Link Building for SaaS – The Ultimate Guide and 18 Strategies That Work

How can link building for SaaS businesses help you improve online visibility and drive more organic traffic to your website?

Building quality backlinks is one of the most effective ways to improve your website’s authority and search engine rankings. If you strive to stay ahead of the competition in SERPs in the competitive SaaS industry, you need to use link-building to generate more traffic and conversions.

But how to actually start building links? In this article, we will share the ins and outs of link building and 18 proven link-building strategies for SaaS businesses.

There will be tips for you as we go on with the strategies and a tool – Backlink Manager, that can help you monitor the backlinks you’ve built to your SaaS, and manage the relationships with vendors and link-building agencies easier.

Let’s start!



  • Link-building is the process of establishing hyperlinks on relevant websites that link back to your page for increased visibility and brand awareness.
  • Regarding backlinks’ qualities, you should consider the referring website’s authority, relevance, positioning, anchor text used for the link on the page, and the type of link built (DoFollow or NoFollow).
  • A cohesive and effective link-building strategy can help SaaS businesses thrive and get higher SEO rankings.
  • Effective link-building increases your website’s DA, credibility, conversion rate, and organic traffic.
  • Strategies like guest blogging, building linkable assets, podcast and interview link-building, infographics, and resource page generation can help significantly improve your SEO ranking and flourish your SaaS business.
  • Backlink Manager helps you monitor your link-building efforts and prevent link rot (the links you’ve invested in building being removed over time) by sending you notifications when a link goes missing or the page is 404. You can group your partners, vendors and links into campaigns and projects with it easily.
  • It also connects you to website authors and developers to network with them so you can ask them to review your products and make guest posts for them.

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What is Link Building?

Link building refers to the process of you acquiring links to external links from other websites that direct traffic back to your own website.

Essential Things about Link Building You Should Know

It would be best to keep a few things in mind while implementing your link building campaign.

Dofollow vs Nofollow links

Dofollow links improve your site’s ranking and increase your SERP (search engine results pages), while nofollow links do not affect your SEO ranking.

Nofollow links are hyperlink extensions that can be added to your backlinks when you do not want to endorse or vouch for the website. On some pages, they are built in the comments section to prevent malicious and spam links from increasing.

However, nofollow links can help with promotion, brand visibility, and referral traffic-building purposes.

Finding link types from source code

To determine whether a link is nofollow or dofollow, you can view the blog’s source code that has linked you. All the external and internal links are included here.

You can also email the developer and persuade them to add a dofollow link instead.

Another extension called rel=” sponsored” is used to identify the paid links and sponsorships. The backlinks from these websites are not considered organic traffic and do not significantly affect the search engine rankings.

Anchor Texts

An exact match anchor text is when a hyperlink is added to a text the same as the target keywords it is trying to rank on the search engine. You have to ensure that not all of them are an exact match since they might be marked as “spam links” by Google because of excessive link exchanges. It is referred to as “anchor text abuse.”

So, the best course of action is to include branded anchor text, generic anchor text, and long-tail anchor text. It will establish a more natural and diverse backlink profile.

How to put anchor text

You can add your customizable anchor text by entering a line of code in the source, as shown here.

Benefits of using Link Building for SaaS

Simply paying for advertising drives your total cost, reduces organic traffic, and lowers your SEO ranking. You need a cohesive SEO strategy to stand out in the increasingly competitive SaaS industry.

Inbound links, also called backlinks, can be critical for SEO optimization because they direct the audience from other web pages to yours. High-quality backlinks can significantly improve your SEO and generate organic traffic for your page. So if you utilize legitimate link-building tactics for your company, you can establish a competitive advantage over other SaaS brands.

Let’s see the potential benefits of following effective link-building strategies for a high-quality SEO ranking.

Positively Influence the Search Engines’ Algorithm and Ranking

Backlink is among the top three factors influencing Google’s search engine ranking algorithm. So if you acquire high-quality backlinks, you can push your website’s content upwards in the search results and rank on search engine results.

It is especially important for SaaS companies like yours, as users typically only click on Google’s top four or five results. Potential customers can more easily discover your SaaS company when your ranking is higher in search results.

Increase The Credibility of Your Website

Search engines value high-quality backlinks as a sign of a credible and authoritative website. When trusted websites link to your website’s various pages, search engines like Google will view your site as trustworthy and relevant.

You will have a better possibility of higher search rankings for your target keywords since the search engines will consider you worth promoting. This increased credibility can also lead to more referral traffic, as users who trust the website linking to your site may be more likely to click through to your site.

Increase Domain Authority

Domain authority is a crucial metric for search engine algorithms that measures the strength and credibility of a website. Moz’s Domain authority works as score points in search engine optimization. It considers various factors, such as the quality of your inbound links. So, applying a proper link-building strategy for your domain will improve your SEO ranking in search engines by increasing your domain authority.

Moz Domain Authority Checker

You can analyze the domain of any website and see its details for free using Moz or similar authority checkers.

Moz Domain Analysis

Have Better Sources of Relevant Traffic

Backlinks help you get traffic for your website and gain access to audience who will be interested in your product or service. With improved visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs), you can get traffic from potential customers whom you can convert into qualified leads.

Ahref's organic vs paid traffic chart

You can see the number of paid and organic traffic through tools like Ahref’s.

Improve Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is critical to SaaS businesses like yours, so you should convince your users to convert from the first moment. What is a better way to impress them than informing them about your SaaS website or product through a credible website or Google’s first page?

And since people are already specifically looking for the content that you have to offer, their chances of converting are significantly higher.

Build Brand Awareness

You can take your brand awareness to new heights after you start to build links by highlighting your brand and what it has to offer. Your website’s position in the search engine rankings for the target keywords will also increase your brand awareness.

