Does GoDaddy Purchase Expired Domains?11 min read

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Does GoDaddy Purchase Expired Domains

Have you ever wondered what happens to a domain name once it expires?

Picture this: GoDaddy, one of the most popular domain registrars, is like that one dad at a yard sale, always snagging the best finds before anyone else.

Let’s dig in and find out if GoDaddy really plays this game. This could be a game-changer for people and businesses trying to nab a specific domain name!


    • GoDaddy participates in acquiring expired domains through their auction platform.
    • Expiring domains offer valuable opportunities for backlinks, traffic, and SEO metrics if secured before expiration.
    • Tools like Google Sheets and help monitor and assess expired domains for their SEO potential.
    • Identifying spam signs and analyzing domain history are crucial to avoid problematic domains.
    • Strategic bidding and using backorder services increase the chances of acquiring valuable domains.
    • BacklinkManager simplifies the management and monitoring of backlinks to support effective SEO strategies.
    • Setting up keyword alerts and utilizing advanced search filters can enhance domain acquisition efforts.

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Understanding Expired Domains

When considering buying expired domains, it’s essential to weigh the risks and benefits. These domains can offer valuable opportunities for enhancing your website’s SEO and online presence, but they also come with potential pitfalls. Analyzing the history and backlinks of an expired domain can provide insights into its past performance and future potential, helping you make informed decisions.

domain lifecycle
Domain Lifecycle; Source:
  • Tools for Analysis: Use domain tracking tools to identify spam signs in expired domains, ensuring a reliable investment.
  • Valuable Insights: Tools like Google Sheets, backlink status checkers, and can offer information on a domain’s traffic, backlink profile, and SEO strategy.
  • Performance Assessment: Features like DNS status and domain authority help assess the domain’s reputation in the marketplace.
  • Informed Decisions: Consider domain status, registries, and auction end times based on accurate data from reliable link crawlers.

Definition of Expiring Domains

Expiring domains are domain names nearing their expiration date, distinct from expired domains which are already available for purchase. These domains can present excellent opportunities for acquiring valuable backlinks, traffic, and SEO metrics if secured before they expire.

Benefits and Tools for Expiring Domains

  • Benefits: Acquiring expiring domains can be beneficial due to potential backlinks, SEO metrics, and existing traffic. These domains often retain their SEO value, making them a valuable asset.
  • Tools and Services: Utilize tools, backorder services, and domain marketplaces to secure expiring domains before they expire. These tools can provide insights into domain status, backlink profile, and traffic history.
  • Monitoring: Keep track of auction end times, bids, and related domains to secure desired domains. Regular monitoring ensures that you do not miss out on valuable opportunities.
  • SEO Strategy: Use Google Sheets and to monitor domain valuations, backlink statuses, and historical website data. These insights can help refine your SEO strategy and target high-value domains.

Exploring Domain Tracking and History

Exploring domain tracking and history involves a thorough examination of the domain’s background to identify any potential issues or opportunities. This process is critical for ensuring that the domains you acquire are valuable and not detrimental to your SEO efforts.


Tools and Strategies for Analysis

  • Analysis: Use reliable link crawlers and SEO metrics to analyze the backlink profile, DNS status, subdomain information, and traffic data. These insights can help you gauge the domain’s quality and relevance.
  • Strategic Bidding: Utilize tools for valuation and understanding auction end times to place competitive bids. Being strategic about your bids can help you secure valuable domains at optimal prices.
  • Keyword Alerts: Maximize keyword alerts to monitor updates, bids, and winning bids on desired domains. This proactive approach helps you stay ahead of competitors.
  • Proactive Approach: This aids in acquiring premium domains and implementing targeted SEO strategies. Regular monitoring and strategic bidding can significantly enhance your domain portfolio.

Identifying Spam Signs in Expired Domains

To avoid acquiring spammy expired domains, it’s essential to look for certain indicators that could signify a problematic domain. These indicators can help you avoid domains that may harm your SEO efforts.

what are bad links
What are bad links? Source: Digital School of Marketing

Key Indicators and Tools

  • Questionable Backlink Profiles: Look for domains with low SEO metrics and outdated content. These are often signs of spammy or low-quality domains.
  • Reliable Tools: Use link crawlers to spot harmful backlinks and analyze domain history. These tools provide a comprehensive view of the domain’s backlink profile and overall quality.
  • Red Flags: Watch for sudden traffic spikes and untrustworthy sources linking to the domain. Such anomalies can indicate a history of manipulative SEO practices.
  • Thorough Assessment: Check DNS status, subdomains, and data to understand the domain’s traffic and authority. A detailed assessment ensures you only acquire high-quality domains.

