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Eli Schwartz

Eli Schwartz is an SEO and digital marketing expert, author of “Product-Led SEO”, best known for pioneering the Product-Led SEO approach. With over a decade of experience steering successful SEO and growth programs for leading B2B and B2C companies, Eli has unlocked billions in revenue, establishing himself as a pivotal figure for businesses aiming to scale their online presence. Beyond his consulting activities, Eli is an angel investor, podcaster, bestselling author, and a vocal advocate for a product-first approach to SEO. His insights and methodologies are encapsulated in his seminal work, “Product-Led SEO,” a must-read for anyone keen on mastering SEO’s nuances today. Let’s delve into the profound impact Eli Schwartz has had on the SEO landscape.


  • Eli Schwartz is a strategic SEO consultant, growth advisor, author of “Product-Led SEO,” and a leading voice in organic search optimization.
  • He has significantly contributed to the organic growth strategies of companies like Shutterstock, Gusto, WordPress, and BlueNile.
  • Eli advocates for understanding customer needs and optimizing SEO to meet them effectively.
  • Offers consulting services to help companies focus on what their audience really wants.
  • Featured in articles highlighting his influence and expertise in SEO.
  • Testimonials praise his deep SEO knowledge and ability to drive substantial improvements in organic visibility.
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Who is Eli Schwartz?

Eli Schwartz

Eli Schwartz is an SEO expert and consultant whose profound understanding of search engine optimization has helped shape the digital presence of some of the world’s most prominent companies. With a focus on Product-Led SEO, Eli has guided firms like Shutterstock, Gusto, WordPress, BlueNile, Quora, Getaround, Mixpanel, and Zendesk through the intricacies of building and executing global SEO strategies that significantly enhance their organic visibility at scale. His approach goes beyond traditional SEO tactics, emphasizing the importance of aligning SEO efforts with the product’s core value proposition and user experience. Learn more about Eli and his work at Eli Schwartz.

What does Eli Schwartz do?

Eli offers a comprehensive suite of services aimed at unraveling the nuanced relationship between a company’s marketing efforts and its audience’s desires. He believes that many companies miss out on potential growth by not fully understanding or leveraging the insights their audience provides. Through his consulting work, Eli aims to rectify this by asking the right questions and applying a blend of creativity and logic to SEO strategies, ensuring they resonate with the target audience and meet them where they are. For those interested in learning directly from Eli, he offers a course on Product-Led SEO, available here.

Eli Schwartz’s work experience

eli schwarz experience

Before stepping into his current role, Eli led the SEO team at SurveyMonkey, where he was pivotal in transforming organic search into one of the company’s largest growth drivers.

His leadership extended to launching SurveyMonkey’s first APAC office and overseeing international SEO efforts pre- and post-IPO. This experience, coupled with his work with a diverse client portfolio, underscores Eli’s ability to drive successful SEO and growth programs across different markets and industries. Eli’s profound insights and strategies are also shared through his newsletter, a valuable resource for anyone interested in SEO.

Specializations of Eli Schwartz


Eli specializes in Product-Led SEO, a strategy that places the product and user experience at the heart of SEO efforts. This approach ensures that SEO initiatives not only drive traffic but also align with the business’s overall goals and user expectations. His book, “Product-Led SEO,” provides a comprehensive guide on implementing this strategy effectively and is available for purchase on Amazon.

Eli Schwartz’s pricing

For those interested in leveraging Eli’s expertise, he encourages direct contact to discuss how his consulting services can help refine and execute SEO strategies tailored to specific business needs. While specific pricing details are not publicly disclosed, Eli’s approach is customized to each client, ensuring that the strategies developed are both effective and aligned with their unique objectives. Interested parties can book a call or hire Eli directly through his website.

Opinions about Eli Schwartz

Eli’s work has garnered high praise from industry peers and clients alike. Dave Fleischman, CMO of Blue Nile, lauds Eli as the most knowledgeable SEO expert he’s met, highlighting Eli’s comprehensive understanding of site architecture, content strategy, and his generosity with knowledge. Such testimonials underscore Eli’s status as a true expert in SEO, whose insights and strategies have led to significant improvements in organic visibility and overall business growth for his clients.

Eli Schwartz’s influence in the SEO and digital marketing world is undeniable. His product-led approach to SEO has redefined how companies think about organic growth, emphasizing the importance of aligning SEO strategies with product development and user experience. As a consultant, author, and speaker, Eli continues to share his knowledge and insights, helping businesses unlock their full potential in the digital space.