How Effective Link-building Helps SaaS Companies Grow?

Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, and other big SaaS brands implement individual link-building campaigns for growth. They have seen significant successes owing to their effective link-building strategies.


With an authority score of 91 and 1.3 billion backlinks, Adobe is a serious contender for one of the best SaaS platforms. They have 84% follow links and 16% no follow links among those backlinks.

Adobe SaaS


We all know about Microsoft’s influence in the SaaS industry with its leading services. It has a traffic value exponentially more than Adobe and an Authority Score of 94. An astounding 6.5 billion backlinks are linked to Microsoft, with 92% of them being dofollow links and the rest being nofollow links.

Microsoft SaaS

Besides industry leaders, relatively smaller SaaS brands have gained massive traction and website traffic from building links. For example:


HubSpot, the marketing and sales software platform, focuses on producing top-notch content that draws backlinks from reputable websites. The backlinks helped HubSpot noticeably improve its search engine rankings and increase its traffic, leads, and customers.

HubSpot SaaS


Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform. It has concentrated on connecting with thought leaders and influencers in their sector, leading to high-quality backlinks from reliable websites. This has increased traffic to their website and improved their search engine results.

SalesForce SaaS

Efficient Link Building Strategies for SaaS

You can’t deny the influence of your link building efforts on SaaS, as it can positively impact in giving you a stronghold in this ever-evolving industry. Backlinks are critical in terms of SaaS since they can improve your SEO to a great degree.

Let’s go through some proven link-building techniques to follow if you want to climb the ladder in the search engine rankings (with some tips added) :

SaaS Link Building Strategy #1 Publish Linkable Assets

There is no alternative to good content. You have to create content that delivers value to your readers. High-quality websites would intuitively want to link to them because of their ample resources and information. Make sure to use images, infographics, and statistics to attract instant attention.

The next step is incorporating your linkable article or website into these contents. You can build the content relevant to the particular topics before linking it.

Tips: You can use Ahref’s website to determine which topics generate the most traffic. Then collect and compile these resources to form informative content.

Ahref's Keyword Search

SaaS Link Building Strategy #2 Create Clickable Content on Trending Topics

You have to stay updated on trending topics that correspond with your niche.

You can generate a few clicks for your website by leveraging people’s curiosity on hot topics to earn domain points.

Tips: It can be troublesome as it works as instant gratification. People will move on to the next relevant thing, and you must constantly generate updated content to remain relevant.

SaaS Link Building Strategy #3 Unlinked Brand Mentions 

Search for the blogs or articles mentioning your website’s name but not providing a link. It can be a review, a referral, or user-generated content.

You can take the help of third-party software and tools that will list the websites that have used your website’s name but haven’t used links. BrandMentions is one of the popular tools that do that. It can include mentions from a long time.


Besides, you can also filter out which websites have mentioned you but didn’t link your website using the “Highlight unlinked domains” feature.

Brandmentions filters for unlinked domains

Tips: By reaching out to smaller blogs with a loyal following, you can increase the chances of your website being shown at the top of Google search results and build a trustworthy relationship with the author.

That way, the next time they write something that may is relevant to you, they will remember to link your website.

SaaS Link Building Strategy #4 Linked Brand Mentions

Linking to the home page usually doesn’t effectively encourage people to try out your product. Instead, linking them to the article or service they might be looking for will significantly improve your chances of acquiring new customers.

Moreover, it will be regarded as a high-quality backlink and increase your website’s domain authority in search engines.

Tips for link builders: “The more specific, the better” is the mantra in the case of link building. Find out what topics people are looking for the most on search engines. Then compare them with the number of traffics they are generating.

If the ratio is significant enough, you can build relevant links to that topic and increase your traffic count.

SaaS Link Building Strategy #5 Guest Posts

Blogging on reputable websites specific to your niche and including your website’s link will promote your brand to a potential new customer base. You can contact them to become a guest writer and create enlightening and high-quality materials to enrich their blog.

How to know which websites to create blogs for?

Guest blogging is one of the best link-building tactics you can pursue. However, you need to research to find low to mid-tier websites that correspond to topics relevant to your niche. You can use link building tools to filter out what you need easily.

Topic research filter - Ahrefs

While you can see which keywords generate the most traffic for a website, you can also find their activity status and the number of writers working for them. It will give you an idea of whether or not they will be interested in accepting guest posts and bloggers for their website.

Tips: You must ensure that when you create content for other people, the backlinks they allow you to add are “follow” links. If the entire purpose of your doing it is to increase your SEO ranking, nofollow links might be of no use to you since they do not affect your profile rating at all.

However, it is helpful for brand promotion and visibility. You can also link them in your portfolio as websites that have used you as a reference.

SaaS Link Building Strategy #6 CEO Interviews

One of the best ways for Saas link-building is to promote saas companies through Link-building outreach campaigns. Media request services can be a good strategy to do that.

Many websites and agencies interview CEOs, bring in SaaS experts, and talk to them on social media live streams. This boosts their website traffic since only the audience that truly wants to engage with the SaaS businesses gets to know of them.

Tips: Using a prospect list, companies can ask the founders or others of a SaaS startup to give interviews with their CEO.

SaaS Link Building Strategy #7 Fix The Broken Link Building

A blog post or article might have used your website as a reference, but the links they have used for you do not work. So, customers cannot come to your profile to consume your content even if they want to.

How to find broken links for websites?

You can find many service providers that find broken links for your website. You can find those specific link schemes or articles, email the writer or developer, and get them fixed.

To detect broken links on websites relevant to your niche, utilize tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, or Moz.

Find and Fix Broken Links - Semrush

Tips: When looking for broken links in websites about your niche, it doesn’t necessarily have to be for your website. Using the tools, you can filter the websites using keywords relevant to your service. Then you can email the authors individually and inform them about this problem.