GoDaddy Auctions: The Key to Acquiring Expired Domains

GoDaddy Auctions is a prominent platform for acquiring expired domains. By participating in these auctions, you can bid on a wide range of domains, each offering unique opportunities to enhance your online presence.

godaddy auctions
GoDaddy auctions

Effective Use of GoDaddy Auctions

  • Tracking: Use Google Sheets to track bids, backlink status, and SEO metrics. This organized approach helps you keep track of your progress and strategy.
  • Insights: A reliable link crawler can reveal insights into the domain’s backlink profile and SEO impact. Understanding these aspects can guide your bidding decisions.
  • Community Engagement: Niche-specific forums can expand acquisition opportunities by connecting you with other domain enthusiasts and experts.
  • Tools: Utilize domain lists, backorder services, and valuation tools to make informed decisions. These resources can significantly increase your chances of success.
  • Monitoring: Keep track of auction end times, traffic, and registry details to shape a strong SEO strategy. Regular monitoring ensures you stay updated on all relevant factors.

Effective Strategies to Bid Strategically

Bidding strategically in domain auctions requires a combination of analysis, timing, and competitive insight. Effective strategies can greatly enhance your chances of securing valuable domains.

godaddy domain listing
Godaddy domain listing

Key Strategies for Success

  • Assessment: Leverage niche-specific forums, domain lists, and reliable link crawlers to evaluate backlink profiles and SEO metrics. Detailed assessments help identify the best domains.
  • Tracking: Use tools like Google Sheets to monitor bids and SEO strategy adjustments. Keeping track of your activities ensures you remain organized and informed.
  • Backorders: Secure expiring domains with high SEO potential using backorder services. These services increase your chances of acquiring valuable domains.
  • Alerts: Set up keyword alerts and advanced search filters to find valuable domains. Alerts help you stay ahead of the competition by notifying you of new opportunities.
  • Monitoring: Track backlink status, DNS status, and domain history for informed bidding. Regular monitoring ensures you make data-driven decisions.

Leveraging Domain Lists and Backorder Services

Businesses can significantly benefit from using domain lists and backorder services to acquire valuable domains.

These resources streamline the process and increase the chances of securing high-quality domains.

Domain Backorder; Source:
Domain Backorder; Source:

Strategies for Effective Use

  • Analysis: Evaluate domain status, backlink profile, SEO metrics, and traffic of expiring domains. Thorough analysis ensures you only invest in valuable domains.
  • Tracking Tools: Use link crawlers and Google Sheets to track metrics and identify premium domains. Organized tracking aids in informed decision-making.
  • SEO Strategy: Implement strategies targeting domains with high authority and relevant backlinks. A targeted approach enhances your SEO efforts.
  • Monitoring: Track auction end times, bids, and winning bid amounts for strategic backorders. Regular monitoring helps you stay competitive.
  • History Review: Use to review website history and check DNS status before placing backorders. Understanding a domain’s history ensures you avoid problematic acquisitions.

BacklinkManager for Monitoring

BacklinkManager is an essential tool for anyone dealing with expired domains, especially when tracking and maintaining backlinks is crucial.

This tool simplifies the process of managing and monitoring your backlinks, ensuring they support your SEO strategy effectively.

Notifaction of link status
Notifaction of link status in BacklinkManager

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy Monitoring: BacklinkManager allows you to easily monitor your links, ensuring their effectiveness in supporting your SEO. You can verify your links’ status at any time.
  • Reliable Checking: With a robust toolset, BacklinkManager provides reliable link examination, delivering accurate insights into the placement and performance of your links.
  • Thorough Verification: The tool double-checks your links by analyzing the code and visiting the site, ensuring everything is in good shape.
  • Instant Alerts: If any issues arise, such as links being removed, BacklinkManager sends immediate notifications so you can address the problem quickly.
  • Organized Link Management: You can organize your links by setting goals for specific pages and grouping them by projects or clients, making management efficient and orderly.
Backlinkmanager pricing
Backlinkmanager pricing

Incorporating BacklinkManager into your expired domain strategy can ensure your links remain effective and your SEO goals are consistently met. This tool’s comprehensive features make it an invaluable asset in managing the complexities of expired domain acquisition and maintenance.

Maximizing Domain Acquisition with Keyword Alerts

Setting up keyword alerts is a strategic approach to improving your domain acquisition efforts. This proactive method ensures you stay updated on relevant opportunities in the domain marketplace.

