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Cheapest Link Building Agencies

What are the cheapest link-building agencies on the market?

Our roundup introduces 13 affordable yet quality link-building services that will help you boost your domain authority and improve SERP rankings.

We also look at factors that affect the cost of links and effective link-building strategies commonly used by agencies, and share some tips on how to choose a reputable agency.

Let’s get right to it!


  • Link-building agencies charge on average $80 to $2,000 per backlink. The cost depends on Domain Authority (DA), the number of links, your niche and the quality of the content you need to build.
  • Based in Florida, Authority Builders focuses on link insertions, ABC exchanges, and guest posts,with pricing starting at $125-$250 per link.
  • Chilli Fruit offers quality link-building through guest posting, blogger outreach, and HARO, with prices beginning at $350 per link.
  • Known for its holistic approach, Digital Olympus provides links through guest posting and outreach, with prices ranging from $300 to $1,000 per link.
  • Specializing in SaaS, Editorial Link uses relationship-based link-building, and pricing starts at $350 per link, with a minimum order of 5.
  • Based in the UK, FatJoe offers blogger outreach, niche edits, and infographic outreach with prices ranging from £60 to £320 for most services.
  • LinkGraph specializes in editorial link-building with pricing plans starting at $549 per month.
  • LinksManagement is known for budget-friendly services and offers high-quality backlinks starting at $6.72 from DA 40-60 sites.
  • Specializing in outreach-oriented campaigns, LinkPitch.io offers link-building services ranging from $100 to $350 per link.
  • No-BS Marketplace, an Australian-based agency, primarily uses guest posting, with pricing starting at $150 per link for DA20+ sites.
  • Focusing on SaaS, Quoleady prioritizes link quality, offering link-building starting at $200 per link from DA 20-39 sites.
  • Saynine.ai is an agency specializing in SaaS and offers link-building starting at $150 per link from contextually relevant websites with a DR of 50+.
  • As a newer agency, SERP Cat provides affordable link-building starting at $100 per link.
  • Specializing in high-competition niches, UK Linkology primarily uses guest posting with prices starting at £85 per link or around $100.
  • If you’re on a budget, you also need to make sure that the links you have built or acquired through an agency don’t get removed after a few weeks or months. The phenomenon of links gradually disappearing is called “link rot” – and according to Ahrefs, 7.5% of links disappear within a year of first appearing. This means if your yearly link budget is $100,000, you’re loosing $7,500 to link rot every year!
  • Link-monitoring tools like BacklinkManager will help you keep track of the status of the links an agency builds for your website. It monitors your links 24/7 and sends you a notification if any of your links goes down or your page is 404. It was designed for managing and monitoring backlinks, catering to agencies, in-house marketing teams, and freelancers.
  • And if you decide to build links in-house, you will definitely benefit from its CRM functionality – you can manage your link building partnership communication there easily. Book the demo to see how it works!

What do link-building agencies do?

Link-building companies specialize in acquiring backlinks for client websites to improve their SERP performance.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what link-building agencies typically do.

  • Strategy development – before starting any link-building campaign, an agency will typically develop a strategy tailored to the client’s industry, goals, current online presence – and budget.
  • Competitor analysis – by analyzing competitors, agencies can identify where competitors are getting their links and target similar sources.
  • Content creation – many link-building strategies revolve around content, such as guest posts, infographics, or in-depth guides. Agencies may create this content on behalf of their clients.
  • Outreach and relationship building – this involves contacting website owners, bloggers, or journalists and pitching them content or reasons to link back to the client’s site; effective agencies have well-developed networks of partners that they can leverage during your link-building campaign.
  • Performance tracking and reporting – a link-building company will normally provide regular reports to clients showing the number of links acquired, the quality of those links, and any changes in search engine rankings.

Should you use a link-building service or build links in-house?

Many content marketing teams face the dilemma of whether to hire link-building agencies or build their links in-house.