Finally, you can provide them with a replacement link with similar content on their website instead.

SaaS Link Building Strategy #8 Podcast Link Building

Podcasting has become an extremely trendy part of the SaaS industry in recent times. You can start a podcast to reach a wider audience and build valuable relationships with other content creators in your industry. It can be a great opportunity of generating more inbound links to your websites.

You can also participate in others’ podcasts, share your stories with their audiences, and earn backlinks to your websites.

Podcasts can help you gain colossal brand visibility, valuable relationships, and lead-generation opportunities.

Tips: Always remember who the target demographic for your audience is. Since you are a SaaS business, you can give interviews on podcasting channels like Voucherify. They have interviewed SaaS CEOs before and have an audience of listeners interested in this topic.


SaaS Link Building Strategy #9 Influencer Endorsement

One of the oldest but most effective SEO strategies is asking influencers particular to your niche to promote your content.

It will come at the price of hiring or sending them free stuff for review. However, you can access a loyal fanbase once you get an influencer to endorse your product.

Referral links can generate a lot of clicks. So you can ask influencers to link your products to their channel and social media. Additionally, the influencers can mention that by clicking that specific code, the users can get a discount on the subscription fee.

Tips: For influencer endorsement, the most difficult part is finding an influencer that fits your niche. Once you successfully do that, the traffic will most likely flow automatically.

SaaS Link Building Strategy #10 Creating Infographics

Another great link-building method can be to create infographics on various trending topics.

You can acquire backlinks by creating custom-generated high-quality content that will make people want to link them. This type of content usually requires you to research the topics heavily before making an infographic.

Tips: When it comes to rankings, an information-packed cohesive infographic is highly valuable to both clients and competitors. It is advised to update the links after a particular interval of time so that it keeps being relevant.

SaaS Link Building Strategy #11 Roundups and Resource Pages Creation

Information is one of the most valuable resources you can offer. But people usually prefer the convenient medium to obtain it.

Manually searching out which service provider has what rating or review is very tough. People prefer a single blog linking what experts say about the particular software. Roundups and resource pages serve this exact purpose and can bring more potential customers to your website.

Tips: Many blogs with titles like “Top 10 marketing agencies you should know about” or “Top SaaS providers that will make your job easier” can generate significant clicks if they are from a reputable source.

You can either pitch your service to blogs like this or write one yourself and include yours as one of them.

These blog posts can generate high referral traffic. Moreover, it opens the door to potential customers and networking leads.

SaaS Link Building Strategy #12 Networking with Authoritative Websites

Building trustworthy relationships with authors of authoritative websites can help you acquire high-quality links. You can ask them to review your products by offering them a free subscription for a significant amount of time and other incentives.

Tips: Ensure that the referring domains are worth your time by checking whether they are high-credibility websites.

SaaS Link Building Strategy #13 Send Personalized Outreach

Sending an email or phone call that appears inconsistent with branding or messaging can’t do any good for you. It is essential to make outreach personalized, even if it can be a difficult task to do when you need to outreach a lot of people.

Tips: Some CRM software companies will handle your pitches and automatically handle your calls to dozens of sources. Evaluate how many contacts you have and determine how the personalized outreach plan should work.

SaaS Link Building Strategy #14 Image Credit and Linking

Like unlinked brand mentions, pages often use your image without linking them. You can acquire links from these places by emailing them about the issue and asking them for credit with an inbound link to your website.

Tips: You can utilize Google’s reverse image search or Google Lens to find websites using images from your website or content. You can reach out to them and ask them to use your hyperlinks in their blogs.

Reverse-image google search

SaaS Link Building Strategy #15 Content about Ranking Websites

A good way of building links is to write blogs or make guest posts about ranking websites. It will include links to a lot of websites, including your competitors. It can also work as a resource roundup, making people want to check out similar service providers.

Collaborating with your competitors can create an advantage in this case. You can ask them to post the content with all the links in their relevant section. It can work as a mutual beneficiary action where both you and your competitors get more organic traffics.

Tips: It is better to be impartial and include the pros and cons of all websites, including yours, to ensure reliability. You need to make a persuasive case to all of your competitors about why they should post the content you made.

SaaS link-building strategy #16 Create Free Tools

Creating free tools can be an essential link-building strategy in most SaaS businesses. Free tools are convenient and help users do their job without committing financially. As a result, these free tools attract lots of traffic backlinks.

A free SaaS can be anything related to the industry or its core product. You can also try to use one to attract more customers with small free tools.

Tips: You can get the links directly through a web page without being known as Ahrefs. If you create small but useful things, such as an ROI calculator, you can share that on your Facebook page.

SaaS link-building strategy #17 Encourage Others to Review Your Product

People are naturally interested and ready to try your product if someone trustworthy approves it.

You can make a trustworthy blogger affiliate partner and get them to review a particular niche and highlight the benefits of your product. The positive feedback from the reviewers can help you get more referral traffic and brand exposure.

Affiliate program - Hubspot

Tips: You might offer the affiliate three months of access and a higher affiliate payoff.

SaaS link building strategy #18 Create Useful Case Studies

A case study can interestingly demonstrate your product’s or service’s expertise. They are also suitable for inbound linking as magnets. If you can use the case study properly, it can be an excellent tool that people will also continue to refer to how you solved a problem in hand. It will be both word-of-mouth marketing and inbound linking for you.

Tips: To appeal to people, you must build a story with your data. Just citing numbers doesn’t give them value.

How to Create Incredible Content that Earns Links Over Time

You need a lot of high quality links and content for a successful link building campaign. You should try to create content that resonates with your audience.

