His engaging presence in Twitter chats and podcasts demonstrates his ability to foster trust and loyalty.

For Mordy, SEO isn’t just about rankings or tools; it’s about giving back. His active involvement in community relations and SEO publications highlights his genuine dedication to the industry. This heartfelt approach to SEO sets a high standard in the digital realm of SEO analysis and thought leadership.


Podcasting in SEO offers a unique chance for brands and individuals to show their expertise.

Sharing insights through SEO podcasts helps establish credibility and authority.

Optimizing podcasts for search engines means using relevant keywords in titles and descriptions.

Thematic analysis and data-based studies can attract a loyal audience seeking insightful content.

Building relationships within the SEO community enhances credibility and authority.

Podcasting fosters community relations, giving back to the industry, and showcasing a genuine affinity for SEO.

It solidifies one’s position as an educator and communicator in SEO.

Contributions to SEO

Featured Work

Mordy Oberstein is a prominent figure in the world of SEO. He has worked on various projects and achieved many accomplishments.

As the head of SEO, Mordy has conducted innovative analysis, studies, and thematic research that have had a significant impact on the SEO community.

He demonstrates his passion for SEO through his contributions to publications, podcasts, and SEO tools. Mordy’s content strategy and sense of humor shine in his role as an educator and communications advisor.

Furthermore, he plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of community within the industry through his work as an SEO liaison and relationship builder.

Mordy’s expertise in SEO branding and community building is evident in his work with Google Algorithm updates, SERP feature trends, and algorithm updates.

His dedication to the industry, innovative spirit, and commitment to giving back are reflected in his grassroots Twitter chats, SEO rants, and contributions to SEO analysis.


Recent innovations in SEO have transformed the industry. These include Google Algorithm updates, SERP feature trends, and data-based studies.

Mordy Oberstein, a prominent figure in SEO, has played a significant role in analyzing concepts and themes for SEO content. As the head of SEO at Rank Ranger, he has led content strategy and community relations.

Mordy’s work focuses on building relationships and staying updated on algorithm changes. He uses innovative techniques like SEO branding and participating in Twitter’s #seochat.

By using SEO thought analysis and big data tools like Google Sheets, Mordy creates advanced content strategies.

In the digital realm of SEO, Mordy Oberstein’s passion and humor are evident in his websites and podcasts, benefiting the SEO community.

SEO Trends

Voice Search

Voice search is changing SEO strategies. It impacts keyword research and content optimization.

Voice queries are longer and more conversational than usual. This means focusing on long-tail phrases over short-tail keywords. To adjust, create content that sounds natural and conversational.

It’s important to optimize for featured snippets and other SERP features. Voice assistants often use these sources for information.

Having a strong online presence that is voice-search-friendly can boost visibility in search results. Keep up with voice search trends and Google algorithm updates. Implement a solid content strategy for better audience reach.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is important for businesses. It helps improve user experience and increase conversions. Mordy Oberstein, the head of SEO, stresses the importance of having mobile-friendly websites in the ever-changing online world.

Mordy stays active in the SEO community by participating in forums like #SEOchat and reading top SEO publications. He keeps up with algorithm updates and trends in search engine results pages (SERP features).

To ensure websites rank well in searches, Mordy implements a comprehensive content strategy that reflects Google Algorithm changes. He also uses SEO tools like Rank Ranger.

As a communications advisor, Mordy focuses on relationship building and uses thematic analysis and data-based studies to develop effective content strategies.

Mordy shares his SEO expertise through podcasts like the Kalicube Podcast and Twitter chats. He enjoys educating others in the SEO community and adding humor to the digital world of SEO branding.

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are important for SEO. They give content a top spot on Google.

Mordy Oberstein, an SEO expert, says optimizing for featured snippets is crucial.

Businesses should study search trends and customize their strategy.

Oberstein, an SEO leader, stresses the value of communication and expertise.

To appear in snippets, focus on analysis and strategy.

Getting involved in the SEO community can offer helpful insights.

Oberstein, passionate about SEO, shares knowledge and builds connections in the industry.

He is highly respected in digital marketing.

Video SEO

Businesses looking to optimize their videos for search engines can follow these Video SEO strategies:

  • Utilize platforms like Google Sheets to track performance metrics.
  • Stay updated with algorithm updates and trends on #seochat for valuable insights.
  • Focus on a strong content strategy and understanding the Google algorithm.
  • Stay involved in the SEO community through podcasts like the Kalicube Podcast.
  • Create high-quality video content through data-based studies and analysis for engagement and visibility.
  • Emphasize thematic analysis and affinity for SEO in video creation, as suggested by Mordy Oberstein.
  • Build relationships in the SEO community and participate in grassroots Twitter chats for organic traffic growth.
  • Concentrate on SEO branding and use tools like Rank Ranger for improved rankings and visibility on SERP features.
  • Tap into Mordy’s expertise and educator mindset to enhance Video SEO strategies effectively.

Final thoughts

Mordy Oberstein is an experienced marketer. He knows a lot about SEO trends. His insights can help businesses improve their online visibility and rankings.

Staying informed on the latest trends in SEO is important. It helps businesses stay ahead of the competition. It also helps them drive more traffic to their websites.


Who is Mordy Oberstein?

Mordy Oberstein is a digital marketer and SEO expert known for his work in the search industry. He frequently shares insights and strategies on social media and at industry conferences.

What are some key SEO trends to watch for in 2021?

Some key SEO trends to watch for in 2021 include mobile optimization, voice search optimization, and user experience improvements. Also, focusing on featured snippets and zero-click searches will be crucial.

How can I stay updated on the latest SEO trends?

Stay updated on the latest SEO trends by following industry blogs like Moz and Search Engine Journal, attending conferences like SEO conferences, webinars, and engaging in online communities like Reddit’s SEO subreddit.

What is Mordy Oberstein’s role in the SEO industry?

Mordy Oberstein is the liaison for the SEO community at Wix, providing insights, answering questions, and facilitating discussions on various SEO topics. He also hosts the SEO Rant podcast where he discusses industry trends and strategies.

Why is it important to stay informed about SEO trends?

It is important to stay informed about SEO trends to stay competitive in search engine rankings, improve website traffic, and adapt strategies for changes in algorithms. For example, staying updated on the emphasis on mobile optimization can help improve user experience and increase visibility on mobile searches.