Pros and cons of in-house link building

Having an in-house team dedicated to link-building means they can focus on link-building without any distractions or conflicting priorities. Being on-site means quicker decision-making and streamlined communication.

What’s more, the in-house team will be better familiar with your brand, which will make the outreach efforts more genuine and allow you to develop long-term relationships with your partners.

Having a link-building team in-house could be a smart move money-wise as well.

Having said that, starting such a team means initial costs can be hefty, from hiring to getting the right tools.

It’s not just about money.

Building a proficient team takes time, which might delay seeing those desired results.

And while having an on-site team can streamline operations, it could also limit fresh external perspectives, potentially causing missed opportunities or the risk of strategies becoming stagnant.

Pros and cons of outsourcing link-building to an agency

Hiring an agency brings in experts who’ve been around the block, offering fresh perspectives and a diverse skill set right off the bat. They can hit the ground running, providing quicker results without you having to invest in initial training or tools.

Plus, with their experience across various industries, they often come up with innovative solutions and strategies tailored to your niche.

Sounds perfect. Any downsides?

While agencies offer expertise, they might not grasp your brand’s nuances as deeply as an in-house team would.

Costs can accumulate over time, potentially making long-term agency partnerships pricey.

Additionally, since they juggle multiple clients, there’s a risk your project might not always be their top priority, potentially affecting response times or the level of personalization in strategies.

How much does link-building cost?

According to a uSERP study, nearly 50% of companies spend on link-building between $5000 and $10,000. Most companies that outsource link-building to agencies spend about 25% of their marketing budgets on it.

Established link-building services charge from $80 to as much as $2000 per backlink.

The overall cost depends on the quality of backlinks, how many you buy, the standard of the content you need to build, and your industry. Backlinks in real estate or gambling can be 5 times as expensive as in gaming or lifestyle.

How does it compare to link-building in-house?

When building links in-house, the cost of hiring the team and providing them with the right tools for the job can reach as much as $260k a year, but you can get away with about $150k if you hire a team with less experience.

Pricing Models of Link Building Services Agencies

Link-building agencies use a variety of pricing strategies.

Here are some of the most common pricing models:

  • Fixed price per link – you pay a set fee for each link the agency acquires for you. The price is often based on the domain authority of the site.
  • Monthly retainers – you pay a fixed monthly fee in exchange for a set number of links each month.
  • Hourly rates – some agencies and freelancers charge based on the number of hours they spend on link-building tasks.
  • Package deals – for a fixed price, many agencies offer link-building packages made up of services like content creation, outreach, and a set number of links.
  • Tiered pricing – agencies offer different levels or tiers of service, with each tier priced differently. Higher tiers might include more links, better-quality links, or additional services.
  • Custom pricing – based on a client’s specific needs and goals, an agency might provide a custom quote that combines elements of the above models.

How do I choose the best link-building agency?

Let’s go through the process of choosing the best link-building services for your business.

1. Understand the link-building landscape

Start the process of looking for a link-building agency by educating yourself about the link-building sector. Learn how link-building works and what techniques agencies use to acquire them.

Invest time in learning how Google and other search engines rank content.

Generally, the quality of links matters more than the quantity. Only a handful of high-quality links from reputable sites can improve your SERP performance massively. So, while you’re searching for cheap options, you should never compromise on quality.

2. Start with a broad search

Use Google to run a bread search of available options.

Use search terms like “affordable link-building services”, “cheap link-building agencies”, or “budget link-building services.” That’s how you can find lists or roundups where industry experts have ranked or reviewed different services, just like the one you’re reading now.

3. Check reviews and testimonials

Before settling on a particular agency, look for reviews and testimonials, ideally from businesses similar to yours. This will give you a sense of the reliability, effectiveness, and quality of their service.

However, don’t take the publicly available credentials at face value. If possible, reach out to their clients and leverage your network to verify their credibility.