Besides creating an informative and visually pleasing article, ensure it is a modifiable linkable asset. This means the same link can be modified to keep it updated and relevant. For example: “Top 10 most-used Marketing tools of all time” or the “Most used SaaS providers in 2023,” and you can modify the title slightly and upgrade each year.

KPIs to Measure Your Link Building Campaign Success

Here are some key performance indicators (KPIs) you should measure to determine the success of your backlinks.

Domain authority score

It can assess your performance compared to your competitors regarding Search Engine visibility. A higher domain authority score means a website is more likely to appear in SERPs than its competitors.

Return on investment

You can get an idea of the return on investment by comparing the number of organic traffic to the traffic value.

The higher the return on investment, the more successful the strategy. Semrush, SimilarWeb, Ahrefs, Sitechecker, and Serpstat are among the leading tools to determine your website’s traffic value.

Ahref's Traffic value determination

The Total Number of Backlinks

You should also consider the total number of backlinks for making a diverse portfolio of backlinks from different types of websites and doing a competitive analysis.

Ahref's backlink profile for websites

3 Common Black Hat Link-Building Tactics to Avoid

A few “effective” techniques can instantly increase your backlink quantity. However, we do not recommend them since Google can penalize you for manipulated site rankings. These black hat tactics can cause you to lose your position within SERPs.

Here are some of them:

Building Irrelevant Links

Link building in SaaS is a difficult process, so building irrelevant links seem like a tempting option. But you must make the necessary connections and choose how to link your website carefully.

Make sure to avoid making shortcuts by using links on irrelevant websites. You should concentrate on developing quality links for the best DA websites for any business sector. Search engine optimization is more sophisticated in determining backlink relevance.

Anchor text abuse

Anchor texts can increase the ranking in Google. This is how many manipulate anchor text for ranking on Google. The resulting links and optimizing such links, are also against Google’s rules. Depending on how you see this, you’ll probably be penalized. Besides, anchor texts are also risky in backlinks.

Private Blog Networks

PBNs are a group of websites created by purchasing expired domains with high PageRank. All websites in this network have the same owner.

When tracking down these websites, Google and other search engines look for spammy, low-quality backlinks that add no value to the SERPs. It helps them identify if the owner is trying to manipulate the algorithm and punish them in rankings accordingly.

Backlink Manager to Monitor All Your Backlink Requirements

Backlink Manager is a CRM built especially for link building that helps you manage clients and link-building outreach partnerships, monitor links, and get notifications when one goes active or broken.

Backlink Manager categorizes all your backlinks by status, anchor text, and priority. It can update you about the inbound links’ status, whether or not a link is broken or non-functional, and the priority of the referring domains.

Backlink profiles on Backlink Manager

One of the best link-building strategies for link-building is guest posting for websites. Backlink Manager creates link-building opportunities for you by connecting you with websites that are taking potential guest bloggers for their websites.

Backlinkmanager dashboard

The missing backlinks and brand mentions are shown on the dashboard, so you can email them about building more links, at your convenience.

Backlink Manager uses a simple interface to inform you about your upcoming partnerships and link status. Instead of relying on multiple websites, you can use Backlink Manager to have all your requirements in one place.

Final Words

Link building makes all the difference in improving SaaS businesses’ online visibility and driving more traffic to their website. From industry leaders like Adobe and Oracle to relatively smaller websites like Hubspot, implement effective link-building strategies to increase website traffic significantly

Whether you choose to either build links or acquire links, the SaaS link-building strategies mentioned above can effectively optimize search engines and help your business flourish. We hope you can increase organic traffic to your website and achieve your digital marketing goals with these link building strategies.

Looking to manage your inbound link building campaigns more effectively? Try Backlink Manager by availing of the free plan or booking a demo to see how it can help you.

The Ultimate Guide to Inbound Link Building Services: Top Agencies for Every Region and Industry in the US

Struggling to find the right inbound link building service agencies for your business?

With so many agencies claiming to be the best, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. But no worries! We’ve done the research for you and found the top inbound link building services in the USA.

Inbound link building is a crucial aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) that can significantly impact your website’s ranking on search engine result pages. However, it’s not just about getting links but acquiring quality, relevant links from reputable sources.

This is where inbound link building services come in, as they can help you design a link building program and secure high-quality links to boost your website’s authority and online presence.

In this article, we will explore the top agencies for inbound link building services in various regions and industries in the USA and a tool that can help you deal with agencies conveniently – Backlink Manager.

Let’s get started!


  • Inbound link building involves creating high-quality backlinks to a website, showing search engines that it is reputable and informative.
  • Inbound link building services agencies help you acquire high-quality backlinks from top-standard content on relevant websites to improve SEO.
  • Stellar SEO and OutreachMama are two of the best link building service agencies in the USA.
  • Openmoves is a popular inbound link building service agency in the Northeast for its personalized approach and commitment to transparency.
  • OuterBox is a top contender for the Midwest region with ethical and sustainable link building services tailored to a brand’s requirements.
  • North Star Inbound is a popular SEO link building service in the South, emphasizing sustainable and scalable links for long-term results.
  • Page One Power is a trusted name in the West, offering manual link building solutions that scale to businesses’ needs.
  • With its prior experience, North Star Inbound can be useful for government agencies.
  • The Upper Ranks can be a perfect choice for enterprise-level businesses.
  • Linkology’s features and abilities best fit the needs of an e-commerce business.
  • Backlink Manager can be the perfect tool to manage your partnership with agencies and clients more effectively and efficiently.

What is Inbound Link Building?

Inbound link building refers to generating high-quality backlinks to a website and getting other websites to link to your site. It helps you by using more links and showing search engines that your site is reputable, informative, and worth ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

It involves identifying relevant websites and blogs that may link to your content. It also requires you to analyze your own site for old or broken links and fix them to improve your link profile.

