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Best Inbound Link Building Agencies for SaaS

Best Inbound Link Building Services for SaaS

Many SaaS companies struggle to build a strong backlink profile. That is where inbound backlink-building services save the day!

However, not all SEO agencies are equal, some are mediocre, while others are game changers offering high-end services to boost your SERP visibility and rankings.

In this post, we will not only list the best inbound link building services for SaaS companies, with their terms and rates, but also how to choose the best agency link building agency for the needs of your SaaS business.


  • Inbound link building is resource-consuming, time-extensive, and highly competitive, making it challenging for in-house execution.
  • Experienced agencies help with thorough strategies like link insertions, A-B-C link exchange, and data-driven content such as trend reports and Skyscraper technique and deliver links from authoritative sources.
  • Nearly 8% of backlinks lose SEO value due to link rot. Use tools like BacklinkManager to monitor the links your agency has built for your SaaS (it’s free up to 250 links!), or ask your agency for an anti-link-rot shield to conserve inbound linking resources.lost links in BacklinkManager
  • When choosing an SEO agency for your SaaS company, consider factors like their link-building metrics, their services, reviews, industry network, reputation, and value for money (price per link).
  • Quoleady excels in Digital PR, content marketing, and inbound link-building for SaaS companies.
  • ChilliFruit Web Consulting offers high-level metrics and SEO for SaaS companies.
  • SayNine helps SaaS businesses start SEO and build links on a budget.
  • The Juice is a B2B SaaS SEO agency with proven track records.
  • GetMentioned.Today is an experienced player serving content marketing and link-building services to over 240 satisfied clients.<

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Why is Link Building Important for SaaS?

Inbound link building is vital for SaaS companies’ digital marketing efforts. Inbound links provide referral traffic and signal to search engines your website’s authority and trustworthiness, improving search rankings. Links indicate your company’s value and content as worth referencing.

Inbound links from authoritative websites and web pages with high domain authority also help establish credibility and thought leadership within your industry, boost brand visibility and help tap into new audiences.

Why Should You Outsource Link Building to an SEO Agency?

Inbound link building has evolved and is becoming more expensive, demanding and challenging. It might be better to outsource it to an SEO agency instead of in-house for these reasons:

Inbound Link Building is Extensively Resource Demanding

Inbound link building is time and resource-intensive, involving high-quality content creation, finding and reaching out to relevant websites, and building long-term relationships; each of these steps is expertise-demanding and may take years to perfect.

Highly Competitive Environment

The SaaS industry is expected to grow at 19.7% for the next 6 years reaching a market cap of over $850 Bn by 2029. SEO is critical for SaaS companies to stay competitive.

YoY growth of Northa America SaaS industry

To succeed, a robust link-building strategy is necessary for visibility, authority, and rankings.

You Need To Have An Established Network

Creating partnerships with industry sites takes time – prospecting, outreach, and relationship building.

Outsourcing link-building to an SEO agency saves time and resources, letting you focus on core business functions for a stronger online presence in SaaS.

What Inbound Link Building Services do SEO Agencies Offer?

SEO Agencies offer a wide range of inbound link-building services tailored for SaaS companies. Your agency should have the following strategies as a part of its inbound link-building strategy.

Guest Blogging

Guest posting is like scoring a goal in the world of SEO for SaaS companies.

By creating valuable content for other websites, you can get a link back to your website, boosting your domain authority and referral traffic.

example of guest posts

With the right agency connections, you can use outreach link-building to get quantifiable and scalable results.

Link Building Using Data-Driven Content

Data-driven content is a smart way of engaging your audience and build links to other sites.

Your inbound link-building agency can help with high-quality content-based strategies like skyscraper technique, research and case studies, and visually striking infographics.

link building using skyscraper technique

Sharing unique insights and analysis can demonstrate expertise and enhance your reputation.

Brand Link Building Strategies

An SEO agency can conduct thorough research to identify brand mentions that aren’t linked to your website and reach out to the source to request the link be added.

example of unlinked brand mention

Similarly, your agency can help identify broken inbound links and request they be updated. These strategies ensure your website benefits from valuable backlinks and that valuable inbound links are working correctly.

example of linked brand mention

However, the emphasis on this strategy depends on the stage of your marketing campaign and your goals for SaaS business reach and popularity.

Digital PR and HARO

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) and Digital PR are dominant inbound link-building strategies that impact your brand awareness, build inbound links and attract target audience to your website.

Popular media outlets using HARO

Agencies specializing in these strategies can be of great value for your SaaS as a brand and business. This strategy however, can come with extra cost and may, or may not be a part of your marketing strategy based on your goals.

Reciprocal Link Building/ Link Exchange (A-B-C)

Reciprocal link-building or link exchange is a common technique where websites link to each other’s valuable

image representation of three-way link exchange

However, it should be approached with caution as search engines have strict guidelines on link schemes and penalize manipulative practices.

Google is against excessive link exchanges

Work with an SEO agency to build natural inbound links to your website that comply with guidelines.