4. Evaluate their techniques

Ask potential agencies about their link-building methods.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do they use white hat techniques? In other words, do they adhere to search engine guidelines and don’t use manipulative tactics?
  • How do they find link opportunities?
  • Do they focus on building relationships with high-quality websites?

Oleksandr Tereshchenko, the Founder of High-Calibre.links

5. Ask for case studies or examples

Requesting case studies or examples of previous campaigns can provide insights into their strategy and results. Look for metrics such as

  • the number of links built,
  • the quality and relevance of those links,
  • and any improvements in search rankings for their clients.

6. Transparency and reporting

A good agency will provide regular updates and reports on their activities and results.

Michal Jackowski, Founder of BacklinkManager

Ask about the metrics they track and how frequently they’ll share this data with you.

Look for agencies that offer a live reporting dashboard so that you can easily keep track of the links they’ve built for you. Otherwise, you’re going to burn through you’re link-building budget replacing links that rot after a few months.

7. Cost vs. Value

Cheapest doesn’t always mean the best value.

Consider the potential return on investment (ROI). If an agency charges slightly more but provides significantly better results, it might be worth the extra investment.

8. Avoid Red Flags

How to spot a shady link agency or vendor?

  • Be wary of link builders that promise fast results or a specific number of links within a short period. Even if they manage to deliver on time, it will most likely be low-quality links.
  • Avoid agencies that use black-hat techniques like buying links, participating in link schemes like private blog networks (PBNs), or spammy practices like comment spamming or automated link-building.Olga Mykhoparkina, founder and CEO of Quoleady
  • Be cautious of agencies that don’t ask questions about your business or industry. Tailored strategies often yield the best results.

How to monitor your agency-built links to avoid link-rot?

To make sure that the links you’ve built don’t disappear after a few weeks or months, use a special link monitoring tool. BacklinkManager.io is a powerful tool designed for managing and monitoring backlinks, tailored to the needs of link-building and SEO agencies, marketing teams, and freelance link builders:

Flexible Pricing

Backlink Manager caters to a wide range of users with its pricing options:

  • Free Plan: Monitor and manage up to 250 backlinks, set 50 targets, and invite 3 teammates.
  • Pro Plan ($49 per month, billed annually): Monitor and manage up to 2,500 backlinks, 100 targets, and invite 15 team members.
  • Enterprise Plan ($500 per month, billed annually): Monitor and manage up to 50,000 backlinks, 10,000 targets, invite 30 team members, and enjoy white label reporting.Backlink Manager pricing

Both paid plans include priority support and start with a free trial.

Effective link-building techniques

What link-building strategies and tactics do agencies use? Here are a few that you can often find on their pricing pages.

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) editorial link-building

HARO is a platform that connects journalists with experts in various fields.

When link-building agencies use HARO, they respond to media queries on behalf of their clients, earning them editorial mentions and backlinks from reputable news sites.

This method is effective because links from high-authority news and media sites are considered highly valuable by search engines.

HARO is the bee’s knees when it comes to link-building!

Journalists hunt for credible sources to spice up their stories, and that’s where we, the experts, swoop in with our knowledge, charm, and unique perspectives.

When you answer a journalist’s query and they find your response absolutely mind-blowing, they’ll often feature your insights in their article along with a link to your website.

This is a great way to get backlinks from high-quality, DR>80 sites that do not offer simple link exchanges and don’t sell link placements.

 Milosz Krasinski, Chilli Fruit Web Consulting

Milosz Krasinski, Chilli Fruit Web Consulting

Blogger outreach services

This involves reaching out to bloggers in relevant industries and asking them to mention or link to a client’s website.

The effectiveness of this method lies in tapping into the blogger’s audience and securing links from contextually relevant and often authoritative sites.

Skyscraper link building

The skyscraper technique involves creating top-notch content that’s better than existing popular content and then reaching out to sites that have linked to the lesser content, suggesting they link to your superior piece instead.