You should not confuse inbound links with internal linkings or incoming links with outbound links. Inbound links direct to your own web pages from other websites, while outbound direct to other websites, and internal links direct to your web pages but from another page on your website.

What are Inbound Link Building Services Agencies?

Inbound link building services agencies specialize in building links to your website from other high-quality websites. The main objective of these agencies is to enhance your website’s online visibility and ranking for specific keywords by creating and acquiring backlinks from other sites.

Best Inbound Link Building Service Agencies in the US

Let’s go through some of the best link building service agencies in the USA.

Stellar SEO: Boost Your Rankings in Search Engines

Stellar SEO is a top-rated inbound link building service agency in the USA. With its team of skilled professionals, Stellar SEO has been helping its clients rank higher in search engines for years.

Stellar SEO takes a systematic approach that combines high-quality content with impactful link placements to help businesses improve their search engine rankings and reach their target audience. It works closely with each client to understand their goals and develop a custom strategy that employs the most effective combination of tactics to achieve those goals.

It goes through a rigorous 9-step process, including research, competitor analysis, prospecting, etc., for building the right backlink.

Stellar SEO flow of action

OutreachMama: Control Your Inbound Links Campaigns


OutreachMama is a well-known inbound link building service agency in the USA that offers high-quality link building services to businesses. It can help you improve ranking with inbound linking in-content links from high-profile publishers.

It goes through a 5-step link building process from identifying linkable content to content creation. You will have complete control over every aspect of the link building process while the teams at OutreachMama work on it. You also get to approve content and publishers before they go live.

Best Inbound Link Building Service Agencies in The US by Regions

Here are the best inbound link building service agencies in the USA by region.

Northeast Region: Openmoves


Openmoves is a leading inbound link building service agency based in New York, United States. It helps businesses improve search engine rankings and online visibility by building high-quality, authoritative website backlinks.

Openmoves takes the time to understand a business’s unique needs and goals. It even gives out free SEO audits, which you can avail of by scheduling an SEO Site Review. This personalized approach ensures every campaign starts effectively and delivers the best results.

With its commitment to transparency and communication, Openmoves is a popular inbound link building service agency in the Northeast region. Openmoves informs its clients of progress, providing detailed reports and analysis so businesses can see their investments’ results.

Midwest Region: Outerbox

OuterBox is a top contender for the Midwest region’s best link building service agency. Based in Akron, Ohio, Outerbox Design has been providing industry-leading SEO services for over 15 years.

Its dedication to using only ethical and sustainable link building techniques by following Google guidelines makes it stand out as one of the best options. It focuses its link building services on networking and researching the best potential backlinking opportunities.

You will also get a custom link building strategy tailored to your brand requirements, goals, and SEO objectives.

OuterBox link building

South Region: WebFX


North Star Inbound, based in Austin, Texas, is one of the South region’s most popular SEO link building services. Its comprehensive link building services aim to assist businesses in search engine optimization and drive more organic traffic to their websites.

North Star Inbound emphasizes making sustainable and scalable to generate inbound links to help you build your brand and get long-term results. It uses outreach, content development, and broken link building tactics to generate high-quality inbound links from relevant sites in its clients’ industries.

West Region: Page One Power

Page One Power

When it comes to inbound link building services, Page One Power is one of the most trusted names in the West. With Page One Power, you won’t have to worry about this time-consuming task of building links to improve your page and domain authority.

Page One Power helps businesses improve search traffic and rankings with its skill and experience in manual and link building strategies. It provides sustainable link building solutions that scale to your wants regardless of your business size or industry. You will get high-quality, relevant inbound links that will have a lasting impact on your search engine rankings.

Best Inbound Link Building Service Agencies by Industries

Now, let’s go through the top inbound link building service agencies in various industries.

Enterprise-level Businesses: The Upper Ranks

The Upper Ranks

The Upper Ranks offers a range of features perfectly tailored to meet the specific needs of large-scale SaaS businesses. It has prior experience working with various large brands, including publicly traded companies and Fortune 500 companies. So it knows how to deal with the needs of enterprise-level businesses.

The Upper Ranks offers a range of inbound link building services, including guest posting, broken link building, and niche edits. Before creating a guest post or a link, it goes through the rigorous process of researching, prospecting and outreaching every site.

Small Businesses: Link Building HQ

Link Building HQ offers a range of features to help small businesses with better value for money. It offers on-demand link building, which is a one-stop-shop package for backlinks. It can be a great choice for those who don’t have a regular schedule for order placement.

On-Demand link building - Link Building HQ

You can use a wide range of features, from guest posting to broken link building. Its team of experts also can help you acquire high-quality backlinks that boost your website’s search engine rankings and drive more traffic.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): Sure Oak

Sure OA

Sure Oak’s approach of combining relationships with proven processes and strategies can be particularly useful for SaaS businesses that rely heavily on partner links. It prioritizes relationships with influencers and bloggers to ensure your content reaches the right audience.

Sure Oak focuses on creating high-quality backlinks that are relevant to the SaaS industry. It further uses “toxic link management” to find the links that harm your site’s performance and eliminate them.

Legal Businesses: Loganix

Loganix helps businesses of all sizes improve their online presence and increase their visibility in search engines through high-quality inbound link building services. It also understands the importance of inbound link building efforts in the legal industry and provides service accordingly.

Inbound links play a significant role in establishing your website’s authority and credibility in the eyes of potential clients of legal businesses. Loganix has honed its skills and techniques to deliver customized and effective links and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Loganix link building

Government Agencies: North Star Inbound

 North Star Inbound

As a government agency, having a strong online presence and an effective link building strategy is critical for your website’s visibility and credibility. North Star Inbound’s link building services can cater to the unique needs of government agencies by providing high-quality, relevant, and authoritative links to your website.