Thorough SEO Strategies To Gain Editorial Links

To excel in the digital space and surpass rivals, your SaaS firm must utilize skilled SEO-based inbound link-building tactics such as broken link building, link insertion, reverse image search and resource page link building to identify prospects and seize link-building opportunities.

Check if the agency you are working with has these strategies in their SEO arsenal; if yes, get along with the team and check the scope if it aligns with your goals.

Links from Authority Review and Citation Websites

Links from review and citation sites like BrightLocal, G2, and Capterra benefit SaaS firms.

screenshot of review website

Agencies can aid in optimizing profiles on these platforms while also helping in generating positive ratings via review-generation campaigns.

Use BacklinkManager to Monitor Your Link-Building Campaigns

Monitoring link-building campaigns is crucial to maximize your investment benefits and ensure the desired results. However, not all SEO agencies offer link monitoring and maintenance services, so it is up to you to monitor your campaign’s success.

LinkedIn Post on Link-Rot - Michal Jackowski - Founder BacklinkManager

Considering the facts from the example above, if you are have a link building campaign of $400 per link for 25 links a month, you are risking almost $6000-$8400 of your money annually on link-rot!

reason for link-rot. Source - Ahrefs

According to a study, 74% of links were lost through 9-year span due to link-rot, accounting for 8% annual loss.

link rot post

BacklinkManager can save you time and money in this case by providing powerful tools to monitor, track, and analyze your backlinks and help you identify lost or broken internal links.

You can cover your thousands of dollars of SEO investment with just a $49 monthly subscription of BacklinkManager!

How to Choose a Good Link-Building Service for SaaS?

To find a good inbound link-building SEO agency for your SaaS company, consider these factors to filter the best options:

Metrics the Agency Monitors

SEO agencies offer different level of metrics based on their network and outreach capabilities. Here are some are key metrics for link building that differentiate between good and mediocre link building agencies:

  • Domain Authority of the referring domains used by the agency to build your links
  • Average traffic coming to the domain, and the specific page where the link is placed
  • Domain relevancy – the degree of topical similarity and audience overlap between the referring domain and yours.

Services Offered

A great SEO firm provides valuable assistance via quality services. When selecting an agency, review their portfolio, link-building offerings, feedback on support and responsiveness, and ensure their techniques align with your business goals and ethics.

Price vs Value for Money

Price is key when outsourcing any service. Our “value for money” index helps analyze link-building metrics, so you can make better decisions based on Price.

formula for calculation of value for money index

The higher the index value, the better the service is for the Price paid. Use this index to compare agencies and make informed decisions.

Anti Link-Rot Shield

An SEO agency’s anti-link-rot shield can preserve link-building campaign integrity. It safeguards acquired backlinks, ensuring their SEO value and benefiting website rankings and traffic.

Tools like BackLinkManager offer a valuable means of maintaining long-term link-building success and safeguarding backlink value for money.

Reputations and Connections in Your Industry

Partnering with an SEO agency with a good reputation and industry connections can benefit a SaaS company’s inbound link-building and long-term success. Evaluate an agency’s track record with other SaaS companies and relationships with relevant sites and influencers.

Reading reviews and testimonials from past clients can provide insight into their capabilities.

The Best Inbound Link Building Service Agencies for SaaS

With numerous agencies claiming to offer prime inbound link-building for SaaS firms, it’s tough to decide where to go. To save you time and effort, we have researched and curated a list of the best link-building agencies that have their services tailored for SaaS companies.


Quoleady is a reliable SEO and content marketing agency for SaaS companies since 2020. It has served clients like, Chanty, and RingBlaze with consistent growth and results.

Quoleady - Home Page

Led by founder Olga Mykhoparkina, Quoleady has a team of expert content marketers, SEO strategists, and outreach specialists. They have been mentioned by popular websites like, HubSpot, BPlans, and GoDaddy.

Services Offered

Quoleady has been working on a wide range of services specifically for SaaS companies that include digital PR, content marketing, link building, and marketing consultation.

Metrics Offered

Quoleady assures minimum monthly traffic of 1000+ with DR ranging between 20 to 70.

Packages and Price Per Link

Quoleady provides link-building services in three packages: Lite, Plus, and Pro plans based on DR and price per link. Minimum monthly budget for campaigning is $1,500.

link building package for Quoleady

Value for Money Index

Value for money index varies based on pricing packages, ranging from 80 to 156.

calculation of value for money index - Quoleady

The ‘Lite’ and ‘Pro’ plans represent the lower and upper range, respectively. The ‘Plus’ plan has a median value of 114.

ChilliFruit Web Consulting

Led by Milosz Krasinski, Chilli Fruit Web Consulting is a reputable link-building service provider for SaaS companies.

ChilliFruit Web Consulting - Home Page

Despite its low website profile, Milosz Krasinski has made numerous contributions on digital marketing and SEO, establishing himself as a well-known speaker and consultant in high demand.