Benefits and Implementation

  • Tracking: Create alerts for specific industry-related keywords to monitor expiring domains. Alerts keep you informed of new opportunities.
  • Opportunities: Stay updated on relevant opportunities in the domain marketplace. Timely information increases your chances of securing valuable domains.
  • SEO Alignment: Secure domain names that align with target keywords. Alignment with SEO strategy enhances your digital marketing efforts.
  • Monitoring: Keep an eye on backlink status, DNS status, and domain authority updates. Regular monitoring ensures informed decision-making.
  • Proactive Approach: Use dedicated tools and reliable link crawlers to boost online presence and competitiveness. A proactive strategy enhances your acquisition efforts.

Utilizing GoDaddy Airo™ for Advanced Search Filters

GoDaddy Airo™ offers advanced search filters that can significantly refine your domain search process. These filters allow you to focus on specific metrics and characteristics, ensuring you find the most valuable domains.

Benefits of Advanced Filters

  • Search Filters: Focus on backlink status, SEO metrics, and domain authority. Targeted searches streamline the acquisition process.
  • Refinement: Use filters to refine search results and find valuable domains for digital marketing or SEO strategy. Refined searches increase efficiency.
  • Detailed Information: Access details about a domain’s backlink profile, traffic, and valuation using dedicated tools. Comprehensive data aids in informed decision-making.

Exploring Subdomains vs. Subfolders in Domain Acquisition

When acquiring expired domains, understanding the differences between subdomains and subfolders is crucial. This knowledge helps in making informed decisions about how to structure and use the acquired domains.

Subdomain vs Subfolder
Subdomain vs Subfolder; Source: Ahrefs

Key Differences and Considerations

  • Backlink Analysis: Use link crawlers and tools to analyze backlink profiles and SEO metrics. Detailed analysis helps in making informed decisions.
  • Value Assessment: Consider the value based on domain registrar, registry, and auction end time. Accurate assessments ensure strategic investments.
  • Strategy: Evaluate the backorder process, auction bids, and winning bids for insights into domain value. Strategic evaluation enhances acquisition efforts.
  • Historical Data: Check DNS status, data, and traffic history for informed decisions. Historical insights provide valuable context.

Exploring Other Domain Marketplace Platforms

Exploring various domain marketplace platforms can provide additional opportunities for acquiring expired domains. Diversifying your approach ensures you have access to a wider range of options.

WebArchive Wayback Machine

Benefits and Strategies

  • Evaluation Tools: Use link crawlers, SEO strategies, and dedicated tools to assess expiring domains. Comprehensive evaluation ensures informed decisions.
  • Competitive Approach: Secure domains through backorder services or participate in auctions. A competitive approach increases acquisition success.
  • Research: Monitor bids, auction end times, and domain status for better chances of acquisition. Consistent research enhances strategy.
  • Historical Insights: Use history and registrant details to evaluate domain value for digital marketing. Historical data provides valuable context.
  • Organization: Utilize tools like Google Sheets to organize information and navigate domain acquisition across platforms. Organized tracking aids in strategic planning.


GoDaddy’s role in the expired domains market includes offering backorder services and participating in auctions.

By utilizing tools like link crawlers, SEO metrics, and valuation tools, individuals and businesses can strategically acquire expired domains to enhance their online presence and digital marketing efforts.

Understanding the domain expiration process and employing effective bidding strategies can significantly improve your chances of securing valuable domains.


Does GoDaddy purchase expired domains?

Yes, GoDaddy does purchase expired domains. They acquire these domains through their domain auction platform, where users can bid on expired domains and potentially purchase them.

What happens to expired domains on GoDaddy?

Expired domains on GoDaddy go through a grace period where the owner can still renew them. After that, they are placed in an auction where anyone can bid on them. If the domain is not bought, it goes back to the general pool for registration.

Can I buy an expired domain from GoDaddy?

Yes, you can buy expired domains from GoDaddy through their auction platform. Simply visit their website, search for the desired domain, and place a bid. If you win the auction, you can purchase the domain and start using it for your website.

Do expired domains on GoDaddy go to auction?

Yes, expired domains on GoDaddy go to auction if they are not renewed by the original owner. Examples of auctioned expired domains include popular ones like and

How does GoDaddy handle expired domain names?

GoDaddy typically offers a grace period for expired domain names, allowing owners to renew within a certain timeframe. If not renewed, they may be auctioned off or released back to the public for registration.