North Star Inbound has already worked for high-level clients, like The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, BBC, Politico, etc. So it knows how to bring success to reputed large-scale organizations with a personalized approach in inbound link solutions.

North Star Inbound partners

E-commerce Businesses: Linkology


In the competitive world of e-commerce, building high-quality inbound links can give your business an advantage. And Linkology is one of the best inbound link building service agencies to help your e-commerce businesses.

With Linkology, you can get high-quality backlinks at the right price. It has a huge publisher base that can give you access to link building services for both English-speaking and international markets.

Linkology also has a massive spam blacklist of 70,000+ sites that it will check against for you. It will also select sites for you by assessing their condition with its powerful in-house formulas.

Healthcare Businesses: LinkDoctor


As a healthcare provider, your main focus should be spreading the word about excellent patient care. And LinkDoctor can help you with your link building campaign through services tailored to your company’s unique needs and core competencies.

LinkDoctor can provide high-quality link building services relevant to the healthcare industry. You can easily generate organic referral traffic, and acquire more customers by aligning these high-quality, authoritative inbound links with your business.

It prioritizes quality over quantity by creating high-quality organic backlinks that’ll matter to both Google and your potential customers.

Real Estate Business: The HOTH


The HOTH is a popular inbound link service that offers top-notch inbound link building strategies and services to various industries. One of their strengths is providing inbound link solutions to real estate businesses. As a result, it has become a go-to option for businesses looking to improve their online presence and generate high-quality leads.

It aims to create engaging and informative content tailored to real estate businesses’ needs. You can easily attract natural inbound links from other websites with the content.

Its features include link and blogger outreach, foundational link building, and content syndication service with 100+ high authority news across the US.

Non-Profit Organizations: Page One Power

Page One Power understands non-profit organizations (NPOs) and their competitors. It also has the expertise to help NPOs build a strong online presence.

Page One Power researches and identifies relevant, high-quality websites that fit you well. If NPOs like you align this targeted approach with your goals and plans, you can receive inbound links and increase your online visibility and credibility.

Page One Power link building

Backlink Manager: Monitor Agencies & Clients’ Inbound Links

Backlink Manager

One of the biggest challenges in link building is the issue of link rot. Link rot occurs when the websites that are linking to a client’s website remove those links, resulting in a loss of traffic and potential revenue.

Backlink Manager offers an exceptional solution to help you monitor the backlinks that are built on your behalf by agencies. It offers an automated back link analysis tool monitoring system that helps businesses track link development progress, receive notifications when a connection’s status changes (if it is active or removed), and assess each link exchange partner’s quantity and quality.

It lets you share their link-building goals with partners via shareable sheets. In a few clicks, you can also send link requests from specific pages on their blog post to partner’s domains and get status updates on link exchanges. You can also write guest posts with automatic hints depending on your ongoing partnerships and building goals.

You can automatically generate reports on the number of do-follow and no-follow links you’ve built for each client, domain, or target (URL) in a given period. Then, you can visualize the link-building data on charts and graphs, gauge the built dofollow links’ quality, and automatically share reports with partners and clients.

It can also help you find the perfect link exchange partners by domain relevance, DR, and anchor in its upcoming Link Exchange Marketplace.

It offers a free plan and 2 premium plans: Pro at $49/month and Enterprise at $500/month. You can try a free trial or book a demo to start with the tool.

Backlink Manager Pricing

Summing Up

Inbound link building is an integral part of your SEO efforts to drive growth for your business. We hope this ultimate guide will help you find the right pick for your business by significantly saving time.

To summarize:

  • Inbound link building is important, but it is more important to choose the right agency.
  • Find the agency that better fits your needs, knows your competitors and industries better, and brings more value for your money.

Want to manage your inbound link building campaigns better with Backlink Manager? Grab the free plan or book a demo to experience how it can help you.

22 Best PR Outreach Email Templates in 2023

Have you ever tried emailing journalists, bloggers or influencers to notice and write about your business? Then you know how hard it can be. That’s exactly where a PR outreach email templates come in handy!

In this article, you will find out:

  • What are the goals of PR outreach? We will help you save time and create a professional image of your business.
  • How to write an effective email outreach template? We will show you what you should consider while creating such templates.
  • What are the types of PR outreach email templates? Different occasions require different writing styles, and we’ve prepared many consistent templates for you.

Sounds good? Let’s improve your “outreach game” then!


  • A PR outreach email  can increase your brand’s awareness, build your authority and credibility, create several worthy backlinks to your page or announce an important event for your business.
  • You can aim for many different objectives while writing media emails, but you’ll be better off preparing a PR outreach email template which will speed up and organize the whole process. Personalize your writing and put yourself in the shoes of the recipient.
  • Keep your messages short and sweet. A catchy subject line and substantial follow up are the way to go.
  • Timing is crucial in many business aspects, including media outreach. Be mindful of the context of every outreach email template you create, and double-check your assumptions to improve your email outreach.
  • There are many different objectives you could aim for with PR outreach emailing. You must prepare outreach email templates for different occasions and tell your story concisely, captivatingly and honestly via a short email.
  • A guest post inquiry is aimed at the website owner with a request to publish the guest post on their website. A reaching out to an influencer email explains who you are, why you are writing, and your value proposition. A good “Product review” PR outreach template presents yourself, your product and what you offer. A thank you email is a nice way to start or maintain a relationship with someone who delivers valuable content. A follow up email is a good idea if the recipient of your email opened it but did not reply, or if you know the person was interested in your offer but did not respond.
  • A good PR outreach email for a podcast, new feature announcement or a product launch should include the article name, a specific point about the article, a link to the article and ask for permission before sharing the infographic.
  • Fundraising outreach emails should clearly explain the fundraising goal, how the recipient can help, and what the incentives are for donating. They should also include a CTA. A “congratulations” PR outreach email template is a friendly way to congratulate someone on a recent accomplishment, introduce yourself and establish contact at the same time. An event invitation outreach email template should be concise, clear and capture the reader’s attention.
  • When someone mentions your brand but doesn’t link to your website, you should contact them and request them to fix it. A good book review can gain you much attention. Reach out to journalists or bloggers who, at the same time, are reviewers and tell them why they would be relevant content and how it will benefit their readers. Start by preparing a list of top bloggers in your business niche and then contact them, explaining why you are writing and what you would like to achieve by working with them.
  • There are several tools that can help you with your PR outreach:
  • With Backlink Manager, you can track your links and manage the relationships you acquired with influencers, link builders etc.
  • Prowly can help you find the right journalists to reach out to.
  • Ahrefs also helps you track backlinks and has in-built tools for link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking and site audits.