It’s effective because it leverages the appeal of high-quality, valuable content, making it easier to secure links.

Niche edits

Rather than creating new content, niche edits involve inserting links into already published, established content on websites.

This is effective because the link is placed within a contextually relevant environment, often without the need for new content creation.

ABC Link exchanges

Instead of the traditional “you link to me, I link to you” (A-B) approach, ABC link exchanges involve three parties. Site A links to Site B, Site B links to Site C, and Site C links to Site A, creating a non-reciprocal linking pattern.

This method can be more effective than direct exchanges because search engines might view non-reciprocal links as more organic and less manipulative.

ABC Linking. Source: https://entreresource.com/

Guest posting link-building

Agencies write articles for other relevant sites, embedding links back to their client’s site within the content.

Guest posting is effective because it provides value to the hosting site in the form of quality content while also earning a backlink for the client. Plus, it exposes the client’s brand to a broader audience.

Infographic outreach

Infographic outreach is an effective link-building strategy that involves the creation and promotion of visually appealing and information-rich graphics to earn backlinks.

Once a compelling infographic is designed, link-building agencies reach out to relevant websites, bloggers, or industry influencers, suggesting they share the infographic with their audience.

Infographic example. Source: https://venngage.com/gallery/post/link-building-techniques-2018/

13 Top Cheapest Link Building Agencies

To make the job of finding a reliable link-building service provider, we’ve compiled a list of 13 affordable link-building and SEO agencies.

How did we choose them?

While price was one of the factors we looked at, we were also concerned with the quality of the services. We’ve worked with many of the agencies or know someone who has. This makes the roundup a bit subjective (and presented in alphabetical order).

Authority Builders

Authority Builders is a Florida-based link-building agency that offers a range of link-building services.

To obtain links for their clients, they use link insertions, ABC exchanges, and HARO. The core of their links comes from guest posts for which they leverage a well-established network of connections.

Their pricing packages start at $500 per month, which gives you 2-4 links from guest posts on high-traffic DR 20-65 websites. For $2000, you get 9-16 backlinks. So that’s about $125-250 per link.

It’s also possible to buy individual links, with prices dependent on the site authority and the length of the blog post. A 500-word guest post on DR 20 site costs $160, whereas a 2000-word piece on a DR 60+ website – is $390.

Cheapest Link-Building Agencies: Authority Builders

Chilli Fruit

Chilli Fruit is a web consultancy and link-building agency founded by Milosz Krasinski.

In their work, the agency uses a variety of link-building strategies, including guest posting, blogger outreach, and HARO. It’s known for delivering quality results and very quick turnaround times.

Their clients include SaaS companies like Userpilot and Brand24 and prices start at $350 per link.

Cheapest Link-Building Agencies: Chilli Fruit

Digital Olympus

Digital Olympus is a link-building agency that was founded by Alex Tachalova with clients like G2, Ramp, SwagDrop, and Discover Car Hire.

The company uses a plethora of techniques for acquiring links, including guest posting and outreach.

Digital Olympus represents a holistic approach to link-building and focuses on creating and maintaining a healthy backlink profile, and not necessarily individual links.

Their prices range from $300 to $1,000 per link, which depends on the kind of webpage they’re for (commercial vs content pages).

Cheapest Link-Building Agencies: Digital Olympus

Editorial Link

Editorial Link is a specialist SaaS link-building agency that leverages relationship-based link-building and works with reputable corporate websites to deliver quick results.

Their clients include PandaDoc, Ekran System, and Capital.com.

Their pricing starts from $350 per link, with a minimum order of 5, so that’s $1,750.

Cheapest Link-Building Agencies: Editorial Links


FatJoe is a content marketing and link-building agency based in the UK.

The agency provides a variety of link-building services. These include blogger outreach, niche edits, and infographic outreach (in multiple languages). They also offer PR services and use HARO to build links from high-authority websites.

