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Aleksandra Tachalova

Alexandra Tachalova is a notable figure in the SEO and digital marketing industry, particularly recognized for her expertise in enhancing the online presence of SaaS companies. As the founder of Digital Olympus, she has significantly contributed to the field by securing authoritative brand mentions and establishing valuable links from reputable sources. Let’s explore more about Alexandra and her company.


  • Alexandra Tachalova is  distinguished digital marketing consultant and founder of Digital Olympus.
  • She specializes in elevating SaaS companies in SERPs through authoritative brand mentions and strategic link building.
  • Alexandra Tachalova used to work at SEMrush, now she’s the CEO and founder of Digital Olympus a link building agency known for its meticulous, relationship-based link-building strategy.
  • Alexandra got a lot of testimonials from industry leaders like Kevin Indig, John Doherty, Michael Geneles, and Jack Shepherd . All underscore Tachalova’s effectiveness, and professionalism of Alexandra and her team.
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Who is Alexandra Tachalova?

Aleksandra Tachalova

Alexandra Tachalova has emerged as a pivotal figure in digital marketing, particularly in the SEO sphere. Her expertise lies in crafting strategies that not only enhance brand visibility but also ensure sustained growth in competitive SERPs. Through Digital Olympus, Alexandra has redefined the essence of link building, transitioning it from a mere numbers game to a strategic, relationship-driven endeavor.

What does Alexandra Tachalova do?

At the core of Alexandra’s service offerings are:

  • PR and Content Marketing: Crafting narratives that resonate with audiences and elevate brand presence.
  • Link Building: Employing a strategic approach to build authoritative and meaningful links.
  • Outreach: Connecting brands with influential platforms for enhanced visibility.

Alexandra Tachalova’s work experience

Alexandra Tachalova testimonials

Alexandra’s journey in digital marketing is marked by her tenure at SEMrush, where she honed her skills and developed a deep understanding of SEO dynamics. Her transition to founding Digital Olympus was driven by a vision to offer more nuanced and effective SEO strategies.

Alexandra Tachalova’s professional journey and skill set are a testament to her profound impact on the digital marketing and SEO landscape. As the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Digital Olympus, which started in March 2016, she has steered the company from its initial inception as a digital marketing conference to a pioneering relationship-based link-building agency. This evolution reflects her vision of fostering a strong, meaningful community while emphasizing the meticulous crafting of each link through a vast network, ensuring the perfect match for her clients. Digital Olympus’s ethos, deeply ingrained by Alexandra, is to build links with the precision and care akin to a vintner selecting grapes for fine wine, resulting in a portfolio of discerning clients such as G2, edX, and GetCredo.

Before founding Digital Olympus, Alexandra offered her expertise as a Digital Marketing Consultant through Alextachalova.com since July 2015, where she provided comprehensive services in PR, content marketing, link-building, outreach, and social media marketing (SMM). Her role prior to entrepreneurship included significant positions at SEMrush, where she served as the Marketing Director of the EMEA Region from September 2014 to June 2015. In this capacity, Alexandra led a team of ten experts, developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy across email marketing, educational materials, CRM systems, and both online and offline events. Her leadership extended to managing budgets, representing the company at international conferences, and establishing lasting partnerships across Europe.

Her tenure at SEMrush was preceded by roles focused on corporate communication, brand management, and marketing automation, where she demonstrated her ability to increase brand visibility, coordinate successful PR campaigns, and enhance CRM infrastructures to support sales and marketing teams effectively. Alexandra’s analytical skills were further honed at Veeam Software, where she specialized in reporting and analytics, contributing to the strategic planning and execution of sales objectives.

Alexandra’s educational background, with a Master’s degree in Public Relations/Image Management from Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, underpins her strategic approach to digital marketing and public relations. Her projects, such as the collaboration with the Oncrawl Team and contributions to SEMrush’s “How to Cook Up an Awesome Deck,” showcase her ability to leverage insights from industry leaders to create impactful, persuasive presentations and strategies.

Endorsed by top professionals in the field, Alexandra’s skills in digital marketing and competitive analysis have received widespread recognition, illustrating her standing as a highly skilled and respected figure in the digital marketing community. Her approach to building Digital Olympus, characterized by never paying for a single link and ensuring all links are on white-hat, SEO-focused sites relevant to her clients’ niches, sets a high standard for integrity and effectiveness in the industry. Alexandra’s commitment to listening to client feedback and adapting strategies accordingly has been a cornerstone of her success, making her a distinguished leader and innovator in digital marketing and SEO.

Specializations of Alexandra Tachalova and Digital Olympus

Digital Olympus Process

Digital Olympus stands out for its five-step process that ensures the delivery of high-quality links:

  • Delivering Backlink Profile Analysis: A thorough examination of the current state to identify opportunities and gaps.
  • Drafting a Link Plan: Strategic planning on the number and type of links needed.
  • Outlining Requirements: Setting clear objectives and expectations with clients.
  • Creating Link Building Schedule: A timeline for execution to ensure timely delivery.
  • Monitoring Link Performance: Regular reviews to gauge the effectiveness of the links.
  • Alexandra Tachalova’s Digital Olympus’s pricing

Digital Olympus tailors its pricing based on the specific needs and goals of its clients, ensuring a customized approach that aligns with their budget and expectations.

Opinions about Alexandra Tachalova – Testimonials:

Alexandra Tachalova testimonials

Kevin Indig, VP SEO and Content, ex-G2, ex-Shopify: “I really enjoy working with Digital Olympus because the communication is easy, the quality of work is high, and the results are great.

John Doherty, Founder & CEO at GetCredo.com: “Alex and her team are phenomenal at what they do. They’re great to work with and get the job done right. I’ve referred multiple people her way already and wouldn’t hesitate to send more!”

Michael Geneles, Co-founder of Pitchbox: “Working with Digital Olympus is such a smooth process. Alexandra and her team worked hard to make everything come together perfectly. It is what happens when you have a leader who can think strategically and creatively at the same time. We always look forward to collaborating with Alexandra.”

Jack Shepherd, Co-Founder & Marketing Director at The Social Shepherd: “The team at Digital Olympus have been vital in the increase of our organic search traffic. Since working together, we’ve seen an 8.5x growth in organic traffic! Not only have they driven results, but their process and ways of working fit in perfectly with our team, so the partnership works seamlessly.”

These testimonials underscore the high regard in which Alexandra and Digital Olympus are held within the digital marketing community. Their strategic, thoughtful approach to SEO and link building has not only delivered results but also fostered lasting relationships with clients and industry peers alike.

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