    Try Backlink manager to help you monitor your PR campaign results!


The goals of a PR outreach email

First things first – what is the purpose of these efforts? PR outreach emailing is one of the best ways to grow your business nowadays. A captivating and appealing website is a must, but it won’t be enough. Even the best-designed site won’t convert into sales if nobody visits it. That’s why you have to capture the attention of your target audience and raise awareness of what you offer externally.

An effective PR outreach is an efficient way of doing so. It can increase your brand’s awareness, build your authority and credibility, create several worthy backlinks to your page or announce an important event for your business, like a funding round or a new product lunch.

Whatever your goal is, a well-done PR outreach resulting in press coverage will help you to achieve it.

How to write an effective email outreach template

There are many different objectives you can aim for while writing media emails. However, whether you’re interested in a guest post, link building, a brief call or anything else, you’ll be better off preparing a PR outreach email template which will speed up and organize the whole process.

There are a few rules to creating a successful template:

  • Personalize your writing. Remember, the recipient of your email is a human being who most likely receives dozen of different emails daily, just like you do. Put yourself in their shoes. Don’t write in a vague, unattractive way. Think about what would make you more likely to open an email from a stranger, and take some time to personalize your emails, so they do not look like an AI generate content (as efficient as it is, it’s still writing done by machines).
  • Keep your messages short and sweet. Currently, we communicate at a crazy-fast pace, the attention span is getting shorter and shorter, and TLDR (too long, didn’t read) is a very common acronym. Respect the time of the person you write to, and be concise. The briefer you are, the more likely your proposition will be read. A catchy subject line and substantial follow up are the way to go.
  • Demonstrate value. If you reach out to someone, you ask for a favour, not the other way around. Your email should clearly show why it’s worth helping you out and why your value proposition is better than the countless other solutions on the market.
  • Show professionalism. It is probably the biggest trait in any business. Ensure your writing style is respectful and shows you know what you are talking about. Find the sweet spot which presents you and your brand in a relevant way.
  • Find the right timing. As you’re probably already aware, timing is crucial in many business aspects. It’s the same when it comes to media outreach.  Be mindful of the context of every outreach email template you create. Who and when will read it? When and where will you send it? A few simple questions and double-checking your assumptions will improve your email outreach.

Keep in mind that, more often than not, your message will be a cold email – meaning it will be a first contact with the recipient. It drastically reduces the chances of the reply, but don’t worry, with time and by reading our blog, you’ll get much more proficient at it!

The types of PR outreach email templates

There are many different objectives you could aim for with outreach emailing. For your actions to be effective and well sorted out, you must prepare outreach email templates for different occasions. Needless to say, asking for media coverage of your first funding round requires a different approach than trying to set up a quick call with a blogger or influencer.

Every worthwhile business has a story. It’s your job to tell that tale concisely, captivatingly and honestly via a short email. Craft your email templates to increase the chances of getting your story heard.

The more thought-out your templates are, the more successful your PR outreach will be. That being said, let’s look at our picks for the best PR outreach email templates.

1. Guest post inquiry template

Such an inquiry is usually aimed at the website owner with a request to publish the guest post on their website. Guest posts are a great way to increase traffic to your site, create backlinks (and we can’t stress enough how important they are in the modern era) and develop fruitful relationships with other businesses or bloggers.

Here’s an example of good guest posts inquiry PR outreach email

2. “Reaching out to an influencer” template

How to get the attention of an influencer relevant to your business niche? By reaching out to them, explaining who you are, why you are writing, what’s your value proposition, and how they can benefit from a partnership with you.

Here’s an example of a good “reaching out to an influencer” PR outreach email

3. Product review PR outreach template

The idea here is similar to the one above. You reach out to someone relevant to your business niche and offer them your product for free to review. Keep it simple – present yourself, your product and what you offer.

Here’s an example of a good “Product review” PR outreach email

4. The “Thank You” PR outreach template

Writing a “thank you” email to someone who delivers valuable content is a method to start or maintain an existing relationship. A personalized comment can be a kind way of introducing who you are and your business.

Example of a good “Thank You” PR outreach email

5. Follow up template

If the recipient of your email opened it or clicked the link you provided but did not reply, or you know that the person you wrote to was interested in your offer but did not respond, it’s a good idea to write a follow up email.

When you do so, use a “two-step” tactic – add some extra assets connected to your original proposition (e.g. a link to another content or visuals).

here’s an example of a good follow up PR outreach email

6. The “broken link” email outreach template

Whenever you encounter a dead link on a resource page, writing an outreach email mentioning your finding and offering a backlink to your page is a good idea.

It can be a win-win situation but ensure you offer a backlink to a relevant and valuable post. Such requests won’t work every time, but when they do, it will be worth your time.