Links built through blogger outreach, niche edits, and infographic outreach cost £60-320 (roughly $75-390), which is fairly affordable. High-quality HARO backlinks aren’t so affordable anymore though. They cost in the region of £1000-£2250 (about $1200-2750).

Cheapest Link-Building Agencies: FatJoe


LinkGraph is an agency specializing in editorial link-building.

They’re known for building links from high-authority sites with DA 50-90+, which is possible thanks to their vast network of direct relationships with quality publishers.

LinkGraph works on a retainer basis, with their monthly plans starting at $549. The highest plan is $999 a month and gives you 10 DA 30-40 links/6 DA 40-50 links/4 DA 50-70 links/DA 70-100 links.

Cheapest Link-Building Agencies: LinkGraph


LinksManagement is a robust link-building service with budget pricing.

It offers a range of effective methods for building high-quality backlinks, like article link-building. Their approach allows you to secure DA40+ backlinks through an accessible inventory of sites across various niches.

Their pricing structure begins at just $6.72 per link from DA 40-60.

Cheapest Link-Building Agencies: LinksManagement


LinkPitch.io is a link-building agency specializing in outreach-oriented link-building campaigns.

The agency employs outreach-based link-building tactics like unlinked mentions, broken link-building, and resource pages as well as content-based techniques like guest blogging.

The prices range from $100 to $350 per link, which depends on the site DA.

Cheapest Link-Building Agencies: LinkPitch

No-BS Marketplace

N0-BS is an Auz-based link-building agency catering to clients around the world.

Apart from guest posting, which is their main link-building strategy, NO-BS also builds links through editorial links and image insertions.

Their prices start from $150 per link from a DA20+ and 200+ site. A link from a DA40+ site costs in excess of $270.

Cheapest Link-Building Agencies: No-BS


Quoleady is an agency offering marketing services for SaaS businesses founded by Olga Mykhoparkina.

The agency prioritizes link quality and relevance over quantity.

They secure backlinks for their clients using a range of link-building strategies, including guest posting, blogger outreach, and ABC link exchanges.

Their clients include Expandi.io, Airfocus, Crowdy.ai and Ringblaze. Their pricing starts at $200 per link for DA 20-39 sites.

Cheapest Link-Building Agencies: Quoleady


Saynine.ai is a link-building agency founded by Georgi Mamajanyan and specializing in SaaS companies.

Its clients include Userpilot, Elementor, Dexatel, and Referral Candy.

SayNine uses a range host of link-building strategies, from guest posting, and exchanges through traditional outreach.

Their pricing starts at $150 per link from a contextually relevant website with a DR of 50+.

Cheapest Link-Building Agencies: SayNine

Serp Cat

SERP Cat is a fairly new agency, founded only in 2023. However, they’ve already achieved some excellent results for their clients which include Postaga, Educube, Hexomatic, and Nexweave.

Their pricing starts at $100 per link, which is very affordable for an agency using exclusively white-hat techniques.

Cheapest Link-Building Agencies: SERP CAT

UK Linkology

UK Linkology is another British agency, founded by Jason Brooks.

They specialize in high-competition niches like gambling, loans, pharmaceuticals, and crypto investing, and use guest posting as the main link-acquisition strategy.

Their prices start from £85 per link ($100-ish), with a minimum order of 5. A custom link-building package of 5 links from 500-word articles on DA 50+ gambling sites will set you back by £2525 (around $3080).

Cheapest Link-Building Agencies: UK Linkology


While there are a lot of super-cheap link-building agencies, going with the cheapest option isn’t usually the best choice.

In the best-case scenario, you can waste a lot of money without improving your site’s SERP performance. In the worst case, it can actually hurt your SEO efforts and incur penalties.

If you want to see how BacklinkManager can help you monitor the status of the links acquired by a link-building agency, book the demo!