Services Offered

ChilliFruit began as a web design agency but now focuses on SEO, content marketing, Digital PR, and inbound link-building for SaaS firms.

Metrics Offered

ChilliFruit sets high service standards with DR 70 minimum and 3000+ traffic bandwidth.

Packages and Price Per Link

ChilliFruit Consult provides tailored packages, and no set information is available, but prices are $350 per link for inbound links on sites with DR 70 and 3000+ traffic.

Value For Money Index

In terms of value for the money index, their calculated value will be

Calculation of value for money index - ChilliFruit Web Consulting

This is a relatively high value considering the price you pay for your link-building services, making ChilliFruit a good-to-go agency for your SaaS company SEO.


SayNine is a top off-page SEO agency for SaaS companies, proving itself with 4x growth for client EasyDMARC. CEO Georgi Mamajanyan, as stated in an interview, uses 9 strategies and 9 automated steps for link building, hence the name SayNine. - About Us

Services Offered

SayNine is a top SEO agency offering high-end link-building services for SaaS.

Metrics Offered

SayNine offers inbound links from DR 50+ sites with at least 1000 monthly traffic.

Packages and Price Per Link

SayNine offers inbound links from DR 50+ sites with at least 1000 monthly traffic. They’re flexible with metrics, so you can get better offers for the same price.

Value for Money Index

Regarding the Value for Money Index, SayNine scores

Calculation - value for money index

which is moderate in returns and prices. It’s an excellent choice for businesses seeking more links on a budget.

The Juice

Juice is a link-building agency for B2B SaaS agencies. - Home Page

They offer proven link-building services and have gained prominence for exceptional service quality, with clients like,, and

Services Offered

Juice solely focuses on delivering high-quality links for SaaS companies and is a strict B2B SaaS link-building agency.

Metrics Offered

Juice lacks control on link metrics, but promises DR 61 (avg.) and high monthly traffic.

Packages and Price Per Link

In terms of packages, Juice offers its services in terms of the number of links with varying prices for each count range. Here is a screenshot of their pricing for reference.

pricing packages -

Value for Money Index

Assuming min. traffic of 1k/month, their Value for Money Index ranges 66-150, that’s worth the price paid due to their proven track record of delivering quality results to clients.

Get Mentioned Today

With a client base of over 240 clients, GetMentioned.Today is a well-known SaaS link building services agency. Founded by Viktoria Medvedko, an SEO veteran herself, GetMentioned has clients like Hunter, UpNest, and CloudTalk – a direct testimony of their successful work.

SErvices Offered

GetMentioned.Today services include: guest post posting, editorial, HARO, and multilingual link building, all tailored for SaaS needs.

services offered by GetMentioned.Today

Metrics Offered

For metrics, GetMentioned.Today offers metrics based on chosen services, with a minimum of DR 50+ and 3000+ traffic for delivered links.

Packages and Price Per Link

Regarding link building packages here, they provide various link-building options, with most at $350 per link.

Pricing at $350/link flat - GetMentioned.Today

However, they also offer tailored packages for specific link-building services with prices ranging from $999 to $4999 per link.

HARO Services Pricing Packages - GetMentioned.Today

Value For Money Index

Assuming their general link-building Price of $350 and assured metrics, their Value for Money Index calculates up to 428.57.

Calculation of Value for Money Index - GetMentioned.Today

And that’s quite above what you would expect from any other link-building SEO agency.


The digital industry is disrupting with new offerings every day. To succeed, you must focus on digital marketing strategies, including SEO and inbound link-building services.

This blog post offers tips to choose the best service provider for your agency.

Do your homework, research their offerings and budget, and plan accordingly.

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Here are a few questions that get frequently asked when inbound link-building services are concerned:

What is Inbound Link Building?

Inbound link building boosts SEO and drives organic traffic by creating high quality backlinks to content, seeking link opportunities, and building relevant links from reputable sites while avoiding spam.

I am relatively new to this inbound link building SEO. What are the different terms and jargon I should be aware of to make it all easier for me?

Here are the terms that you should be aware of:

  • Anchor Text: Anchor text is clickable text within a hyperlink.
  • Algorithm Updates: Algorithm updates in SEO are changes to search engine algorithms that affect organic search engine rankings.
  • Domain Rating: Domain Rating is a metric by AHREFS to measure a website’s link profile strength, ranging from 0 to 100.
  • Link Attributes: Link attributes in HTML add info to links for browsers and search engines.
  • Inbound Links/Backlinks: These are links that originate from another site and lead to your own site.
  • Domain Authority: Domain authority is a Moz metric that predicts the likeliness of a website ranking on search engines on a scale of 0 to 100.

Do I need to monitor my backlinks once the results have been delivered by the service provider/agency? How can I do that?

The answer is YES! Monitoring backlinks is crucial for SEO success. Backlinks change over time, and staying on top of changes is essential search engine optimization.

With, you can rest assured that your backlinks are being monitored 24/7, so you can focus on growing your business and achieving your goals.

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