Example of a good “broken link” PR outreach email

7. Infographic email outreach template

Infographics are an effective way to present information in a blog post, and that’s why they are so widely used. How to offer such a graphic? Remember to:

  • Mention the article name (not the URL – that’s what spammers do)
  • Mention something specific about the article (proving that you’ve read it)
  • Ask before sharing the infographic (asking for permission is more polite than just sending your content)

Here’s how an example of a good infographic PR outreach email looks like

8. Podcast pitch email outreach template

For the last few years, podcasts have been on the rise, and it seems to be the case for the foreseeable future. Being featured in a podcast is a great way to reach a new audience and build a brand. It also establishes your credibility and increases your reach.

The best part is that podcasts are relatively inexpensive compared to other media outlets and are an affordable way to put your company name in front of more people.

Example of a good podcast pitch PR outreach email

9. New feature announcement email template

A new feature or a product launch is a perfect opportunity to get press releases or precious backlinks. Pick journalists, editors or influencers who operate in your niche and craft a simple and clear announcement. Remember to use images and videos, and you are good to go.

Example of a good feature announcement outreach email

10. Fundraising outreach template

Whenever you mention fundraising in an email, remember to:

  • clearly explain what the fundraising goal is, how the recipient can help, and what the incentives are for donating
  • describe how the funds will be used
  • always include a CTA

Example of a good fundraising outreach email

11. Backlink request email template

In this day and age, backlinks are the backbone of any online presence, making them precious.

Getting them from other relevant sites is not easy, so remember to demonstrate value in a link to your website.

Here’s how a polite backlink request can look like

12. “Congratulations” PR outreach email template

Such an email is a friendly way to congratulate someone on a recent accomplishment (new product or service launch, an award or a press release), introduce yourself and establish contact at the same time.

Example of a good “congratulations” PR outreach email

13. An event invitation email template

How do you maximize the chance of guests you count on attending your branded event? By writing attractive invitations.

Such an invitation should be: concise, clear and capture the reader’s attention. It should also CTA the reader to RSVP or take action.

Here’s an example of a good event invitation outreach email

14. Partnership announcement email template

Partnerships between companies often lead to new and exciting premises, which is worth communicating. If you outreach about a new partnership, make sure you:

  • describe the relationship between the two companies
  • explain the benefits of the partnership to both parties
  • outline the strategy of the collaboration

Here’s an example of a good partnership announcement outreach email

15. Survey results email template

People love numbers, right? We sure do, as they often provide informative and interesting data. You can use survey results to your advantage in outreach emails. Consider including visuals such as graphs, charts and tables to help illustrate your point and the value you offer.

An example of a good survey results outreach email

16. Webinar invitation email outreach template

Webinars are a popular way to gain brand exposure. How to achieve satisfactory attendance of viewers? By sending out invitations which:

  • simplify registration process
  • clearly present the value of the content to be presented
  • do not overadvertise the event

Here’s an example of a good webinar invitation outreach email

17. Link reclamation email outreach template

When someone mentions your brand but does not link to your website, you should contact them and kindly request them to fix it. For you, it’s an effective way of getting a valuable backlink. For them, it improves the user experience of their visitors.

Example of a good reclamation email outreach email

18. Book review request email template

How can you reach a target audience for your book? By getting reviews (hopefully, good ones). One way of doing so is reaching out to journalists or bloggers who, at the same time, are reviewers. A sincere and favourable review can gain you much attention.

Remember to mention what’s your book about, who has already liked it and why you believe your recipient will like it.

Here’s an example of a good book review request outreach email

19. Speaker invitation email outreach template

The more recognizable you are, the easier it is to get insightful guests at the events you organize. However, even if you’re still building your brand, you can use email to reach potential guests.

Keep in mind everything we’ve already written: keep your writing style personal, short and professional.

Here’s an example of a good speaker invitation outreach email

20. New blog post promotion email outreach

Have you or any of your authors recently written a killer blog post? If so, it’s worth spreading the word.

Use your media contacts and tell them why it would be relevant content and how it will benefit them and their readers.

Here’s an example of a good new blog post promotion outreach email

21. Blogger outreach email template

Getting your content in front of a devoted fanbase of the right person will help to build your brand awareness.

Start with preparing a list of top bloggers in your business niche and then contact them, explaining why you are writing and what you would like to achieve by working with them.

Example of a good blogger outreach email

22. Collaboration PR outreach

If done honestly, paid collaborations are a great way to get relevant publications or website traffic.

When you offer a paid collaboration, clarify your goals, why you want to work with a person you write to, and why it’s worth their time to work with you.

If you feel like it’s the right choice, here’s an example of a good collaboration PR outreach email

Best tools to measure the effects of your PR email outreach

Choosing the best email outreach software is one thing (a link to another blog post?), but measuring the effects of your actions is a different story. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of useful apps to help you estimate your progress over time.

Backlink Manager

With Backlink Manager, you can track your links with an automated system that notifies you when a link you paid for has been removed or the page is down. It also allows you to manage the relationships you acquired with the influencers, link builders etc., via your PR email outreach.


Ahrefs helps you track the number of backlinks against your competitors. Its bot is the second most active web crawler, and, as a result, they have one of the biggest backlink databases in the industry. Ahrefs also has in-built tools for link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking and site audits.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a tool that audits common SEO issues and highlights what you should improve on your website. Among many features, it also allows you to find broken links, analyze page titles and metadata or discover duplicate content.


We hope the PR outreach email will be significantly easier with our help. Let us know which PR outreach email template you like best!

As with many other areas of digital marketing, it takes time to see the effects of your efforts. Wrapping up, we’d like to remind you to:

  • prepare your own outreach email templates to make the process more efficient
  • know your goals before you set out
  • use tools to measure the results of your outreach to maximize the effects of your work

Want to get started with Backlink Manager? Go to and see how you can easily manage your PR email outreach outcomes.